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The Fluidity of Synchronicity

The journey from seeing the world in purely physical, objective terms to seeing it as a changing reflection of many individuated expressions is one of allowing a sense of fluidity. Just as attachment to a static story creates rigidity in your inner-being, that rigidity is also mirrored in your experience of the outer-world. Reality reflects both your allowance of it and your resistance to it. To allow fluidity in your being is to experience fluidity in reality.

To allow the unfolding of your being is to allow the fluidity of experience. One of the first signs of this fluidity will be through the appearance of synchronicities in your life. A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. They occur because of the underlying harmony of life. Even though they are not magic, they appear to be magicalor even mind-blowing—because of how impossible they seem. However, rather than being magical, they are the logical result of everything within our reality being the expression of a single, unified, eternal consciousness. With most people being closed to that level of realization they are most commonly experienced by those people that are open to the magic of life within life. This is because they appear to be magic as they stand in contrast to statistical probability (even though that is how they are usually explained away).

An example of a synchronicity is meeting someone who spontaneously, without prompting, tells you a piece of information you were in the middle of researching. Such a synchronicity on its own could just seem like a surprising coincidence. However, as you step into the unfolding, synchronicities will come into your life with ever increasing frequency, often reinforcing each other. For example, you may be thinking of taking a trip and are deciding where you may like to go when you bump into a friend who tells you that they just got back from a wonderful vacation in France. Next a truck drives by with a picture of the Eiffel tower on its side. Then you open a newspaper to find a special offer on flights to Paris.

Because synchronicities point directly to the interconnectedness of life at the level of our shared, eternal-consciousness they can be experienced as your wider-nature or spirit speaking to you through the medium of your reality. Every synchronicity you experience is an opportunity for your inner-eye to open further and more clearly see the nature of reality. With any synchronicity there is always the choice to either see it as random chance, or as a potent confirmation that there is far more to reality than the physical.

When you are within the unfolding, synchronicities can build up to levels that can shake apart a traditional, solid view of reality. To be open to synchronicity becoming a significant part of your life is to let go of seeing the world in purely physical terms. There is no external force that either denies or grants you the experience of synchronicities. If you do not experience them it is simply the honoring of your choice to view the world in purely tangiblerather than magical—terms.

Your perception is not objective; typically it acts to support, and therefore reinforce, your idea of the world. To believe that the world is purely a physical system is to live within the experience of that rigid belief, and the fluidity of synchronicity is rarely experienced. If you do not believe in synchronicity being anything but random chance then you will only experience synchronicity at a rate that you can comfortably explain away as random chance. Your story is always honored; this is why the decision to change your story can only come from within.

synchronicities are your spirit using your experience to point you at the interconnectedness of life and just how magical it can be in terms of finding what you need whenever you need it. They are therefore threatening to a purely physical / scientific point of view.

The easiest way to bring synchronicities into your life is to come to trust in your intuition and gut instinct. This choice to validate your inner-feelings leads you to experience synchronicity. This is expressed most beautifully when two people, who have the means to help each other, meet in the manifestation of a win-win situation. To open your story up to embrace synchronicity is to awaken to how magical reality can be. Synchronicities are neither withheld from you, nor forced upon you. They are potentially around you in every moment. To experience them you must simply allow them which is be open to the experience of them changing you.

A high occurrence of synchronicity and a purely objective view of reality are incompatible. Reality is a subjective experience that you are creating, not an inescapable, objective experience that you are trapped within. Science is moving towards this realization through the exploration of quantum physics but, until the full ramifications of this viewpoint are embraced, there will be a whole level of reality that science will not perceive.

The belief-system from which science creates its measuring tools (which dominate its perception) is currently too rigid to support the realization of a non-objective universe. As with any story, science will continue to confirm itself until it is ready to open up its thinking and let go of its need for a separate, objective truth. How scientists measure the world will always confirm the validity of that type of measurement. Just as with science, your story will always confirm itself. How you perceive creates what you believe to be true. We all see what we are looking for.

To open yourself up to synchronicity is to let a profound level of communication into your life. As magical as synchronicity is, it can aid you in very practical ways, such as in answering a question when you are in doubt of yourself. The means by which the response to your question appears may be subtle or incredibly obvious. The more you open yourself to the extraordinary level that synchronicities can manifest, the clearer they will become.

There is no limit to how your spirit an communicate with you. All perceived limits are of your own creation. The profundity of asking for a clear sign and distinctly receiving it just moments later is not to be underestimated; such an occurrence can seriously shake up your view of reality. It is to ask God / “the universe a question and receive a response. Allow the flow of synchronicities into your life at a pace you are comfortable with. To acknowledge synchronicity is to birth great change and clarity.

To understand synchronicities is to realize that you are creating them in the sense that you are being called to recognize something that has the potential to change you. Synchronicities convey the unified perception of your infinite-self. If you are asking for clarity through synchronicity then you cannot be attached to the answer you will receive. The degree to which you are attached will cloud your perception of any answer that you receive.

synchronicity is not a tool to feed your story. If you are looking for confirmation and it does not come, then you are not being given confirmation. Usually you will get a sign that affirms this, but often we block seeing what we do not want to be true. To be in a synchronistic flow is to be receptive to listening to your spirit, no matter what you are being told. To be receptive is to be open to anything. To listen without fear is to perceive with clarity.

Once you have opened yourself to seeing beyond the solid veneer of the physical world, through to the underlying freedom of potential that can rise up through synchronicity, then reality becomes more fluid. Allow time for this process, not because there is a limit, but because the experience is more enjoyable if you give yourself time to assimilate the change it will bring. The degree to which you allow yourself to experience the fluidity of reality is the degree to which you are allowing yourself to experience the innate freedom of your being. Allow the fluidity of life to unfold at its own pace. There is no race. Enjoy the journey.

A rigid reality gives rise to many unique experiences. It allows you to feel safe in what you know. We feel safe with solidity as it is consistent / less open to change. To allow in fluidity is not to destroy all solidity. Fluidity-solidity is but a quality of being that we can express in different ways and in different areas of our life. A part of freedom is the freedom to choose solidity. Let your experiences of rigidity be something that you consciously choose, rather than being the cage of a belief that the world is purely physical. You are experiencing your choice of perception. Reality is as solid or as fluid as you believe it to be. Reality is as solid or fluid as you want it to be. Choose.

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