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When seen clearly, ‘to surrender does not have a negative connotation (such as the idea that it means giving up). Instead, it means to surrender the ways in which you have been in resistance.

To surrender is to cease to resist and is most commonly experienced as letting go of trying to control something. We try to control things when we are attached to an idea of how they should be. Therefore, to let go of that howis to allow yourself to experience them as they are—rather than as how you think they should best be (which is a judgment). All surrender leads to clarity. Surrender the howof your dream.

As you begin to feel the state of freedom-consciousness where you once dwelt—where anything was possiblerealize that any fantasy can be reality because that is precisely what each and every fantasy is (a potential blueprint for a reality of a self to be lived).

When we are young our dreams for life tend to be highly specific and we can list the details of the career we saw for ourselves, the house we would be living in, our partner, and our lifestyle. As our lives continue to deliver a mix of joyful and challenging experiences that differ from what we had conceived, we start to understand that we are not creating through the definitions of my mental thoughts, but through the broader essence of our feelings.

For example, wanting money that your had earned but receiving money as a gift. Wanting an expensive holiday but instead having more fun on a cheaper excursion with a friend. Wanting to be offered a promotion at work but instead getting made redundant and making to the move to work for yourself—but then realizing that this is the promotion you wanted (even though it was a difficult experience).

As you see this kind of pattern emerge, continue to dream in detail, but let those details be manifold and fluid. Do not dream of a single way in which your dream must look (because that is to limit it). Instead, dream of many overlapping—and even contradictory—ideas that would all feel good to you. In doing so, you will be better describing the potential breadth of feeling of the reality you want to experience. This is to better articulate your fantasy which creates the clearest potential to step into the living of it.

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