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Embrace The Feeling Of Success - Throw Yourself A Parade!

Re-imagine and revitalize your relationship with success.

This text is based on a spoken presentation about embracing success. It was an experiential piece designed to empower and inspire and I hope you meet these feelings as you read along. You will be asked to reflect on times of both success and failure in your life, so I suggest reading the article at a time when you are able to explore personal — and potentially painful — feelings.

I want to talk about the idea of success. Let’s start by shaking off any negative connotations you may have with the wordsuccessbecause on our spiritual journey, some words connected with money come to be seen as “unspiritual”, or simply as something that “a spiritual person should not be concerning themselves with.

Take a moment to check you don’t have any negative ideas around the word success — including the desire to be successful. Remember, we are each in this world to create, expand, and explore from a basis of joy and freedom — doesn’t that sound a lot like the feeling of success?

Another piece of baggage that the idea of success has picked up comes from linking success to money — and thereby capitalism — through the idea that success must always be at someone else’s expense. While it is true that in our competitive world people often step on each other to get “to the top”, that isn’t what we are talking about here. So, distinguish between the idea of success as a state of joy, versus the idea of success at any cost”.

success at any cost” is not about success — it is about power. This is seen in how joyful abundance at any cost” doesn’t sound right, but power at any cost” feels to be pointing at what is being said.

What I hope you are starting to sense already is that, although you may not have perceived that you had any problem with the word success, it is easy to pick up negative associations in connection with it. One reason for this is that the people who tend to talk most loudly about being successful aren’t usually doing it from a balanced place where they are standing in their own power. Instead, they are often coming from a place of arrogance or showing off through the idea that their success is a sign of superiority.

Of course this isn’t always the case, but just think for a moment about who you consider to be the most successful people, and then look at the ways in which they do — or do not — talk about themselves as being successful.

success isn’t about what we outwardly show — it is about how we inwardly feel.

So, let us reclaim the termbeing successful to mean being in the flow of allowance that is being authentically who we are”. This is an abundant state of consciousness, but without explicitly linking the idea of that abundance to money.

We can even extend our reclaiming of the term to counter some of our negative viewpoints. For example, I can imagine being a successful writer as not only being for myself, but I can imagine it as success that is shared with the people I love.

I could even extend the idea to imagine being able to employ people who would be joyful to earn their living through the sharing and spreading of these kinds of ideas. Therefore, instead of seeing success as something that may be at other people’s expense, I can imagine my success as being to everyone’s advantage.

Another example may be for someone who is looking to be successful as a spiritual healer — perhaps someone who offers Reiki. Such a person is likely to have been told — just as I regularly am — that all spiritual work should be offered free of charge and they should be ashamed for charging money for it.

Someone who accepts and internalizes this righteous judgment— on their right to earn a living— may end up working another job so they can offer Reiki on a “pay if you can” basis. As a result, they may only help a few people a month — whereas if they charged for their service, they might be able to help a few a day, as well as support themselves through their passion.

Which is the biggest success? It is up to you to decide for yourself. What is it for a spiritual healer to be successful? Are they allowed to earn a lot of money…or just a little? What are the morals of being successful? Should a healer even be thinking of that word? Should a spiritual teacher be thinking of being successful? Are money, success, and spirituality really different things?

If you fear success you are not seeing it clearly.

remember you are free to define success in your own terms.

explore these statements to feel the emotions they evoke:

I am not afraid of success.”
“I claim my success.”
I am not afraid to say I am successful.”
I am successful — I reclaim the word.”
Success feels good and benefits all.”
“The world will benefit from my success.”

To help you connect with these words I want you to open your imagination and begin an inner parade that highlights all the ways in which you are successful.

Are you able to see yourself as successful?

imagine your successes being celebrated in this ticker-tape parade with fireworks lighting up the sky. In this, you are likely to start with your triumphs that society tends to label as successful but, as the parade moves along, I want you to open up the idea of what success is by celebrating more and more things about yourself that go beyond the obvious.

Through this process of opening your definition of success I want you to see ever more success in your life. Appreciate everything you have done in your life. Feel more and more successful. I want you to see how successful you are when you define it in your own terms — through what is most important to you.

It could be successful relationships, creative success, the success of being loving and supportive, the success of growing something, successfully learning something, the success of happiness, or the success of overcoming a fear.

In doing this, I want you to focus on the strongest feelings of success within you. What qualities and abilities do you have that bring you success? What connects what you are seeing in your parade of success? how are you defining success in your own terms and what does this tell you about who you want to be?

Let the details begin to fall away and just let a strong feeling of success emerge. Feel what the heart of success is within you. Focus this feeling, this joy, this flow, this ease, this well-being, this excitement, this feeling of how things are going wonderfully. Feel it lighting up and thereby lightening your heart. Feel success as a light within you — an experience that can be evoked and met.

open yourself to share this feeling — to share your feeling of success.

Now, with this feeling of success radiating from your heart, ask yourself once again, “What is success to me personally? What is it for me to be successful? What does life look like when I feel successful? What level of success am I seeking and why? Do you feel any shame around why you want it?”

What is it you want in success that you do not feel you currently have?

Now take a few deep breaths before continuing.

In order to continue to explore success we must now consider its opposite because success is something we experience in relation to failure. Looking at our most painful experiences of failure is one of the clearest lenses we can use in coming to understand our need for success and our relationship with success.

What have been your biggest experiences of failure?
Is there anything you feel you are failing at currently?

Do not be afraid to feel into these situations and memories as you explore them. DO NOT BE afraid OF THE feeling OF FAILURE. If you will allow yourself to remember just how painful your experiences of failure have been, you will be allowing yourself to access the part of you that most dreams of happiness and success. So often our failures cause us to shut down parts of ourselves because we refuse to allow ourselves to feel so hurt and wounded again; this comes from a fear-based perspective (often when we feel we were a victim of something).

Take your new empowered perspective as the creator of your reality — along with your new improved ideas of what it is to be successful— and revisit your failures. Remember them through your new understanding of life so you can see the wounds and fear-based reactions with which they have emotionally imprinted you.

Most important in this is that YOU allow THE feeling OF FAILURE. one of the issues with self-empowerment teachings is that we can mentally understand that we are not failures in such a way we refuse to then acknowledge the emotional feeling of being a failure. Mentally saying to yourself, I am not a failure” is not some magic wand that instantly heals the feelings of being a failure. Therefore, if you want to heal your past wounds around feeling a failure, then you must allow in the feeling of being a failure, even though you may mentally know it is not true.

In this exercise I encourage you to go to a wounded, child-like place when you bring up these memories such that you are open to remembering how they really felt — instead of how you have since mentally restructured it in your memory in order to remember it in a less traumatic way.

Do not let your mental thoughts of how you SHOULD be feeling, blind you to how you ARE feeling. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.

feel into and explore your failures. When didn’t things work out well? When did things fall apart? When have you felt most let down? When did you hit the wall? When was the rug pulled out from under you? When were you most in financial difficulty? When did everything feel like it was going wrong?

feel your pain and grief over these events and observe how this all relates to your ability to feel success in the present.

Much of the law-of-attraction is about focusing on the positive, but this is most effective when you are conscious of the negative bricks you are carrying from events you still feel wounded by. It is time to let go of the emotional bricks that are weighing you down so the positive focus of the law-of-attraction can lift you up and let you fly.

Take these wounded ghosts within you and see how they are the past. In this I want you to see how they were affecting your present — because you weren’t fully conscious of them— but now, as you see them clearly, you are no longer going to allow them to recreate themselves in your present.

Instead, I want you to see these painful feelings collapse into a ball of fire and fall into the center of the Earth. This is not a feeling of pushing them away; it is a feeling of them burning up in the light of your awareness and your recognition they have served their purpose — but now you are ready to move on with your life and create new experiences of success for yourself.

feel your fears for how you may fail in the present and see how they are connected to these past events. Feel these wounds burn away within you and step into a new version of your present self — a present self welcomes success.

release the past — it is not your model for the future.

heal your past — it is not an indication of your future.

feel the parade of success and enter it through the knowing of your own creation.

feel how much stronger you are now that the past is let go of and you no longer need it to push against — now joy calls your forward.

The success you want is flowing / is beginning / is now.

open yourself to the realization that ALL IS WELL. 

As you birth this new feeling of potential, open yourself to creative and inspirational ideas that reflect your positive feeling of being successful. Feel how your emotional self and your idea of your life have been responding to these words. Do you feel ready for success? Is there space for success in your life? Are you open to the change that success brings?

Is the vessel of YOU ready to house your dream of success?

The people in your life — are they ready for you to be successful? Are they welcoming of your success? When you scan through the areas of your life (your friends, your family, your work, your hobbies, your commitments, your responsibilities) are they ready for you to be a successful, happy person? success is not something you experience in isolation — it effects everything.

success is change and it effects everything.

success isn’t something you just have to open to on an emotional level (although that is the heart of it). It is something you have to open ALL levels of your life to. success is a state of flow. It is a powerful catalyst that ignites the potentials that surround you without regard for the positive or negative ways in which you may interpret that change.

success is not about control — it is about the unimpeded flow of self.

feel success as a potential to be met within the vibrancy of life.

feel the life that is your success calling to you.

Along with the parade for yourself, I hope you have felt the ways in which you fear success, such that you can release the past events those wounded thoughts come from (such that you may dream of exciting potentials to experience within this life).

With so much drama going on in the world it is easy to minimize our dreams and instead fall into the rut of just surviving. Do not be afraid to be happy when so many are unhappy. Do not be afraid to be abundant when so many are experiencing lack. Do not be afraid of the optimism, hope, and childlike excitement of dreaming of success.

Update your ideas of success so they fit within and support your spiritual path.

There is nothing “unspiritual” about success. The spiritual path is about connecting with our spirit. And the feelings we have felt in our parade of success all point to the way in which our spirit perceives reality. How you choose to define your personal parade of success is entirely up to you. You define it the way you want it.

It is important that you have the parade!

Because I can assure you that…

Whether it is met through awakening within life, or through our return at death, our spirit is always throwing a parade of love for our human self.

Your spirit is always celebrating YOU.

Each and every one of us is successful. Each and every one of us succeeds in fulfilling our intention for this life. We each succeed just by living. This is why everyone can find success inside themselves.

meet yourself as a success, to meet the feeling of being a success, to meet an experience of reality that reflects the joy of being you.

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