Spontaneous Self


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The Spontaneous Self

I choose to allow the experience of my spontaneous self.

Do not presume you know everything about who you are, as that is to be in denial that the mortal self is created through selective unconsciousness. To learn to meet yourself is to allow yourself to see yourself from a point of clarityrather than from a point of seeing what you want to see. It is to view yourself without preconception or agenda.

Do not be afraid to face yourself in the moment and observe your state of being. To know All-That-You-Are is to have arrived at some final destination. It is to realize that you are—and will always be—continually meeting yourself through your experience of reality. Learn to meet yourself through your life by being aware in the present without fear for the future or regret for the past.

After every change that unfolds within you, you must meet that change. In doing so, you meet yourself anew. Changes are realized through choices. You will know you have changed when you see yourself are making a new choice. To know yourself is to know when you are choosing, what you are choosing, and why you are choosing it. To become aware of the wider nature of your choices is to become aware of yourself through their reflection.

self-awareness through reflection is a part of remembering the wider nature from which you are continually birthing. However, although it has a significant role in our return to consciousness, self-reflection is only a tool on the path of awakening—it is not a superior way of being. This is because as you come to step out of the fears through which you have contained your consciousness, you will come to live in a fluid state of spontaneityrather than a poised state of self-reflection.

When fully engulfed in the present moment, there is no idea of a past or future from which you can reflect in order to observe yourself. When you are not in fear, you are not cautious, and you naturally allow your experience to be spontaneous. In this state anything focused upon becomes present as there are no temporal boundaries.

To experience more spontaneity in your life is to allow your own freedom. Self-reflection is therefore a tool that may aid you in the discovery of your freedom. But, in the moment of that discovery, it becomes obsolete because without resistance there is no block to the knowing of All-That-You-Are. This is to realize that you must first come to understand the definition of yourself before you can let go of that definition. Understanding your self-definition is therefore a stepping stone to understanding the fluidity and freedom of your definition.

The Fluidity of Self

Trust in and use your sense of direction and the impetus of your volition. Use them to become whatever definition you feel to become within your heart. Embrace the definitions that flow from your joy and see through the distortions of your fear-based perceptions. Do this in the knowing that through exploring and understanding the definitions you purposefully placed in your path, you will awaken to your own wider nature and move into the fluidity of non-definition that reflects your spirit.

freedom-consciousness is simultaneously a state of non-definition, ever-changing definition, and an expression of the equality of all definition. It is the no choice that is inherent in the realization of all choice. This is to not only step out of the tightness of individuality you have known, it is to equally come to appreciate the positive qualities of experience that arise through rigidity and attachment to definition. Only when you appreciate why you chose the hard limits of definition will you cease to resist the rigid definitions through which you have purposefully contained your sense of self.

embracing fluidity cannot be achieved through a rejection of rigidity. See the perfection in your imperfections in order to step beyond what you have wanted to know yourself to be. Awakening is not about achieving some superior perspective through which you ascend from’ ortranscend your human experience. To awaken is to see the equality of the mortal and infinite perspectives such that you are free to move between them.

When speaking to other spiritual explorers, it can be easy to fall into comparing awakening experiences in order to determine who is more awake. Be conscious of this kind of competitive spiritual-hierarchy in your thinking with the knowing that it comes from a fear-based, anxious need within you to ‘be more awake’. release this chase for wakefulness by choosing to acknowledge that anyone who realizes the wider nature of their existence beyond the mortal is awake. Beyond this, we are each having our own personal experience of awakening and although they may look very different, all spiritual path are of equal value.

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