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How To Integrate Your Spirit

Lift up your “human glasses” and see as your spirit sees! 

learning to connect and communicate with your spirit fundamentally changes your experience of reality because it is to step out from behind the mask of mortality and open yourself to a whole new level of experience within human form. To taste reality in the way your spirit does is to open yourself to a new vista on reality that—because of how our perception is relativechanges everything else you experience in relation to it.

When you understand that reality is not something you are contained within but is better thought of as an experience of reality you project outwards, then to begin to consciously connect with your spirit is to bring further aspects of your non-physical existence into your embodied experience.

To move from not recognizing your spirit, to recognizing it, is a shift of belief that alters your entire experience.

Even though consciously connecting with your spirit opens up a whole new territory of experience, it is important to recognize that the wider reality of our spirit is not a separate place that you are becoming aware of. Unlike physicality, the non-physical is not a place; it is a state of perception / consciousness.

To be aware of your spirit changes everything you see and feel because of how it changes your experience of self. To become conscious of your spirit is to reveal that which is concurrent with what we perceive as our physical reality. To help imagine this, you could think of the spiritual reality as being overlaid on our human reality—the point being that it is a connected state of consciousness, rather than a separate one.

learning to connect with your spirit is not learning to connect with another place; it is learning to connect with the wider reality of YOU.

Because your spirit is non-physical it is not contained by time and space in the way that we perceive ourselves to be. This is not, however, something we can easily translate in our experience because our spiritual reality is not a “thing” that we can identify by defining it. This is why to learn to consciously integrate your spirit is not about seeing something “extra” or different”. Instead, it is about experiencing your spirit through the way it alters your perception of what already exists.

You can still think of the spiritual reality as being overlaid on ours but understand that it is not a “thing” that is overlaid on-top-of reality, instead it is perceptual overlay (that alters your perception in the direction of making it more inclusive and less polarizing).

feel your spirit by how it UN-polarizes your perception and aids you in releasing the wounded emotional energies within you (that which the polarization of your perception expresses).

This is why connecting with your spirit is to simultaneously begin to awaken to the illusion of separation (because the illusion of separation and the illusion of polarization are the same thing). This is to understand that perceiving your spirit is not about seeing some bright light in the heavens, it is about the light of your spirit illuminating the darkness that has accumulated through your mortality. In this, I am in no way saying that the light of your spirit is any less magnificent than you may have imagined; I am just saying that we do not witness our spirit directly because it is not a “thing”; instead we witness our spirit by connecting with it, which in turn alters our perception.

definition: When I use the wordlightI am not talking about some separate spiritual quality, I am using the word to point to the qualities of love, inclusion, allowance, and acceptance. These are all qualities that reflect the reality / perception of our spirit, but none of them are qualities that are exclusive to it.

To bring light to a situation is to bring love to it.

For example, if you lifted your sunglasses up and down, then the world would appear to alternate between being bright and dark. Now imagine these are sunglasses you can’t take off—you can only lift them up and down—so you cannot see them as a separate “thing”; you can only see through them. What is seen here is that the best way—under these circumstances—to understand what sunglasses are is to keep lifting them up and down and keep comparing the two states of perception.

SIDE-NOTE: It is interesting to note here that although our perception is darkened when we put sunglasses on (because our perception of light is relative and our eyes quickly adjust), soon the darkened world appears to return to a “normal” level of brightness even though your eyes are receiving far less light. This is why we have to keep alternating the glasses between up and down to best understand the two states of reality they present.

The sunglasses are an analogy for how we can become conscious of our spirit while embodied. We are each our spiritthat sees everything as bright and connectedwearing a pair of human glasses which make everything seem darker and separate. By learning to connect with our spirit we can have the experience of lifting up our human glasses to see the brighter connected version of reality.

To lift your human glasses up is not to “see your spirit—it is to “see how your spirit sees”. 

This means that if you came to this life in order to have the human experience of awakening (remembering that this is a choice of experience and not “our purpose), then you are here to meet your spirit THROUGH your human form. You are not here to become your spirit INSTEAD of your human form (meaning you are not here to evolve away or untangle yourself from your human form).

In awakening, you are not trying to discover your spirit as a separate thing. You are seeking to connect with your own wider level of perception such that you can explore what it is we are as eternal-consciousness in a temporary mortal form.

We are not here within human form to explore awakening by either putting on or taking off perceptual glasses; meaning, there is not a goal to either see as a human or see as your spirit. If you wish to think in terms of a goal, then imagine the goal being to experience a perceptual dance, where we move between the human and spirit perceptions of reality, such that we keep getting different tastes of them in relation to each other.

Just as stepping from a narrow fear-based level of perception to a wider more inclusive one tells us about the freedom and allowance of our non-physical state of perception, it equally tells us about the qualities of our human perception. This can also be thought of as an exploration of what moves a person from seeing in a closed way to seeing in an open way.

equally, to move from a loving and inclusive experience to one that is dark (perhaps through an experience of grief or physical illness) tells us about both sides of the experience (including what moves a person from seeing in an open way to seeing in a closed way).

No one particular direction of experience is more powerful than another in terms of understanding what it is to be consciousness exploring creation.

What I most want you to see through this article is that when I use terms such as meeting your spirit, integrating with your spirit, or becoming conscious of the reality of your spirit, I do not mean to imply that you are meeting something that is in any way separate from you. Instead, I want you to see that:

Your spirit is a potential of perception that exists within you and represents the choice to see the world through eyes of love and inclusion.

I want you to know that whenever you cannot find the spiritual perspective within you, then it is NOT because: you are failing, you are not connected with your spirit, or you are not a kind or loving enough person. It is because you are in the part of the cycle where your human glasses are intentionally fully on. Therefore, instead of viewing such times as periods of failure, seek to embrace your human self and use this period as an opportunity to explore the emotional wounds still operating within you.

Wearing your human glasses is the most effective time to explore, understand, and meet the origin of your emotional wounds (as your spirit does not—and cannotunderstand them in the way your human self does). Only with those wounds met can you then transform them through your spirit’s perspective. This is to understand that you must meet your most painful wounds within your human self because that is where they were created.

Only once you have met the wound can you bring the love, nurture, and allowance of your spirit to it. This is because of how wounds are emotionally entrenched states of disconnection, denial, and resistance.

In these next few days I invite you to imagine your human glasses and develop an awareness of whether you have them up, down, or somewhere in between. Once you have this awareness, the idea is to observe it rather than change it, as this is not about always trying to see as your spirit does.

So, if you wake up one morning in a negative space, instead of seeing it as a failure to “be your spirit in human form”, see it as a sign that you have somehuman stuff” to explore and that is why it is best for you to wear your human glasses today.

What this is all pointing toward is the idea that—for those choosing to focus on awakening—we are not here to be EITHER purely human OR purely spirit. We are not here to integrate them into one NEW thing that is neither of them. We are here to learn to freely traverse BOTH states as aspects of our unified self (as this is what most excites us).

We are never here to be one thing rather than another.

We are explorers of consciousness and that means we are here to explore being ALL things.

There is nothing you need to become. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you must outwardly change. There is only an experience—that you have crafted and given to yourself—for you to navigate AS YOU will.

learn to navigate your self joyfully by treating yourself with love at ALL times and not just when you have managed to lift your human glasses. To leave the state of polarization is to love your human state of perception as much as you love your spirit’s state of perception. This is freedom—because only when you love both states are you truly free to navigate them through the freedom of your feeling.

loving your spirit is easy.

Now love your human self.

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