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To realize there are no limits to your being is to release the limiting beliefs with which you define your being. Many of our limiting beliefs have been carried over many lifetimes and have become invisible assumptions as to how reality is. In unquestioningly accepting their limitations we limit ourselves. We become slaves to these beliefs as they invisibly affect the choices we make. We ignore their caging effect, believing it is simply the way life is.

To cease to question is to cease to explore. It is a sign of losing touch with the knowing that you are the creator of your reality. We only cease to question limitations when we believe that we are powerless to be free of them. To know that you are the creator of your experience is to know you are not a slave to any element of your reality. You are the sovereign creator of your being.

The limitlessness you are moving towards embodying is the realization of the complete freedom of your being. It is to move from being within a world that contains and restricts you, to being in a world you are harmoniously co-creating. To be in limitlessness is to know there is no conflict between the mass reality and your personal reality because we are all one. All conflict in the world is a choice made by the participants to experience that conflict. To believe that conflict with the world is necessary in the creation of your personal reality is to experience that conflict as the reflection of your belief. Your beliefs are all manifested in the world before you. They can either free you or enslave you.

If you do not believe you create your reality then that belief is the very limit that stops you experiencing yourself creating it. You can only create what you believe you can create. If you cannot believe that you can be rich without struggle, then you will struggle to be rich. There is nothing external to you inflicting this struggle upon you. If you desire riches, and struggle is the only vessel you will let yourself believe that wealth can arrive in, then you limit yourself to only receiving wealth through hardship. You live within the experience of your beliefs because you create within the context of their limits.

Your story is not just what you present to the world; it is not just how you perceive the world; it defines the limits of your creational ability. Your story is the embodiment of your beliefs. It is the foundation from which you create. The limits of your story not only define the limits of your inner-being, they define the limits of the outward-reality you experience. This is how intimate your internal-self and your external reality are. You are your reality. The boundary of self that you experience between the inner and the outer is an illusion. You are one with all that you experience. You are God looking at itself the mirror of reality / self.

Even though your story is the vessel through which you limit yourself, there are no innate limits to what your story can be. Your story is the means by which you have taken the limitlessness of your spirit and limited it into something separate and defined. Creation is an expression of the freedom of your being, even when you are creating limitation. To allow yourself to create in new ways is to allow your story to change into something new. To free your story is to free your ability to create. Redefine your reality by changing the definition through which you experience yourself. Rename your story.

creation is naming. Naming is the giving of definition. This reality is the creation of definition; it is where eternal-consciousness / God experiences itself within definition. In this world you are surrounded by huge amounts of named energy (that which has already been created). You are free to work with this energy and manipulate it into new forms. Our belief that this reality is finite has led to this being the primary way in which we create because we see all energy as already being in existence. This is the basis for conflict. When we believe that energy is finite then we feel we must compete for it. This belief in the need for competition creates a reality of competition. The wars through which we have sought to enslave each other have been our exploration of the reality created by the belief that our resources are limited.

Usually we try to change something by rejecting it, but in rejecting it we are denying that it is a part of us; we thereby cut ourselves off from our ability to release it. To reject something is to interact with it as a limit, from a disempowered perception of it. To accept that you created something does not mean that you cannot desire to change it. Accept your reality to empower yourself to change it. To accept your reality is to cease to interact with it as a barrier. Your reality does not act to limit you. Your reality is you. If your reality appears to be limiting you, then you are limiting yourself through your perception of it. Your perception of it flows through your beliefs about it.

You are only a slave to that which you enslave yourself. You do this through holding disempowering beliefs. No force can enslave you except yourself. We have all explored slavery, each of us playing both sides of the polarity. Let go of the guilt of enslaving and the pain of being enslaved. Allow yourself, without shame, to see that you have experienced both states.

The basis for this choice was the unfolding of our understanding of freedom. We discovered that to enslave another is to be enslaved ourselves, and that to limit another is to limit yourself. See in this how we unfolded our freedom through limiting our being. Nothing we experience in human form is a mistake. All experience expands / enhances / evolves what we are.

As long as you identify yourself with either enslaving or being enslaved, you are perpetuating the energy of slavery. We have been there; we have done that. Help release it from the world by releasing your identification with it. Do not fear that you will repeat it. Know yourself to know that you no longer need to choose it. This is not a polarity you need to explore any longer. You do not need any person’s power except your own.

accept your own power to realize you do not need anyone else’s. This is the realization of sovereignty. You are the master of no ones being except your own. The need to enslave arises from the denial of sovereignty. Only those that feel powerless internally seek to control others externally. To embrace your sovereignty is to have released the master-slave polarity. Release it by recognizing and accepting our choice to explore it. Transform it by recognizing it is a part of what we are as a collective exploration of beingness. Be free of it by recognizing that there is nothing you need to take from anyone else—you already have everything you need within you.

one of the greatest realizations of our freedom is that you do not need to compete for energy. Reality is not only what is before you (that idea is to reduce All-That-Is to a physical box). You are surrounded by an infinite supply of yet-to-be-named neutral energy. The potential of this energy is only limited by your belief as to what you can do. This energy field is a reflection of our infinite source.

Only the belief that you are a slave to the circumstances of your reality holds you from releasing the potential of this energy field. To tap into it is to realize your sovereignty because is to know that you have all that you could ever need in the limitless dominion of your own self-creation. To reject reality is to be a slave to it. To accept reality is to stand in the sovereignty of your creatorship, and thereby be connected to your power to create your experience without needing to control or possess any other. You are the infinite potential of the energy field; there is nothing else you require in order to create.

To know the freedom of choice you have over your beliefs is to come to realize there is no aspect of reality that you are bound to. There are no shackles to which you do not hold the key. There is nothingno other master except your own heart—that you need to serve. There is nothing that you cannot let go of. There is no limit to the potential from which you can create something new. You are free. You are sovereign.

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