Shine Your Light


“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

Shine Your Light

“I choose to shine my light unashamedly.”

inside of you is light. The feeling of this light is the feeling of your spirit and shows you what it feels like to be without fear. To express this light is to embrace All-That-You-Are because it is to cease resisting yourself. To hide from the light within you is to hide from the magnificence of yourself and its expression through the dream in your heart. Shine your light. Shine bright. Shine unashamedly.

many say, who am I to shine? who am I to stand out as being different when we are all one? If we are all equal, how can I feel special?” Do not be afraid to stand out in the expression of your light. Do not be afraid of how this may make you feel different, even though in other lifetimes being different may have led to suffering. Your history does not need to repeat itself. If you can release your roots that were formed in fear, and embrace the change that shining your light will bring, then that light can only bring you to joy.

We fear the world will tear us down for being so presumptuous and arrogant as to shine. This is a redirected fear of our light—much of which may be stored within the very cells of our body (from both childhood and other lives). Enter your body fully and exist in it. Feel love within it and you will release these painful, cellular memories. Know with all your heart that unashamedly being yourself without restriction will bring you joy and your knowing will be your experience.

It is through each of us shining our light that we will all connect together as one. Shining our differenceand not our sameness—is what will unify us, both internally and externally. What once may have made you feel different will be what makes you realize we are all one. In your acceptance of what you are rejected for, you will discover the acceptance of all. Through the embracing of your alienation comes unity. Only by standing fully in the light of your mortal self will you discover the direct experience and knowing of ‘all as one’.

feel The-One-Self within all by feeling that which connects all. Live in the knowing of that harmony. Do not fear your light. Do not fear yourself. It is that which is carried eternal. It is the infinite existence you have willingly denied in your exploration of humanity. It is time to meet your spirit. It is time to meet your light. Feel your spirit to feel yourself.


Phrases like ‘the light within’, ‘your inner divinity’, ‘following your heartand being open to magic can make those within a scientific mindset uncomfortable because they are not easily defined—like the word consciousness. However, just because something is not easily defined does not mean it does not existbeing in lovefor example.

So sure is religion that it is based purely on the knowing of God, and so sure is science that it is based purely on the knowing of physicality, that neither mindset acknowledges how they are the opposing ends of a polarized quality of self. So keen are scientists to distance themselves from the types of thinking they judge harshly that they rarely perceive how a significant part of their self-definition is based upon a rejection of the religious mindset.

This is manifest in an instant rejection in anything that cannot be quantified without consideration of anything that reflects it. In doing this, science has entrenched its devotees in an experience of reality that does not allow for their feelings to offer guidance or the acknowledgment of synchronicities as both magical and meaningful. Those who are scientifically or religiously polarized must put down their judgment of each other if they wish to experience all that they are—the full spectrum of their being.

The transformation of humanity into a conscious Unified-Diversity does not occur through the celebration of our sameness and the repression of our difference—it can only ever arise through the celebration of all that we are. The diversity of experience within humanity is one of its most defining features. 

In order to embrace All-That-You-Are, you must acknowledge the fears of your wounded self such that you can bring the light of your consciousness to the unconsciousness through which these fears formed. The feeling of magnificence within you—the feeling that tells you there is something uniquely special about you—is not the feeling of a righteous self who believes it is superior. It is the feeling of the part of you that is not wounded and that does not doubt itself or live in fear.

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