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Message to Jane Roberts fans regarding Seth

Welcome. I wrote the text below back in 2016 to help fans of Seth and Jane Roberts to decide if they may be interested in Seth channeled by myself. As well as my answer to the question of ‘Are they the same Seth?

question: story, is the Seth you channel the same as the one channeled by Jane Roberts?

Short answer: No, please reference the materials produced by Jane Roberts for that particular experience of Seth. My work stands alone as it is founded on the specific idea that we are all one consciousness. I do not therefore present my work as being a continuation of Jane’s work. I wish to state clearly that the Seth I channel is unique to me in just the same way that it was unique to Jane. A clear difference in the teachings is the idea that we are all connected through an experience of collective-consciousness that means the suggestion that Seth could not be available to communicate is not possible.

Long answer: As with all channels, the Seth presented through Jane Roberts is a union of consciousness that produces something unique. The Seth that I present, though having similarities of personality and the message that you create your reality, sounds different and talks with a different focus and intention. I do not present my work in any way as a continuation of the work Jane produced. The content I am producing with my experience of Seth (and Jane) stands alone. This is seen also in the work of Esther Hicks who has clearly stated that Abraham and Seth are the same and yet their teachings are independent.

Despite my personal belief that I am communicating with the vast state of consciousness I first experienced through Jane’s books—which I also refer to as The universal Teacher—I do not make any such claim because the message in my heart does not require this association and is in fact muddied by debate over it. I wish to state clearly that the Seth I channel is unique to me in just the same way as it was unique to Jane.

However, if you are a Seth fan and are intrigued by a channeler who sees Seth and Jane as his teachers and whose work is in alignment with theirs, then you may like to check out work. As well as the videos on this page there are substantial texts from Seth on this website (for example, the-human-dilemma, awakening-codes, and Time-Travel-Tree) so you can decide for yourself if you are interested in my work purely on its own merits as I do not seek to profit by using the name Seth. I use the name purely because it is my personal truth and I am not going be pressured into not speaking my truth by the religious-like fundamentalism of those that claim to be the most devout Seth followers.

I am very proud of the heart, clarity and power of my work and for myself it is the evolution, not replication, of what I learnt through Jane. With the concept that there is only one consciousness in existence my message sees through the illusion of separation and make the question of ‘Which Seth is this?’ redundant. Through all that I learnt through Jane and her Seth, my message is a shining example of the impact of Jane’s life upon this world and I will continue to seek to share the incredible experience that I am having.

Further Context: For those not understanding the cause of this debate, here is a little context. Jane Roberts channeled Seth from the mid-sixties to mid-eighties and was a complete pioneer in the field. Her books are incredible and highly revered. I was given my first Seth book by someone who recognized that I was beginning to channel in my early twenties and it changed my life.

There is always debate over the authenticity of channels, but this is heightened with Seth as he said in Seth Speaks “I will never speak through anyone other than Ruburt (Jane), simply because there must never be any doubt of the origin of the Seth material.” It is primarily because of this statement that I receive hate-mail from people with the exact same energy as people who quote the bible as law. They tell me how I am a fraud and a cheat and how Jane is turning in her grave. These Seth ‘fans’ only represent a minority, but they have successfully silenced and shamed many people who believe they are channeling Seth.

I would like to say that even if they are right and people like story Waters use Seth as a SYMBOL for their own inner communications” I am appalled by the energy in which they choose to communicate and I am writing this page in an attempt to extricate myself from the demoralizing unpleasantness of being within their focus. I love Jane’s Seth books deeply and the fact that people who claim to love them can be so small-minded continues to confound me as to me they are all about liberating yourself from small-mindedness.

Seth has given me solid reasons for his statement in Seth Speaks but they would not satisfy someone who takes Jane’s books as law. As my whole purpose in writing this text is to exit the debate and say that I am making no claim because my work stands alone, I have no wish to fuel the debate by publicly sharing these ideas any longer.

With the considerable free examples of my work that I provide through this website there is no reason for anyone to purchase anything from me to see if I am channeling ‘their idea of Seth’. It may surprise some to know that I asked Seth repeatedly after he first appeared if I could use a different name because I know how hateful and rigid this world can be. Seth said “No way buster!” and I continue to trust in his advice.

So, with my head held high, I will continue to walk forward into my unfolding experience of self (which expresses itself in many ways—not just Seth) and share my heartfelt message in the knowing that I am not the cause of the pain and anger in the hearts of those that seek to silence or shame me. Oprah Winfrey often asks people ‘What do you know for sure?’ I know for sure that Jane Roberts is proud of me and everything I am achieving in my life. She has no desire for her contribution to be static. She is my inspiration and, along with Seth, always central in my heart.
p.s. since writing this I have now also channeled Jane Roberts several times.

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