“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”


To become identified with something is a statement of being attached to focusing upon it. This occurs as a response to an experience of meaning / an experience of what matters.

The Idea of Yourself

“I choose to unleash the power of my imagination upon the creation of my life.”

Your human form is an evolving state of definition created through a combination of patterns of identification and patterns of resistance with All-That-Is / The-One-Self. It is a medium of separation that allows an infinite being to experience itself in limitation.

This is achieved by your spirit ceasing to experience itself as everything, and instead focusing an idea of a self that is defined within time and space—thereby making it mortal. As a being in human form, you are the idea of yourself. You are the one who is, in each and every moment, determining what that idea is.

As we are each fundamentally infinite, what comes to most directly define us is not determined by what we will allow, but by what we resist / forget / separate from. Although this does technically mean we are limitedwhich has a negative-connotation—it is important to understand that the intention for this limitation is to create a positive focus upon whatever human experience our spirit desires.

everything your heart desires is potentially exists within the experiential focus of your human life so, in that regard, it is not limiting. It is only through self-imposed restrictions—created through resistance to your human experiencethat you can bash your head against reality.

The-One-Self is unlimited and on the infinite path of discovering / experiencing all the ways in which it is limitless. This is the paradox of how something can be perfect and yet evolving. Without the embracing of paradox you cannot experience beyond the mind.

You are not becoming All-That-You-Are because you already are All-That-You-Are (namely your spirit). You are simply remembering what that is. You are on a journey from limitation to limitlessness and, as you take this journey, you will discover new ways in which you are free to experience.

You are the experience of the self-aware, self-determining belief-system that observes you. Your reaction to your own self-observation of is one of the primary patterns through which you create. Your belief-system is an evolving expression of how you are experiencing the freedom of self that you have granted yourself. The only limits are what you will and will not allow yourself to believe. This means your only limit is your unlimited imagination and your self-belief to manifest whatever it is you can imagine. You are that which you imagine yourself to be. You are living in your imagination. You are living within a dream. So imagine. Imagine . Imagine .

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