“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”


“I choose to determine my reality with love and joy.”

When seen from the wider perspective of your spirit, the discovery of the human self is the creation of the human self. This can also be expressed as … through the creation of a human selfwhich is inherently reflectivethe spirit discovers a new perspective of itself and therefore enhances its knowing of itself.

To embrace this realization, make room in your life to both discover what you already are, and create what you are becoming. As much as you are here to discover a new perspective on yourself, it is also true to say you are here to determine yourself through your human experience of will. There is no right or wrong in what you create yourself to be—for there is only being. Do not be afraid of directly knowing / seeing that you are the one determining yourself.

realizing that you are self-determined inspires positive action to create your life from an empowered standpoint. Just as significant is how the realization of self-determination is an invitation to let go of the fear-based belief that there is some opposing force working against you. When there is no longer an opponentwhich you may have defined as evil, greed, selfishness, lust, inauthenticity, or temptation—then there is no longer a need to try and control your own creation from a place of anxiety, fear, or a belief that you can go wrong.

The realization of self-determination is the sovereign realization that the invisible, guiding force that you feel behind your life, is you. To know you are self-determined is to feel yourself as present in what would have previously been perceived asbeing divine. It is to see your hand in every miracle that you experience. It is to know being fully yourself as the source of joy.

To feel self-determined is stand in your own power. It is to know yourself as the final determinantand thereby the most powerful forcein your personal reality. Your freedom to choose your reality is yours alone, for that is what we—as The-One-Selfdesigned this reality to be. This is not to say that your mortal self is the most powerful force in the universe—it is to say that you are the most powerful force in your universe.

know that you are the determinant of your reality. Determine your reality with love and joy, and you will live in love and joy. Determine your reality with fear, lack, and suffering, and you will live in fear, lack, and suffering. The source of your determination is your feeling for life. Determine what it is that you want to feel and open yourself to see any choices you are making that are not in alignment with this desire. Only you can transform your reality into one of love, acceptance, joy and the allowance of all that there is.

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