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Five Steps To See the Mirror of Reality.

Step back from your fear-based ego and see the mirror of reality.

In this article we will bring multiple ideas together to open you to experience your human self from the vantage point of your wider consciousness. The five steps we will look at are:

  1. Resolve any desire to escape (not return to) this world.
  2. Learn to allow All-That-You-Are through loving yourself.
  3. See beyond what you have known yourself to be.
  4. Stepping back from the mirror.
  5. Understanding how fear blinds you to your wider self.
1. resolve any desire to escape / “not return to” this world.

There is far more to you than what you are experiencing in this life. To spiritually wake up” is to discover that your reality is only one aspect of your consciousness—an aspect you are highly focused on. This experience of enlightenment is often described as waking up to the illusion. However, this can lead to the misconception that if you see through the illusion, you ascend and leave this world.

This idea of ascension has arisen from the deepest lie within our spiritual teachings. This was not a lie created out of malice or a desire to control. It was a lie that naturally arose from our experience of pain. This lie we so often tell ourselves, this lie that is embedded within the world’s religions, is that no one really wants to be human. It is the idea that being human is a difficult stage we must endure to get to the good bit. Our very being is therefore seen as the price we must pay, the test we must take, or the penance we must fulfill. If there were only one lesson I could impress upon the world it would be this:

Any spiritual teaching that conveys the idea you should want to escape or move beyond this world is leading you away from awakening—not toward it.

Any teaching that panders to our desire to escape this life is not telling us a deeper truth about reality; it is telling us about our desire to escape. The energy of escape is the energy of resistance. To awaken is the path of allowanceallowing All-That-You-Are.

ELABORATION: When you see through the illusion, what is destroyed is not the reality; it is the illusion that reality is everything—which is the feeling that the illusion contains you. Instead, you realize you contain it. You are a vessel of reality. You contain the potential of all realities and you enter them by focusing upon them. It takes a profound level of focus to be mortal—it is therefore something that only occurs when there is a powerful intention to experience it.

All realities are illusions. The reality of being a human is a particularly strong all-encompassing one as it is to experience your reality as yourself. You say, “This is who I am: this body, this experience, these feelings, these beliefs. I am defined by this experience. I am contained within this experience. I will end when I die. I am mortal.”

2. Learn to allow All-That-You-Are through loving yourself.

many of my articles focus on the importance of viewing life from the empowered perspective of a creator rather than the fear-based view of a victim. To believe this life is a punishment, or painful test, for being fallen makes it impossible to view your experience without some level of fear, shame, guilt, or regret. This wish to escape this world can only come from your rejection of what you are. The desire to escape, even though it may feel like it comes from a place of having outgrown this world, is in fact always coming from a place of self-rejection (because the world is a mirror of the self).

enlightenment is the discovery that you are much more than what you thought you were, but this can only be discovered through loving what you are currently experiencing yourself to be. This means… you chose what you are in this life in order to take the journey of coming to love that choice. If you did not pause on that last sentence please read it again. It tells you as precisely as is possible why you are who you are (which people spend their whole lives trying to answer).

3. See beyond what you have known yourself to be.

The immediate human experience of self is only one face of the wider being that you are. You are not, however, making any mistake in not recognizing your wider being because to be human is to be a focused self.

This reality is meant to feel like the only reality that exists when we are within it.

ELABORATION: I say meant because one of the deepest spiritual realizations is that the purpose of this life is not to wake up from it; it is to experience it. The purpose of life is to be. What we are now experiencing as a spiritual awakening is not the purpose of life. It is just a natural part of the founding cycle as we now return to remembering we are the ones that created this experience and entered into it through focusing. Awakening to our wider origin is not some goal; it is the inevitable result of having experienced many lives. Despite common beliefs in an afterlife, most people believe that the immediate experience of being human is all that is accessible to them. They experience themselves as their reality. There is nothing wrong with seeing your reality as who you are. It is not only a completely valid experience; it is what the human experience was intended to be.

The reason why I repeatedly write about loving and accepting yourself—including the decision to be unconscious of the wider reality—is that the only way to see beyond what you currently are is to fully meet what you are now. The only way to fully meet what you are is to allow it. The only way to fully allow something is to not fear it. To not fear something is to love it, which is to see it clearly. To see it clearly is to love it because it reflects the beauty of our eternal-consciousness.

It is love, not indifference, that arises when we release fear. Without fear we love.

Therefore, only by positively accepting the idea that you could want to be human (which is a focused-fraction of All-That-You-Are), can you step back from your human self and see the wider reality.

4. Stepping back from the mirror.

You are your spirit looking at its own reflection in a space-time mirror. Everything that is reflected, reflects what you are. Your reality is you seeing yourself in a mirror. Imagine your human self is a mirror the size of your face. Therefore, when you look in this mirror, you only see your face. You do not see All-That-You-Are; you do not see your whole body. What you see in the mirror of reality is entirely you; it is just not all of you. So when in the human illusion, you look in the mirror and you say, “This reality is me. This reality reflects me. This reality is a mirror of me.”

You are starting to wake up when you begin to see the mirror—the mirror that turns your eternal-consciousness into a temporal-physical experience. Once you have traveled into the realization you are looking at yourself in a space-time mirror, the next stage of awakening is to no longer experience yourself as being contained within that mirror. This is to step back from the mirror and see the wider picture that includes the non-physical.

In this it is important to see that you are only stepping back from your mirror of self to see the wider picture—the mirror of self continues to exist but the experience of it is transformed by the wider context. You step back by letting go of your fear and the chase that ensues—whether that be the chase of trying to escape where you are, the chase of addiction, or the chase that arises out of the idea that something has gone wrong.

This endless and unsatisfying chase is created by feeling inferior and translating that into the idea there is something you must fix in order for you to be worthy and deserving of love. To no longer feel inferior does not mean you do not want to change anything about your reality; it is to stop seeing the reflection of reality as a problem that must be fixed (because you are not a problem to be fixed). However, you must first stop fearing the things you want to change in order for them to transform.

awakening is to stop resisting what you are experiencing in the mirror of reality such that you enter the flow of allowance and can step back to see the wider picture.

5. Understanding how fear blinds you to your wider self.

To not resist the mirror is to realize that you do not need to fear it. This is to stop fearing both yourself and the world you have chosen to exist within. Only when you do not fear yourself and your reality can you truly accept that the mirror of your personal reality is a reflection.

ELABORATION: The mirror of reality is a reflection of your choice to experience being human. We tend not to see this because of how we project our fears into the world. A significant part of awakening is the realization that your fears of the world are redirected fears of yourself. The concept of fearing yourself can seem strange to someone within a victim mentality as it tells you that others are what is to be feared. Only when you start to recognize yourself as the creator of your reality will you start to experience how you can fear your own power to create. Having no one to blame for your experience can be a scary thing.

To know yourself as looking at a reflection is to know you are the creator of your reality because you will observe how reality moves in response to you. To know yourself as a creator is to see how your life is like a script you are writing and, because you are writing it, you do not need to fear it. You do not need to fear it because you will only ever give experiences to yourself that you want and can handle. This is to understand that to learn to love yourself is not to create new love for yourself—it is to realize you already love yourself. Love is the state of consciousness that automatically arises when we cease to resist. Allowance is love. Love is allowance. To allow yourself to be as you are is to love yourself.

You do not need protection from the script of your life because you are the one writing it. You do not need to be protected from yourself because your innate nature is the love of life (otherwise you would not be alive). Because you do not need to fear yourself, you need not fear the playing out of the script you have written for this life.

This is the core awakening realization that you are safe, as it represents both the release and transformation of your fear.

ELABORATION: I am not going into predetermination in this article, but the basic understanding is that because our lives are intended, and because they are expressed as a focus (which by definition excludes), our lives are partially predetermined in the way they define a territory of experience we want to explore. How we then explore that territory within the life is determined by the freedom of our will and is not predetermined.

You are safe. You do not need protection.

You do not need to protect yourself from your experience—for many people this idea provokes a wave of fear—a feeling of danger. This is the feeling of fear expressed as an attachment to protection. As long as you feel you need to protect yourself then you cannot step back from the mirror of your immediate reality as it feels like putting down your guard—the guarding of your human self. Choosing the experience of “I must protect myself” is a valid choice, but it is a fear-based choice and will always create a reality where the fear it represents is validated.

There is nothing to fear.

Try to imagine the reality of… there is nothing to fear.

Your distance from those words is your distance from being awake. This shows what a remarkable feat it is to be awake in this world. Fear creates a strength of focus that pins you to the mirror of physical reality. It pins you down so tightly that there is no way for you to see the mirror’s edges. It focuses your experience down to an evermore singular experience until, when in deepest fear, there is just fear.

In this moment the illusion of fear is always seen through. The automatic focusing of fear is not a mistake or pitfall. It is a mechanism that shows you what you need to resolve in order to experience life without resistance.

face your fear to release your fear.

All that is feared is unknown and as you come to know it so you will come to not fear it. As you come to know your fear you will come to see that you do not need to be afraid of it and, when you see this enough times, you will come to know—there is nothing to fear.

If you believe not having protection is dangerous, then know that you are feeling your fear; feel your fear to know your fear; know your fear to release your fear; for nothing when known is feared. As you let go of fear, so you will be free of the illusion and you will step back from the mirror of your human self such that you can more deeply appreciate the beauty of what it is reflecting.

Step back from the mirror of your human self to discover that what you have known as your entire self, is in fact the mortal focus of your immortal consciousness.

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