Saying Enough


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Saying Enough

There are an infinite number of ways in which you can move into freedom and limitlessness. Just as you can create what you do want, you can also deselect that which you do not want. Realize that when you say, ‘“Enough!” to something, you do not need to consciously see how it should come to not be.

Do not be attached to the means by which you deselect your manifestations. To do so is to limit the ways in which you are open to experiencing change. From your heart, start by thanking what you have had enough of. Wish it well and open yourself to experience a new reality where it is both felt and remembered as being of the past. There is nothing that you cannot say, Enough!” to. To experience the freedom of consciousness you must face your fears, but there is no set way and no set time in which you must do this.

There may be many manifestations in your reality which you perceive as being negative. Through the process of deselection, you can remove them and create a more joyful world. If you deselect something that still holds a message for you then it will effortlessly re-manifest in a different form.

As you come to see your reality with clarity, you will learn which aspects are historic, fear-based relics that can be quickly removed and which are current lessons that are to be explored further. In saying, enough!’” to a current-lesson, you will simply create a new vessel for the message. You can shuffle the deck as many times as you like.

allow yourself this flexibility by embracing the fluidity of reality. So, if you do not understand the lesson in its current form, use this transformative power to change how it is manifesting. In doing this you will free yourself from much of the negative history that may have collected around an experience with which you have struggled.

You are not tied to any aspect of your reality through anything other than your beliefs. If you make bonds—rather than making them with fearmake them with love and joy. Realize that to be subservient to an aspect of your reality is not a badthing as it may well serve you for a period of time. Just rememberand take responsibility forhow you are the creator of your reality.

Your personal inner experience and your outer reality are the experience of your beliefs incarnate. You are the power that ultimately chooses those beliefs. Free yourself from the mental-constraints you have placed upon yourself. Within you is the power of a free and infinite will.

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