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You Are Safe

To feel fear is to not feel safe, which is to feel you are in danger. To feel in danger is to believe there is something outside of you that is capable of hurting you. It is to believe that your being is in jeopardy. The experience of jeopardy arises from the belief that you are finite. The illusion that something is finite is an aspect of the illusion of duality where the infinite can be seen as fragmented and limited. Fear and danger are therefore products of the illusion.

The idea that you are not safe is an illusion. You are God. You are immortal. That which you are cannot be destroyed. Though you may choose to pass through physical death, it is not the end of what you are. Death is a choice that your infinite-self makes to leave embodiment. Death is but the end of the illusion that you are finite.

When you believe that your story is everything that you are, then change is a threat to what you perceive yourself to be. Fear feels so tangible because your self-identification with your story is in jeopardy. So, in terms of what you believe yourself to be, you are in danger (because your beliefs are felt to be in danger of changing).

To say that your life is in danger is to say that the illusion that you are separate is in jeopardy, because if you die you will discover that you are not separate from anything. The only thing that can ever be destroyed is the illusion. The destruction of illusion only ever results in clarity. This does not mean that all illusions should be destroyed, simply that the destruction of them can never harm what you essentially are. Experience does destroy / transform / evolve / change your beliefs, but you are more than your beliefs—they are only the window you are choosing to look through.

If you believe that your body is who and what you are, then it is quite logical to fear it dying. We fear losing anything we are attached to. Attachment is fear; it is the fear of loss. To be attached to something is to have identified your being / self with it. It is to identify it as a part of your story. Attachment is to take an aspect of being and—through the power of the illusion—come to believe that without it you are not complete / whole. This leads to the fear of how you and your experience will be changed if you lose it. Out of this fear of loss you build what are felt to be protective walls around what you are attached to, in an attempt to hold it close.

attachment is not love. Mutual love holds things together through a co-created attraction. Attachment is fear-based, not love-based. However, this is not to imply that it is better to be detached than attached. Detachment is just as polarized as attachment—just in the opposite direction.

For example, in relation to the fear of the death of your body, it is not that you should seek to become detached from your body. Your body is a beautiful part of the expression of All-That-You-Are in this world. Along with every aspect of you, your body is to be loved. So love your body, but do not attach your identity to it, such that you fear its loss or change. Love your body as the ever-changing reflection that it is. This is to love and accept it unconditionally which is to not to feel either a possessive, self-defining attachment to it or an emotional need to feel detachment from it.

people live in fear because they do not believe they are safe. Attachment is an expression of that fear as it is an attempt to create a feeling of safety. As such our attachments to things being a certain way are one of the main building blocks of a self-limiting story. Just as we build walls with our fear to keep certain experiences out, so we build walls of attachmentwhich is fear of loss—to hold onto things that we have become self-identified with.

To seek to possess an outward state of being in this way is to deny that you are free to choose to be any state of being within yourself. Only through the belief in a finite supply of what you want does the need to possess arise. Only in the belief that resources are limited do we come to compete for them. To know you are God is to know that you are everything, you are infinite, and you are the creator of your own reality.

The fear that flows from the feeling of jeopardy does not originate from some external source; it is a reflection of your attachment to your story—a part of which is your body. If you are afraid of your body dying then that energy is a part of your being and, as such, will in some way be reflected back to you (usually through a perceived physical threat). This is to live within a personal story that you are defining by the experience of fear; it is to live within the experience of your fears reflected around you (through which that which you fear internally is projected outwards and experienced as something to be feared in your external reality).

To know you are God—which is without limit—is to know that all fears arise from the fear of realizing you are infinite. Our self-preservation instinct fears limitlessness out of the belief that it will destroy our sense of individuality. You are you; that cannot be lost. Nothing can be lost, for you are everything. You are a singular individual and you are All-That-Is; you are the realization into being of this paradox.

The only fears that exist in your life are the fears that arise from the unknown change that you will go through on your journey to realizing you are an embodiment of infinite freedom. Your attachments are your denials of your creatorship which is to say denials of your wholeness, your safety, your unity with all things, and your limitlessness. The ways in which you deny that you are God, that you are love, are expressed as fear.

To experience your unity with all life is to know that All-That-Is outside of you is you. To understand that you are everything is to know there is nothing to fear. You are completely safe as you are the source of your fears. Your choice of story is the root and expression of your fear. Do not fear yourself.

There is no external force that is seeking to harm you. There is no danger “out there” because there is no “out there” that is separate from what you are. It is all you and you are love. You are God. You are safe. To realize that you are God is to realize that all your fears have only ever been projections of your denial of your creatorship (arising from the belief that you are separate, alone, and finite).

All fear is a part of the illusion of duality. You have only ever hurt yourself through believing you can be hurt. This was not a mistake. It was a wonderful experience—an exciting roller-coaster ride. But now, as you come to see through the illusion, so you see through to the safety that you are. The foundation of allowance flows from knowing you are safe. This is to know you are the creator of your own reality and to have trust you will not give yourself any experience that you do not want or cannot handle.

safety is not an external condition; it is internal. When we are in fear we build walls around us to protect us from what we fear in the world (that which we believe will hurt us if it gets the chance. We imprison ourselves out of the belief that our prison will keep us safe, when all it does is cage us in with our fear. Nothing in this life has caged you except your own fear. All that limits you is of your own creation. You have created these limits to protect you from what you fear. The realization is therefore that ultimately what we all fear is being limitless / infinite / eternal / free.

If you feel fear rather than safety, then that fear will be reflected in your unfolding experience. The more you let the unknown into the known, the more you will transform your fear into safety. Let go of the idea that facing your fears needs to be a painful experience. Though we do not generally like the experience of fear, we identify with it because we believe that it protects us. Through a belief in danger, fear is seen to keep us safe. We believe that to be without fear will lead us to hurt. This is how fear maintains itself. Fear is no more than the fear of the unknown.

As you connect back into the realization of your divinity, and come to identify your beingness with your infinite-nature rather than your story, fear will fade from your reality. You will come to live in a world where you feel safe to be who you are. Foster this feeling of safety within your being; it is your spirit. To allow yourself to feel safe is to allow yourself to feel that you are God. God is safe.

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