Right and Wrong


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Right and Wrong

The belief in right and wrong creates the experience of coming to judge everything through a lens of questioning, “What is better and what is worse?” one of the most camouflaged manifestations of this perceptually divisive belief is the idea that certain actions, behaviors, thoughts, or feelings are selfish and are to be judged harshly, whereas others are selfless and to be judged positively.

With so many pleasurable experiences being labeled as selfish,I am selfish” has become a conceptual whip—formed through religious doctrine—with which many people regularly torture themselves. The freedom to put down this painful belief is the realization that all experiences which arise from following your heart birth from a level of consciousness that knows itself as all. This is the level of your spirit—your infinite self. The personal feeling of direction you receive through your heart—which may, by conventional standards, read as selfish at times—comes from a vantage point that is inherently loving and honoring of all.

As you seek to better love yourself, you will be faced with how much you judge yourself. See how these are the same ways that you have judged the world. See how there is no difference between them. We each live within the restriction of our beliefs around how things should be’.

The solution to this is clear. You must love and accept yourself as you are and the world as it is, if you wish to live in freedom. Do not love because it is moral, spiritual, or ‘the right thing to do’. Love because you want to live in a reality that reflects the joy and freedom that is inherent in All-That-Is created from love.

Once you have released the question of whether or not what you want is selfish, you will find yourself considering many new exciting avenues. What makes any heart truly joyful cannot be selfish. This will be clear when you see how infectious your joy is to the people in your life who are open to enjoying life.

Beyond Right & Wrong

“I choose to give love to myself, knowing that in doing so I will radiate that love into the world.”

When you are standing at a crossroads in life, one of the most insidious blocks you can put in front of yourself is the idea that there is aright choice’. The idea of right and wrong is one of the most fundamental manifestations of polarization within the human experience.

There are many strands of thought and negative feeling associations that must be unwoven from your belief-system in order to let go of its divisiveness. Free yourself from the fundamentally divisive question that asks, “Is this better or worse?” which, being based in perception, permeates all experience.

Whenever you make a decision, use it as an opportunity to observe the origin of the thoughts you are having. Are you listening to your heart? Are you listening to society, your parents, or friends? Are you listening to your own internal concept of right and wrong? Are you listening to what you believe would make you a ‘good’ or spiritualperson? Are you looking to fulfill the wishes of others and ignoring your own needs?

Be conscious of what forms / informs your decisions. Learning to observe your mind, while you are standing on the point of freedom of a choice, will reveal any psychological baggage you are still carrying. It is to learn to see the filters—resistances, obligations, and denials—through which you create your reality.

Only when you first love yourself can you truly radiate love, and only then can you fully create space for others to share in that love. Make your choices from your heart without fear that this is selfish. The love that created all life is bountiful and your heart is of that love.

At times your heartthrough the feeling of guidance that flows there—will guide you to stand in front of others in order to fill your own cup first and, at other times, it will ask you to act with altruism. Trust that whatever your heart tells you is—because it is guidance from a wider level of understandingfor the benefit of all (even when it tells you to put yourself before others through an action that other people may deem selfish).

love for self is the foundation of love for all. See the perspective from which love for self builds love for all, and conversely, how love for all can be used as a denial of love for self. Love for all without love for self is running—running from what you feel yourself to be (no matter how noble it feels). All freeing choices start with love for yourself.

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