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resonance is a positive feeling of attraction to or connection with the object of your perception. Although positive, affirming thoughts may flow through your mind when in this state, these thoughts are best understood as states of definition that arise from the wordless, feeling-based state of resonance you feel through your heart (with your heart being a metaphor for your capacity to feel).

The feeling of resonance is particularly useful—and powerfulwhen considering each of the options available within a choice you are making. By choosing what your heart resonates with most—rather than what your mind tells you is logically the best optionyou are choosing from the knowing of your spirit. In this your choice is based on its incredible breadth of perception as well as its state of fearless allowance.

expression through language, mental learning, and teaching are all powerful, transformative experiences. However, it is deep within the experience of feeling—and not your thoughtsthat you will discover the direct experience and knowing of freedom (the state your spirit exists within). That said, even though the freedom of your consciousness cannot be expressed through words alone, this in no way implies you should either disregard or demonize your thoughts. It is to understand them as a reflection of your feelings.

everyone carries personal, self-limiting beliefs from their upbringing. These can be recognized and liberated from the resistance of fear, such that you can reconnect with the states of freedom and joy they have separated you from. Having explored these divisive beliefs has not been a mistake. The experience of their transformation is a powerful step in your unique path of awakening.

Through your experience of the incredible amount of information available—more than you could learn in a thousand lifetimes—see how accumulating information is like collecting more and more jigsaw-pieces for a puzzle with no edges. Although this can be a fun game, recognize that if you allow your feeling of resonance to guide you, then you will quickly lead yourself directly to the information and experiences that will most benefit you.

information is not an end-destination of the exploration of our personal truth. Using your inner feeling of guidance allows you to let information flow freely through your mind—without feeling the need to accumulate or possess it. This will reveal to you how information is only ever valuable as a stepping stone to achieve deeper states of feeling / emotional-realization.

Living through your Resonance

The feeling of what you resonate with draws you forward and acts as a guiding light in your life. This is not guidance from your spirit being sent to you—it is you guiding yourself by directly tapping into the feeling of your spirit and using it to determine what you resonate with. Because all within spirit perceive themselves to be harmoniously connected, this feeling of guidance flows from a unified place.

If every person followed the guidance that arises through the feeling of their spirit then the harmony of spirit would be collectively experienced (because our spiritual guidancewhen felt clearly—does not conflict). And yet, this guidance is not felt to be coming from a shared place—instead, it is intimately felt to be your own uniquely personal desire for joy, clarity, and awareness.

To allow your feeling of resonance to engulf you—such that there is no room for doubt or fearis to unify with your spirit. In this state you are open to the experience of freedom through the infinite-potential of creation (which is to be constrained only by your imagination).

To focus on living within experiences you resonate with is to focus on your freedom to be. This is to focus on creating your personal dreams of what can be—your hopes for the future, which arise in response to the unconditional love and allowance of your spirit meeting the divisiveness and separation of the human experience.

The most exciting wonders of this world birth from people who follow their inner feeling of how they are differentsuch that they arrive at something new—rather than seeking to refine or perfect what is already known. Seek to embody this fearless state of consciousness to unleash its potential to create the exciting, child-like fantasies that flow freely through your imagination.

Be open to experience and consider the many perspectives this world offers you, such that you may better discover the beliefs and practices with which you most clearly resonate. Be open to the world to taste and be inspired by its diversity. However, no matter how dominant a particular source of information or resonance becomes, never stop personally evaluating everything you perceive. To spiritually-awaken is to discover your own uniquely personal understanding of what you choose to experience as truth.

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