Resolving Paradoxes


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Resolving Paradoxes

The human mind thinks in a linear-way because our mental processes have formed around the linearity of our language. This makes us want the answers to questions to be one-way-or-the-other / true or false.

The resolution to paradox is to see how paradoxical question can possess opposing answers. For example, ‘Is the Earth light or dark?’ answer: sometimes it reflects the light of daytime and sometimes the dark of nighttime. Neither answer is wholly correct and both answers are discovered to have a circular relationship. The answers to most spiritual questions take this form and lead to the realization that all answers contain value and truth from a perspective.

answers that seek to be ‘definitive’ are exclusionary by nature. answers that seek levels of truth from all perspectives are inclusive by nature. To be a defined individual is, therefore, necessarily based in exclusion. However, once within the containment of individuality, you do not have to maintain an exclusionary standpoint in order to remain embodied.

Once embodied, being exclusionary will increase your depth of individuality through separation and is likely to be embodied in such feelings as righteousness, disconnection, alienation, superiority, inferiority, and competition. Being inclusive will lessen the sensation of individuality and is embodied in feelings of love, unity, connection, support, and cooperation.

We—as The-One-Selfcreated the human experience to explore BOTH directions. However, to be engaging with these words, you are currently engaging the collective choice to awaken (which includes breaking down the mechanisms of exclusion at a mass level). You are a part of both an individual and mass choice to awaken to the illusion of separation.

Your are not here to be inclusive or exclusive, cruel or kind, good or bad. Your are not here to be any particular thing / any particular ‘this’ or ‘that’. Your are here to follow your heart wherever it leads you.

The Paradox of Spirit

one of the hardest concepts to grasp about your spirit is the different ways in which you can perceive it. You can do this both as your personal spirit (which creates a possessive feeling), and as The-One-Self (which creates a non-possessive feeling). With both ways of perceiving your spirit being valuable in the understanding of consciousness, this can initially be seen as a paradox. However, both vantage points are necessary if you wish to clearly comprehend your infinite nature.

one technique to see how something paradoxical can be contained within something singular is to imagine it as being like a swimming pool that goes from shallow to deep. The pool cannot be said to be shallow or deep as it contains both opposing qualities, and yet you can choose to focus your perception on one quality over the other.

Applying this technique to the perception of your spirit is to see it as being like the swimming pool, but with one end strongly focused on you (that feels to be your personal spirit and reflects your own singular concern for your embodied self) and the other end focused on the big picture (which feels to be connected to everything in existence in an impartial way). So the shallow end would be seen as ‘your spiritand the deep end would be seen as ‘the collective of all spirits’ / All That Is / The-One-Self.

You may be inclined to view the two ends of the pool / spirit as two separate things, but they are not. Every human being has their own unique shallow end (their personal spirit) with each being like a facet of a single diamond (The-One-Self / God). Just as you cannot separate a facet of a diamond from that diamond, so you cannot separate your personal experience of the spirit from the entirety of what spirit / The-One-Self is.

Your spirit is initially best met through a personalized / possessive state of perception, as this is closest to your current experience of self. However, as you come to further grasp, embrace, and embody all that the infinite is, so you will travel into the depths of your spirit by discovering how your embodied self is connected to everything through it. Every individual is a facet of the diamond and cannot be separated from the whole. You contain the ability to perceive at the level of the whole, the facet, and everything in between.

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