“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”


The heart is an emotion-based guidance system. When we act from fear and create a reality we feel resistant to—a feeling we interpret as negative—that resistance is felt to be in opposition to something that we do our best to mentally identify and name. What the negative feeling conveys is that you are operating from a position of fear. It is not saying that whatever you have mentally identified as the focus of your resistance iswrong’, ‘bad’, or ‘needs to be extinguished’. This is rarely how it is understood because, as a species, we have become predisposed to labeling and segregating whatever we perceive—instead of seeing it as a unified reflection.

Another common misunderstanding is that a negative feeling around the idea of doing something does not mean that it will never be an enjoyable thing to do. It means it is not the most enjoyable thing to do in that particular moment. Therefore, if you have not fallen into labeling the idea itself asbad’, then the next day you may have a positive feeling about the same idea, thereby indicating that the present moment is a better time to act on the idea.

To some degree it could be said the interpretation of feelings as being for the purpose of placing value-judgment labels on external things (versus the interpretation of feelings as guiding us in the moment without notion of judgment) is what led to the idea of ‘good’ standing in opposition to bad’. This then mentally evolved into right versus wrong (and by extension, good versus evil) which further entrenched the idea of life being a struggle against something.

This marked our shift from choosing from a personal feeling of preference in the heart, to deciding what is therightversuswrongthing to do from a mental belief that certain things—whether people, feelings, thoughts, or choices—are inherently and universally either right or wrong’. Therefore, what was developed as a mental tool to aid our own understanding of the process of choosing from the heart, instead became a tool of control that takes power by promoting the fear of doing the wrong thing’ and being labelled asbadorevil’.

Resistance is a Brake

Resistance is a brake against the unfolding and it is only ever your foot that is on that brake. This brake may be experienced in many ways, such as fear, a practical obstacle, or the shackles of attachment. Resistance has only one source—the being that is experiencing it. You can disguise its origin in an infinite number of forms, but only you create your resistance.

No matter how intricately you weave the manifestation of your hindrance, to create a tangled web where many forces seem to have conspired to halt you, the route out of resistance is simply to take your foot off of the brake. You are the only force that ever stops you. This is not to say that there are no other forces in the universe; it is to say that they cannot affect you without you giving them that power. This is the realization of your sovereignty.

In order to take your foot off the brake you must first come to acknowledge that it is indeed your foot that is on the brake. To deny you are the braking force in your life is to deny that you are the creator of the resistance you are experiencing. It is to deny your power to lift your foot from the brake. You cannot wield in your beingness that which you do not acknowledge you are. We are all sovereign beings—whether we recognize it or not—but we must acknowledge it in order to consciously experience it.

The degree to which you acknowledge yourself as the creator of your reality is the level of creatorship you have over your reality. That which you acknowledge you have created you can change because, in acknowledging you created it, you are recognizing the nature of your connection with it (as it is to understand the way in which it is an extension of what you are through your own relationship with the creative impulse).

To believe that external forces are imposing their will on you is to give away your power of creation to your mental definition of those external forces. If you do not believe you are a creator then you will live within a reality that reflects the reality of that idea. To not be the creator is to be that which is created upon; it is to be a slave. Reality is a mirror of your beliefs because it is through your beliefs that you create your reality. To see this direct relationship is to recognize the freedom and fluidity of reality. Change your reality by changing your beliefs about both it and yourself.

Along with the allowance of synchronicities, the acknowledgment that it is only ever your foot on the brake of your life is one of the easiest ways to let go of that resistive state and experience the fluidity of reality. Rather than working to actively create something new, get out of your own way and allow things to unfold as they will. As such you are not struggling to make something happen; you are simply allowing what is already happening. Going with the flow of the unfolding is effortless. To cease to push against life is to feel your unity with it.

experience the power of reality to respond to you by letting go of your resistanceyour desire to brake—and thereby experience how intimately connected reality is with your inner-state of being; the connection that gives reality its fluidity. Reality only moves with you when you are no longer trying to control it. All fears / resistance have the effect of masking the beautiful, creative dance that occurs between every self and its personal reality.

To take your foot off the brake is not to forcibly smash through the barriers before you. To see them as solid in this way is to reinforce that solidity. Instead, realize that any barriers or obstacles you are facing are being created by your resistance to what is unfolding. See that the energy of your resistance is coming from your desire to control the change that is unfolding. Resistance is an attempt to control. This control comes from the fear of pain that you believe you will experience if a certain outcome manifests. You therefore seek to control reality to bring about whatever outcome you judge to be positive. This does not however mean that what you perceive as the negative outcome was about to occur.

When you seek to control reality you block its natural unfolding (even if your desired outcome was about to happen). Attachment to an event having a particular outcome is fear of how the whole event will unfold. We just as readily hold from us what we do want by fearing what we do not want. Controlbeing a form of separation—always has two sides. To push in the direction you do want is to equally enforce what you do not want­—this is how harmony is always maintained. There is only that which divides equally and that which unifies equally. All imbalances are an illusion.

To release your inner-brake is to realize that you are in fear and that through your fear you have sought to control the natural unfolding of your being. Control arises from being attached to an idea of what you believe “should be” happening. This is a denial of what is happening. When what is happening starts to conflict with what you want to be happening you have a choice; you can either accept it as the unfolding, or you can see it as a problem that needs to be corrected. To see it as the natural unfolding of what is is to know that, even though you may not yet understand why, it is perfect and meaningful that it is happening and the reason for it will become apparent when you are ready to accept it. To see it as a problem or mistake that needs to be corrected is to deny the perfection of your creatorship and enter a struggle against your own unfolding.

To see the perfection of your life does not mean that you will never experience discomfort. Releasing a cage can be painful, but if you desire freedom then it is perfect to release it. To see the perfection in something painful is to view it with the eyes of your infinite-self. It is to see the whole picture. Discomfort arises when you deny your creatorship (but this discomfort is perfect as it highlights your denial). This does not mean that you should accept discomfort and thereby never act to change anything. Discomfort points you to a change that you are not allowing. By allowing that change into your life, the experience of discomfort will be released.

within the unfolding there are many actions that can flow from the heart. This action never seeks to deny what is. Action that flows from the heart honors the current state of whatever it is transforming; it is action that flows from affirmation, rather than rejectionlove, rather than fear.

Let go of seeking to take action to stop what is happening from any level of judging it to be a mistake or wrongness. It is far simpler, and therefore more effective, to allow the unfolding to reveal whatever it is you are not seeing or understanding. This is because the unfolding will always carry you towards the realization of your freedom.

Let go of trying to control things and trust in yourself. To trust the unfolding is to trust your spirit. Your infinite-nature is within your unfolding because the unfolding is the expression of that infinite–nature. Trust your spirit to guide you through the unfolding of reality, even if what is happening on the surface is not what you would consciously choose.

surrender. Surrender the conscious desire to control through the recognition of the fear that control is an expression of. Surrender your fear, and fall into the love of the universe.

Take your foot off of the brake of your life and surrender the unfolding of your reality to your spirit out of the knowing that you are your spirit and that is to say you are a state of love. Realize that you will never give yourself more than you can handle, and what you do give to yourself will always be perfect. Know that the love that you are—the love of your infinite-self—is all around you; it is you.

love your life, rather than fearing it, and that love will permeate your reality. Let go of the need to have your foot hovering on the brake. The brake is your fear; it is the desire to limit yourself out of a fear of what you are. You do not need to fear what you are. You do not need to fear the unfolding of yourself. You do not need to fear where being All-That-You-Are will take you.

If you wish, this is the time of your awakening. There is no secret process you need to discover to awaken. There is no mystery. Simply let go of your fears and be yourself. This happens naturally when you allow your life to unfold. It is what happens when you stop resisting what reality presents to you. You are awakening right now—it is inevitable. It will take as long as it takes for you to realize that you are safe, life is wonderful, and no brake is required.

Fear of Making the Wrong Choice

Letting go of the idea that certain directions are wrong is challenging as your mind can easily conjure unpleasant—or even horrific—outcomes to the situations currently unfolding in your life. Logic tells us the only mechanism for control is our ability to make choices. We therefore tend to believe these unpleasant scenarios will only happen if we make the wrong choice’.

thoughts of a negative outcome are not describing an emerging probability that you are picking up on because it is important you avoid it (fear-based perception). They are hypothetical mental projections reflecting the fears and judgments currently operating within you. These thought-forms are not your current reality—your reality is the present moment before you, translated into time and space. However, if you continually focus on your negative thoughts then, through the expression of your freedom to be, those fears will be translated into your present moment (such that you experience reflections of them).

fear, attachment, and judgment are connected. We naturally translate our emotional fears into mental judgments (which are expressed as divisive beliefs). These fear-based beliefs are then experienced as blocks in reality as they describe a territory of being you are resistant to experiencing. This results in the infinite playground of beingwhich we each exist within—to be experienced as a maze (because many paths appear to be blocked). This leads to the feelingand therefore the belief—of I am not free’—even though you are in a completely open territory which you are free to explore.

resistance is emotional and fluid, but the mental blocks it can create appear to be solid and impenetrable. All the walls in the maze of your life are of your own creation. However, this is not to say that the maze is wrong’. It is an exquisite creation that represents a dilemma of being created through unconsciousness through which The-One-Self is experientially exploring itself.

When you realize that all blocks are mental projections of your own fears the world will no longer feels to be so inflexible or impenetrable. Whereas previously you may have been looking for the best way to endure the limitations, you will now see how these blocks are clear signposts to fears that still operate within you. This allows you to identify and transform those fears.

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