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All realities that are based upon individuation are mirrors of self that focus The-One-Self into a singular idea. This focusing leads to a forgetting of the wider state of consciousness from which the mirrors are created. In order to achieve this, the self looking in the mirror not only forgets the wider, unified experience of self, they even forget they are looking in a mirror at all.

When you look in a physical mirror you perceive the distance between yourself and the reflection. This sense of separation allows you to identify the reflection as separate from what you are. This separation is not experienced when you look into a mirror of self. As such the reflection is experienced as All-That-Is—as the totality of reality itself.

To come to see that you are The-One-Self looking in the mirror of humanity is to see that not only is your individuated self a perceptual projection, but so too is the shared physical world. The reflection of your human self and what is perceived as other is one. Beyond The-One-Self being you, you are The-One-Self being all humanity.

The Reflection of Reality

Your personal reality is a reflection of All-That-You-Are. However, in just the same way that you are heavily focused on certain aspects of your spirit in the shaping of your mortal self, your personal reality is also heavily focused upon those same aspects. Therefore, just as you are a human self couched within the perception of your spirit, your personal reality is also reflectively couched within the wider reflection of your spirit. This means that even though we experience ourselves as separate, and although the wider reality from which we birth is largely within our unconsciousness, everything is perceptively reflected somewhere in our personal reality.

Every star in the sky could be imagined as a reflection of a reality that exists within The-One-Self. Our world is couched in this starry sky, just as we are each couched in the collective of humanity. This is to see that your personal beliefswhich reflect the ways in which you have chosen to evolve the collective beliefexist in relation to the collective, shared belief. For example, if you say, “I believe I am tall,” you are saying that you are tall in relation to the collective (because if everyone else suddenly became taller than you, you would no longer experience yourself as tall).

This means that beyond your personal beliefs, the next most dominant aspect of reality is its reflection of the collective belief-systemwhich is highly limited and fear-based—that your personal beliefs exist in relation to. Even though you are predominantly here to be an individual, you did not come here to create in isolation. Whatever beliefs you are passionate about, you are passionate about them in relation to—and on behalf of—the collective of humanity / the world.

In opening your mind to embrace what excites you, you will have to face your perception of the world’s judgment of you. When you feel passionate about something that the world seems resistant to, you can always still experience it with those who are ready for it. Choose to focus on people who share your passions—rather than worry about those who are threatened by them.

The meaning of life is to experience the reflection that mortal life grants us. This is achieved through simply being. It is therefore regardless of action. You cannot fail to meet the intention through which you brought your life into being because you are always being yourself.

A Focusing Mirror Forms Human Reality

The human experience can be imagined as a mirror that creates the reality of being an individuated human. Every human is looking in this mirror. Every human lives in relation to this mirror. You are The-One-Self looking in the mirror of human reality which creates the experience of your individuated human self within an environment shared with others looking in the mirror.

To see this is to understand that the seed of humanity is an idea. All selves are the idea of themselves. Put simply, non-physical consciousness imagined the space-time human experience and then entered into it. We are living in a dream.

This is not a creation story that conflicts with physical evolution. The mirror not only gives the non-physical a physical form, it also expresses the human idea of self into linear-time. The process of physical evolution is the mirror’s translation of the idea of humanity coming into being over time. Just as the idea of what being a human is formed from something simple into something more complex, so there is seen to be the physical evolution of humanity over time.

focusing mirrors that create individuated selves are designed so that when you look in them, the fact that you are looking at a reflection is hidden from you. As there is no illusional line of separation between you and the mirror, you are therefore unified with it. As such, when you look at your reflection you do not recognize it as a reflection, instead you identify it as not only your self but as the totality of your reality.

This is a form of being mesmerized—like getting lost in a character in a book, movie, or game (where you detach from what is happening in your personal reality and get lost in the creative fantasy before you).

All that surrounds you is being generated by the collective-consciousness of every life form on this planet. It is not however a collective democratic choice as there is only one will within it. As hard as it can be to conceive, what this means is that there is no compromise in our creation of this world. The reflection is perfect for each and every one of us—whether we choose to see it or not.

Reflective Beliefs

The self is basis of reality. All realities containing individuated selves are focusing mirrors that are willingly entered into in order to experience the reality of the selves experienced within them.

humanity is a creative fantasy of The-One-Self. This was not a dream of a society. It was a dream of many individuals and the free interaction between them (that which produces society).

Due to the unconsciousness of the wider state of existence that focusing mirrors of self create, they can also be thought of as mirrors of forgetting or mirrors of unconsciousness.

You are and this world are a perfect reflection that is choosing to create meaning through the denial of that perfection.

To call this reality a focusing mirror is to call it a mirror of forgetting. This is because focusing is an act of pushing what is not being focused upon into unconsciousness.

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