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This is an extended text that brings together many concepts in one unfolding narrative.

You Choose your Focus

open yourself to see the way in which it could be said that the most significant thing that everyone is doing in this game of life, the most significant thing that you are doing, is choosing where to focus your consciousness. Within you is an energy, an awareness, a point of choice, that governs where you choose to focus your attention. Feel the part of you from which you are deciding where to focus your consciousness. Feel the aspect of your being that is leading the choice of where you are focusing in every moment. To do this is to immediately step back from the mirror of reality into your spirit (the wider reality of your non-physical beingness), in order to experience the part of you that is steering the unfolding of your life.

Our focus can be strongly led by what is happening externally, with energetically loud events pulling our attention towards them; for some this can be the predominant experience of reality. This is the experience of life being something that happens to you, rather than life being something that unfolds from within you. A part of awakening to your spirit is to become aware of this inner choice of focus. Through the choice of where you put the catalytic, creational power of your focus, you shape the reality that unfolds before you. To come to know this place inside of you is to become more self-aware. It is to open to the feeling of your self as the determinant of your reality.

Your focus determines your reality because you experience what you focus upon. Where you choose to focus your consciousness leads the unfolding of your experience. Your focus is the leading edge of that which you are. You steer your focus and all that you ever experience spirals through this focal point. Your focus is a choice; feel that. Stop and feel that now—your choice of what you are focusing upon in this reality.

Despite how strongly some things draw your focus to them, where you choose to place your focus is not governed by external forces. You are not enslaved. You are the ultimate determinant of where you place the focus of your consciousness. This is to say that you are free. Pay attention to where you are paying your attention. Hold in your conscious awareness the choice of what you are holding within your awareness. Your focus determines the face of the reality you are experiencing.

Marvel at this power. Marvel at this realization. Marvel at the simplicity. You are choosing the unfolding of your life through where you choose to focus your consciousness. What you focus upon is what you are travelling into. What you focus upon is the flavor of energy that you are integrating as it passes through your beingness. What you focus upon is the energy that you are choosing to swim in—submerge your being in. This choice is profound. This choice is the most powerful determinant of where you are going. You are making this choice in every moment.

You are a Vessel of Reality

reality is experienced through your consciousness. You alter the experience of reality through how you focus your consciousness. The experience of reality dominates your consciousness, but reality is not what your consciousness is. Your consciousness is a vessel of reality; it is the creator of the reality that you are experiencing. Your consciousness gives birth to the reality you experience, giving it form through your beliefs, your feeling and your energy / vibration.

Despite this life’s dominance of your experience, your reality is not you; it is not All-That-You-Are. When you wake up you come to know reality to be but one part of your wider multidimensional experience. It is a dimension that you have been intently focused upon. This is often described as waking up to the illusion. A common misconception is that if you see through the illusion that the reality of the illusion is completely destroyed. What is destroyed is not the reality; it is the illusion that the reality is everything—the illusion that it contains you. Instead you realize that you contain it. You are a vessel of reality. You contain the potential of all realities and you enter them by focusing upon them.

All realities are illusional by nature. The reality of being a human on Earth is a particularly strong all-encompassing illusion. To enter the Earth plane is to come to experience your self as your reality—your reality as your self. You say, “This is who I am—this body, this experience, these feelings, these beliefs. I am defined by this experience. I am contained within this experience.”

many think of the Earth as a singular dimensional experience, rather than a multi-dimensional one but, from the wider perspective, emotion, thought, physical touch, dreams, etc. are all different dimensions of experience. Despite common beliefs in an afterlife, most people experience the direct human experience as all that is accessible to them while they are alive. They experience themselves as their reality.

There is nothing wrong with seeing your reality as who you are. It is a completely valid experience and is quite true from the perspective that physical reality is a perfect mirror. Within all that you experience you are indeed looking at your self. But understand that what you experience is not All-That-You-Are. Your current, conscious human experience of self is but one face of the wider being that you are. However a big part of how the experience of this reality was created to be is that it typically feels like the only reality when you are within it.

Stepping back from the Mirror

You are your spirit looking at its own reflection in a space-time mirror. Everything that is reflected reflects what you are. It is you in the mirror. But imagine for a moment that the Earth plane is a mirror that is the size of your face. Therefore when you look in the mirror you would just see your face. You would not see All-That-You-Are. You would not see your whole body. However what you see is entirely you; it just is not all of you. So you look in the mirror of reality and you rightly say, ‘This reality is me. This reality is a reflection of me. This reality is a mirror of me.’ This is the first level of waking up, coming to see the mirror—the mirror that turns your vibration into a temporal-physical experience.

waking up is akin to stepping out of your experience of being completely contained within the mirror of physicality. It is to step out of the mirror and see the wider picture that includes the non-physical. So how do you do this? You do it by letting go of fear and the chase that ensues from it, whether that be the chase of trying to escape where you are, the chase of addiction, or the chase that arises out of the idea that something has gone wrong, or there is something inferior about you that you must fix in order to be worthy. This does not mean that you cannot want to change things about your reality, but that you stop seeing the reflection as a problem that must be fixed. At the core level it is to stop resisting what you are experiencing in the mirror of reality, such that you enter the flow of allowance and can step back to see the wider picture.

The Release of Fear

To not resist the mirror is to realize that you do not need to fear it. This comes through realizing that reality is a reflection of you and you do not need to fear yourself. Your life is like a script you are writing and you do not need protection from that script because you are the one writing it. You do not need to be protected from your self. This is the realization of safety, and it represents both the release and transformation of fear.

You do not need protection. You do not need to protect yourself from your experience. For many this very idea provokes a wave of fear—a feeling of danger. This is the feeling of attachment to protection.

What is it to be told that you do not need protection? choosing the energy of protection is a valid choice, but it is a fear-based choice and will always create a reality where the fear it represents is validated. If you are feeling that not having protection is dangerous, then know that you are feeling your fear; feel your fear to know your fear; know your fear to release your fear; for nothing when known is feared. There is nothing to fear. Imagine that—nothing to fear.

You cannot step out of the mirror while you are in fear. Fear is an energy of attraction that pins you tightly to the mirror of physical reality; pins you so close that there is no way for you to see the mirror’s edges; so close you cannot see that reality is a mirror. Fear magnetizes you to a smaller and smaller area of experience. Fear focuses your experience down to a more and more singular experience until, when in deepest fear, there is just fear.

face your fear to release your fear. All that is feared is unknown and as you come to know it so you will come to not fear it. As you come to know your fear you will come to see that you do not need to be afraid of it, and when you see this enough times you will come to know that indeed, there is nothing to fear. As you let go of fear so you will be free of the illusion and you will step back from the mirror such that you can more deeply appreciate the beauty of what it is reflecting.

The Release of Judgment

one way to approach the release of fear, the fear that holds us from seeing the beauty of the big picture, is through becoming aware of and releasing the judgments that we carry. All judgments are fear-based, so the release of fear is also the release of judgment. Judgment is a mental projection of fear.

Most people that have embarked on the spiritual path have already cleared the generally recognized ‘politically incorrect’ judgments such as racism, sexism or homophobia. As you move through the release of all fear you will start to move through judgments you had little way of knowing you were carrying, usually either because they are so pervasive and accepted in the energy of this world, or because you purposefully blinded yourself to them. Some judgments are even advocated in this world, such as the judgment of what is perceived of as meanness, and to release that judgment is to take a step out of the mass consciousness program.

In the release of judgment it does not matter if you directly address it in your inner self (such as not judging yourself for a mean thought) or through its manifestation in the outer world (such as judging another person for being mean); this is because it is all the one self–the one consciousness. Once you have moved through the collective shared judgments, the final judgments that you will release will be the ones that have always hidden from you, hidden by yourself. So do not be shocked, do not blame yourself or feel guilty when you discover them. Do not fall into judging your own judgments as you come to release them, for that is to walk in a circle.

The basis of this whole process of releasing judgment is the realization that there is nothing in existence that requires your judgment. Judgment is not required for anything except wanting to experience it; however know that in all the ways that you judge others or the world, so too you will experience that judgment upon yourself in the reflection of your own energy.

fear is an internal feeling, an energy, a vibration. It manifests in your perception as judgment. Judgment clouds perception. As you release judgment you will come to see the world in ever greater clarity. You will come to see it more as it is, rather than how you fear it is. You will come to see the wonder of the world.

You are the Architect

You are truly in a place of free-will. You are free. You are free to do as you will. Your will is the flow of your vibration. You are free to vibrate as you choose. How you vibrate will determine your reality, for reality is a reflection of your energy. This is the realization that no other can hurt or invade you, except through your belief that they can. This is the realization that you determine your own reality. This is the foundation of understanding (and therefore coming to the knowing and the feeling) that there is nothing to fear. You are safe. Feel safe to be safe.

Look deeper into this understanding of how you create your own reality to see that you have sculpted the events and situations of your life. To understand this is to realize how you can be working on your own behalf from other layers of consciousness; this is most easily conceived of as the level of your spirit. You do not leave the non-physical spiritual plane’ in order to incarnate on the physical Earth plane’; you remain ‘alive’ and conscious in the non-physical while you are simultaneously incarnate on Earth.

This can also be understood through the idea that linear-time does not exist on the spiritual plane; you cannot step out of that eternal non-physical Now; thus you remain in that state of being. To come to Earth can be seen as your spirit projecting itself through a holographic space-time mirror. The experience on Earth is the experience within the reality created by that mirror. You are your own primary spirit guide; you are that which is guiding and nurturing your own life from the other side’.

The reality that is unfolding before you is always a reflection of the energy that you are radiating, but within that is also an experience of a life script’ unfolding. Some experience this script as God’s plan for them, but it is you that are the architect of this plan. From other layers of non-physical consciousness (your spirit) you are continually creating the room you are walking into. To let go of fear is to come to know this. It is to know that you are choosing, with great love and wisdom, the experience that you are walking into. This is the wider meaning of ‘you create your reality’.

You are your spirit, and that is the wider state of consciousness that is guiding your life—the source that your life arises from. Everyone on Earth is awake, is enlightened, when seen from this perspective. What varies between different people is how connected they are to their spirit—to their wakefulness that already is. This is why to awaken is not to learn, it is to remember that which you already are. There is no leaving here to go back there. You are already there. You are already awake. In spirit you are already viewing the bigger picture from outside of the illusion.

All your life you have been there awake, throughout every moment you have been there, been there choosing to also be here. There is no force on theother sidecompelling you to be on Earth. You are your spirit and you are choosing to be here in every moment from a state of total awareness and enlightenment. This is why to align with and embrace your choice to be on Earth is to vibrationally move closer to your spirit, because that is the choice it is making from its state of wakefulness. To not embrace this life is to choose from the level of your incarnate consciousness to stand in separation from your state of wakefulness—your spirit.

Being Without Protection

The release of all fear, at the deepest level, is felt as the letting go of all protection. For, as has been said, all protection is fear-based. You will know you have fully released a fear when you have released its associated protection. As long as that protection remains, even if you are not directly feeling that fear anymore, the fear remains in your energy field, encoded in the protection device. For example, if you have been wounded by being in love, then you will know that you no longer fear fully loving when you no longer protect yourself from being hurt by it. This is manifest in loving without protection, without condition, without limit, without need for reciprocation; when you love to love.

It is a profound statement of safety to be without protection. It is a profound statement of self-awareness—the knowingness of what you are. It is to know that your spirit, rather than your physicality or your emotionality, is the eternal, inviolate foundation of your being. In archetypical terms it is to return to the bliss of innocence; an innocence that is not naïve; it is fear-less. It is to put down the fig leaf and stand in the knowing, in the revealing, of All-That-You-Are. The feeling of the need for the fig leaf is the illusion of fear.

This release of fear, this release of protection, is experienced as freedom, as the opening of the heart, as the integration of love; it is the penetration of the realization of love - the love that has always permeated the reality you have created for yourself. This penetration is one of perception; it is a release, the release of judgment, such that you clearly see the beauty and the magnificence of what you are creating.

Releasing all Judgment

To release judgment you must face the inclination within yourself to judge. The whole planet is facing this at this time by choosing conditions in the world that we have all collectively and purposefully have made so easy to judge. We are all in some form, until we awaken, judging the world; judging it for its violence, its self-destructiveness, and its greed; judging the destruction of the environment; judging our treatment of animals and each other; judging those that oppress others or wage war; judging mindless ignorance.

There is so much to judge, and much of the media is a mechanism to parade things in front of us upon which we are invited to cast judgment. The world at this time is a beautiful mechanism for meeting our judgment; we are all processing the very fear of judgment through which we enslaved ourselves in our collective creation of the judgment of God’. All that we have perceived as the judgment of the light on darkness (of good on evil) has been an illusion. There is nothing judging you. There is no one judging you, except yourself. You created this wonderful mirror to reveal the judgment of yourself and of the world. This whole mechanism of processing judgment, by so profoundly inviting and focusing it, eventually leads all to the realization that the basis of all judgment is self-judgment.

When you release the need to judge yourself, you will stop living in the painful, alienating experience of judging the world. When you see the world without judgment you will see the world as your self. When you see yourself without judgment you will see your self as the world.

Judgment and Perception

judgment is much more than an internal opinion that is only activated when the focus of that opinion presents itself. To hold judgments is to alter the lens through which you perceive the world and, as you are constantly perceiving, all your judgments are continually present in your energy field. Your judgments are an integral part of who you are choosing to be; they are a part of your self-definition.

This is all a reflection of the realization that all judgments are ultimately of your own self and limit your beingness more than they limit any other. Judgments are a limit to seeing clearly. They are a limit to perception itself, and that affects not only everything you perceive but everything that you are creating. Judgment is the legitimate choice to further define yourself through a lens of perceptual self-limitation.

This is a profound realization about the power of perception. Your perception is a creative force that shapes your entire reality. It takes All-That-Is / source / ‘that which you are’, and looks at it in the mirror of consciousness, turning it into the reality you are perceiving. There is no objective reality that is separate from the reality you perceive. You are living within your own perception.

everything is source; you are source; the world is source. Therefore when you look at the world you are looking at your self. The only thing that stops you seeing this is the resistance of judgment—an alteration of perception created by fear. Fear is the separation from thelove that you are’ that can arise within the perceived separation of duality. Fear is separation from your self. You cannot actually be separate from your self, but you can experience it through the creative mechanism of perception.

All that stops you experiencing the ‘love that you are’ is fear. All that stops you loving the world is your fear of it. Your fear of the world is your fear of your self. Your fear of the world is manifest in your consciousness through your judgment of it. See how you are judging the world, knowing that this is but a reflection of how you are judging your incarnate self. Release the judgment, face the fear, and thereby free your incarnate self to be your wider self.

Loving the World

free your love to see how incredible this reality is. You cannot experience this world as the paradise it is if you do not love it. Open your perception to experience the euphoria of loving the world. To live in paradise is to love your incarnate self, for to love yourself truly is to love the world you live in. Live in the paradise of loving the world that you live in.

The release of judgment is the opening to love; it is the release of the contortion of perception that makes you see the world as something separate from what you are. Fear is that which separates you from the realization of source as being both what you are and where you are. To awaken is to step out of fear, and yet when you have stepped out of fear you will see that even the experience of fear has been the face of source loving itself; it has been source giving itself the incredible experiences that have arisen through this journey of believing it can be separate from itself.

within you is an even wider level of consciousness than your spirit; a level of planetary or collective-consciousness. It is within you in every moment; it is within you in this moment. The whole world is within what you are. When you look outwards into the world you are equally looking inwards at what you are. This is the deeper realization of the world being a mirror of self. It is only judgment of the world that makes you fear the idea of it being a reflection of you; cease to judge the world and you are free to experience it clearly; only when you cease to judge will you see through the illusion of separation and open yourself to the multi-dimensional perspective of All-That-You-Are.

Loving Presence—Being Present

It has always been said ‘look within yourselfto awaken. To seek to awaken is to seek a wider level of consciousness—a wider level of perception. This level of perception is with you constantly. You are perceiving through it. It is perception. It is in the full experience of your presence / the present / that which presents itself. Release all judgment of what is being presented to you to experience your full presence. All perception is at its core flowing from the widest level of enlightenment; it is only through fear (manifest as judgment and resistance to ‘what is’) that takes your wakefulness and limits it—creates the experience of being asleep.

release all judgment and just experience life as an experience you are giving your self because you want to have the experience of it. Or more simply put, ‘Just Be’. You have given yourself this experience with love. See the love in the experience; it permeates all life because you are choosing this experience, from a point of total freedom, with love. You are love. Love permeates all.

fear is in some ways the opposite of this, but it is also a wonderful tool of creation which creates the very experience of opposite, of duality, of physicality, of space-time-matter. Releasing fear collapses the duality, collapses the judgment, collapses the separation that divides. This will not however collapse you back into non-physicality. You did not birth into form in order to seek to be free of that form. To come into the individuality of physicality and then see through the barrier / illusion of that physical separation is to open up an entirely new experience of consciousness. What is happening now on the Earth is a new experience for source—a new source experience.

Life on Earth

The Earth experience has been so particularly creative. You have all been very creative to come up with this story that you collectively are telling. When you stand and see the bigger picture you see how incredible the story that you have all been telling is. This story of separation, of invasion, of persecution, of suffering, of violation. This story of excitement, of anticipation, of wanting, of desiring, of loving. So many expressions of love, such experiences, so many flavors; these things are so particular, so amazing—so inventive and creative. It is only when you see the wider picture that you can see this. You tend to take your diversity for granted, that it just is, that it is how all is.

Nowhere is as diverse as Earth and so particular in that diversity. The Earth is incredible. To have achieved this degree of diversity you have this current situation, this face of disarray which you are all now judging. But it is time to see that you are all creative pioneers who have chosen this explosion of creation. You are the choice of the unity to explode into perceived diversity, and within that experience you have experienced fear and there is nothing wrongwith experiencing fear. It was not a mistake. You entered this world knowingly, willingly and joyously. You knew that you would experience fear—the fear that was necessary to create the experience of separation.

You have birthed all this diversity within one self-contained reality experience that is within the experience of the one. And as joyful as it has been, it has also been painful. And you are releasing that pain as you come back to seeing the bigger picture; for it is that very pain that holds you from seeing the bigger picture. As you release the fear you will release the pain; you will feel the pain coming out of your being. You will on some level re-experience it, but if you do not judge or fear this it will not be painful. You are transforming the pain through not fearing it; this is a transformation of perception; the transformation from limited, fearful, resistant perception to open, free, loving perceptionexperienced as the release of judgment.

Before you now is the opportunity to release all pain; the choice to let pain pass out of your being and be released. As these wounds first enter the portal of your conscious perception they will be felt as this original pain. It will be straw that you then spin into gold through the love of all experience rather than the love of only some parts of experience (as determined by judgment).

The fear inherent in the explosion of the unity into diversity has held you so close to the mirror of embodiment that you have not been able to see, but you will see, and then you will understand the choice, and that you are choosing all this with love. In choosing to live in this way you are source choosing to die—the death of knowing your self as just one which in turn births the knowing of your self as many. In the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, that is the embodied life cycle, so you continue to choose and re-experience this original moment of choice.

You are the choice of source to experience the miracle of life on Earth. Cease to judge what you are choosing to be and you will taste the eternal orgasm that is life.

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