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Infinite Potential

“I choose to open myself to both perceive and receive whatever is most exciting to me from the infinite potentials that surround me.”

To say that you are the creator of your own experience is to say that only you can choose to create the dream that exists within your heart. You are not obligated to create this imagining of reality and there is no penalty for ignoring its existence within you. However, understand that this fantastical dream birthed from your spirit and is the basis from which your human life emerged—as such, it represents your clearest available path to joy within this world.

To create this dream is not like having an empty plot of land on which you build a house by purchasing and assembling its components. This is because your dream for this life is one of desired feelings. It is not a dream of a definition that you think will evoke those feelings. You did not birth here to create a definition in a vacuum—you sought to create something not only within the human experience, but from and of the human experience. All that humanity is and can be, is the clay for your creation. Humanity is not an obstacle to be overcome in order to create something separate from it.

Just as the seed of a flower is encoded energy ready to blossom its beauty, so every unfolding event in your life is a seed of potential that you can choose to weave into your personal dream of what this reality can be. These potentials that surround you are the energy to create your dream. They are the bearers of your choices—the vessels through which your choices will unfold. They are freedom cloaked in definition, waiting to blossom their message of liberation. They are the movement through meaningvia choice—through which you can transform your reality. To see this is to understand that every potential we ever meet is made personal through the way in which it reflects the energy of our choice to birth into human form.

Each of the potentials that surround you carries its own unique flavor. Whatever you focus upon, you will unfold and begin to integrate. Choose what most excites you and the seed of that choice will start to reveal its gift. To allow that blossoming is to further birth your dream. To resist it is to simply re-wrap the choice such that it reappears in a different guise for you to choose another day. Know that your choices are not a test (unless you choose to make it so). The human experience is one that you can play within and discover yourself. And, though it may be challenging, you are not within a test.

You are within a playground of self-discovery.

creation unfolds through our choices. These are met through the experience of realizing what can potentially be. To choose to focus on a potential is to unfold its gifts into your life. This is to receive experience through your choice of focus. To fully receive anything, you must be open to it. Experience yourself as a receiver of creation because that is what you are. You are a creative receiver. You are creating through making the choice of which of the infinite potentials that surround you, you want to unfold and receive.

being open is a state of allowance. However, a desire to allow is not enough. You can only receive / perceive that which you can believe is possible. Though it is true that experiences shape your beliefs, those experiences do not choose your beliefs. You are the determinant of what you believe. Rigid beliefs create a small aperture of reception through which experiences tend to feel limited and predetermined. Free your beliefs to widen this aperture such that you are able to experience miraculous potentials.

All perception is a creative choice. Your senses are not only perceivers of experience,. They are creators of experience because of the way in which they—based upon what you have chosen to believe—automatically reduce that which is infinite in potential into that which is perceived as absolute and definite. Allow your beliefs about yourself and this reality to expand and blossom such that life experiences coming through your portal of perception reflect your dreams of what can be—rather than your fears of what is.

By perceiving everything as being within a state of unfolding potential—as opposed to a fixed thing that you must choose to changesee how we are each constantly, in every moment, making profound life choices through the choice of what we are focusing upon.

open yourself to receive the limitless potential of your creative self. Give birth to all the miracles that you have dreamt of. Give birth to the love that you are. You are a miracle giving birth to yourself.

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