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physicality is a quality of experience that any non-physical ‘thing’ (such as a beingness, idea, feeling, or imagining) can be experienced through. It is not that something either is or isn’t physical. Everything in existence can be experienced both as physical or non-physical. This is to understand that, as consciousness within a state of individuation, we do not either possess or not possess particular qualities—all qualities can apply to all things.

The spectrum of physical to non-physical is one such quality. Any state of consciousness can be perceived through any quality because nothing is separate. A part of being human is to experience being within physical form, however, human beings can also be perceived and interacted with as non-physical beings. For example, you often communicate with other people in non-physical form through your dreams.

qualities are something that you perceive reality through—they are dimensions of experience. Qualities are not what you are—they are how you are choosing to shape your experience of self through perception. All experiences of a quality are temporarynot eternal—they are therefore only ever temporarily defining in the moment. Permanence is an illusion.

You Are Not Physical—You Are That Which Perceives Physicality.

Our senses are not objective; they are translators that create our personal reality.

This article is an advanced topic that gets increasingly esoteric and mind expanding as it unfolds. It explores the idea that physicality is not an external, separate, objective, outer thing but is, instead, a sensation created by our senses which is a subjective translation of what is being perceived (not an objective measurement).

It’s a pretty mind-blowing concept as it really opens your understanding of how our reality is an experience that arises from within consciousness, as opposed to the traditional view that consciousness arises from within biology / physicality. Don’t worry if it doesn’t all make sense on your first read, that is often the way with these kind of abstract ideas.

You Aren’t physical—You Are That Which Perceives physicality.

Our biological senses give rise to the sensation of physicality—the experience of being in a physical world. All things, when viewed through our biological senses, are perceived to be physical.

Biological senses render anything they perceive into a physically defined translation.

Our senses are not objective. They are translators which create the definition and the experience of what they perceive through how they choose to translate it. For example, human translators aren’t just machines that directly translate without creative input. Translating between languages and cultures is an art form with the translator making many creative choices with every word. Our biological senses are translators in just the same way.

ELABORATION: There is no such thing as non-physical to a physically defined sense; meaning—there is nothing in existence which, when viewed through a physically focused sense, is not found to possess qualities that can be perceived to be physical. All that we call non-physical is not “not physical as it is capable of being perceived by embodied beings like us. For example, it is not that spirit is non-physical; it is consciousness in an experience that does not include physical translation / perception.

Even though we experience ourselves as physical beings, we are not significantly different from how we perceive our spirit to be (the non-physical). The only difference is that we are choosing to include physical perception as a way of experiencing reality. We use physical perception in both how we perceive and express what we are. Through this understanding we—as embodied consciousness—are seen to exist in relation to both the physical and non-physical:

To see the relationship between physicality and non-physicality is to see that neither consciousness nor physical things possess absolute qualities—such as physical or non-physical. All things, if viewed through a physical sense, are found to have physical definition.

All things possess the qualities of the sense / mechanism / agenda / intention that is observing them.

scientific COMPARISON: When we test to see if light is a wave using a wave perceiving apparatus, then it is a wave. But if we test using different equipment to see if it is a stream of photons (particles), then that is what it is found to be. (Google: double-slit experiment for more info).

So… we see what we are looking for. Therefore, if we look to see if something is good, then we will always get a measurement on our personally defined good to bad scale. If we test to see if something is beautiful, we can always determine a rating through our personally defined beautiful to ugly scale.

meaning—what we are looking for determines what we find. Even though a form of consciousness may exist without any concept of beauty, we can still judge / perceive it through that lens and personally determine it to be either beautiful or ugly. The mental leap is to see that this does not just apply to subjective qualities. If we look with “eyes of physicality, then even if we look at a form of life with no concept of physicality, we will still perceive it as being physical.

When you look through rose-tinted glasses everything is seen to exist in shades of pink—even if it reflects / absorbs other colors. Our biological senses are just like rose-tinted glasses, except they are physicality tinted. Therefore, no matter what we are looking at, we perceive it as being physically defined.

As consciousness we are free. We use our choice of “tinted perception to help define our experience of self, but that choice is only ever temporary. For example, our mortality is the choice to perceive through a “physicality-tinted lens” for the duration of our embodied existence.

We are not ultimately defined by our perception; we are that which chooses how we perceive.

We are not the definition or meaning we perceive; we are the creator of the meaning and definition we perceive. We are each a state of consciousness experiencing the meaning that arises out of the definition we have chosen to focus on perceiving. The fundamental thing that defines any reality is the choice of what dimensions / scales / polarities we are to perceive it through. The consciousness within all realities is the same consciousness—the one eternal-consciousness. This is not a limit as there are an infinite variety of realities and experiences. These are created through the infinite variety of ways we can choose to perceive.

If you stop defining yourself by your experience, and instead know yourself as being the chooser of your experience, you will awaken to the wider nature of reality and the realization that we are all one consciousness experiencing infinite forms. Therefore, even though we are all one, we are also each unique because of our choice of perception.

The realization we are oneand yet unique—is the realization we are a collective-consciousness. This is to know that, as embodied consciousness, we are connected, and yet, we can still choose to experience separation from each other. We are unified, yet diverse. We are a Unified-Diversity of consciousness. To understand our unity is to say that all things possess all qualities equally:

We are all qualities in one within an individuated experience of personally selecting which of those qualities we wish to experience consciously, and those which we do not (achieved by making them unconscious). This gives us our self-created individuality, or story, of self-definition. Even if we make a quality unconscious, we do not stop possessing that quality; we just become blind to it. No quality can be destroyed.

To say all are all is to say we possess the potential of all creation. There is no experience that is denied to anyone; there is no other to deny it. There is nothing we are not and nothing we cannot be. Our equality is seen through our equal potential to be which—in being infinite—is the same for each of us.

Our individuality is our choice of perception. This flows from our choice of beliefs. Our beliefs (the story we tell about ourselves) convey a map of which qualities we are experiencing and exploring consciously, and which we are repressing through fear. What we fear therefore determines our reality as much as what we love. They are the two sides of the one coin of being.

Observation is not passive. Perception is fundamentally a creative act. How we choose to perceive creates our experience of what we perceive.

Every perception is a choice to experience more and is therefore a choice to be more. In every moment, a part of us that was unconscious moves to become conscious. This creates our vibrant experience of the “Now” moment. All are one and will expand forever as all experiences are unique. This world is billions upon billions of realities flowing through each other. We are eternal-consciousness in an experience of being many. All hierarchy is an illusion. This level of collective realization, often called enlightenment, is accessible to everyoneequally.

enlightenment is the choice to awaken to our collective nature. It is to step out of being dominated by our choice of physical focus.

enlightenment is to awaken to what we have always been. enlightenment is to see through the illusion of fear that has separated us. In this it is important to understand that this separation was not a mistake. It has created an incredible experience of individuality that is highly valued due to the depth of meaning and self experienced here. To experience self and other to such depth is an achievement; it is the desire of consciousness—not a mistake.

There has never been any mistake. Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. And experience is infinite.

To awaken is to open yourself to experience beyond your individuality while maintaining your sense of self. It is to release our current level of individuality and choose a wider collective framework. As we step into that wider framework, so we will know it as self. As we awaken, we will see through the illusion of separation and hierarchy.

Our chosen individuality is the stunningly beautiful illusion that cloaks the reality of our shared origin. We will continue to say, I am me, and you are you” and yet we will knowwithout doubt or fear—we are one consciousness expressed as many.

here’s the bottom line. We created physicality to love it and to discover a new love for ourselves through it. But, we are not something that either is or isn’t physical. It is fun to define ourselves as something particular, but we are not anything in particular—we are the potential of all.

Any denial of these statements comes from ego-based judgment of those qualities that causes you to perceive yourself with an agenda of what you want to believe yourself to be. This is based on idealism which is fear-based, judgmental and exclusionary (but not wrong).

To know yourself as possessing all qualities is to know yourself as a Unified-Diversity.

No experience, no life, no person, no thing is singular. You are infinite-consciousness wearing goggles that create both time and space.

enjoy YOUR perception of time.

enjoy YOUR perception of space.

enjoy your choice to experience yourself as physical. That is why you have chosen to perceive in the way you do. This is how you create yourself through perception.

The Physical Versus the Non-Physical

“I choose to experience the equality of the non-physical and the physical and thereby the equality of my spirit and human self.”

death and awakening are the same in that they both are an opening to the wider state of reality. Awakening is experienced through realizations that cause the meaning of everything to change—and yet, outwardly, the world continues in the same way it always has. In just the same way our transformation in perception at death is both profound and revelatory—and yet, what you are at the most essential level (your spirit) remains the same. Although what outwardly defines you in this reality has no overt presence in the non-physical, what you most essentially are continues.

Just as our non-physical self continues beyond our physical death, so too the spirit of division continues. Division as we perceive it does not exist within the perception of the unified consciousness—because it requires polarized perception. However, in just the same way that our mortal form is a translation of our spirit, so the experience of division is equally a translation of ‘something’. When we die, just as we come to directly experience our spiritinstead of experiencing it as a translation—so we also come to directly experience what it is that division is a translation of. Our physical reality is not completely different from our spiritual reality—it is an alternate translation of it.

death is a change of perspective. When we die, what we essentially are continues. We are just expressed through a different perceptionand projectionof reality. Although death is the release of our outer circumstances, there is nothing that we have been exploring that is ‘escaped’. If you have always felt the need to escape then you will continue to experience what this need was reflecting after death because it will be expressed within your intentionformed in the non-physicalfor this physical life.

What you are within physicality is the physical expression and translation of what you are in spirit. You can step out of your physical expression, but you remain what you are—just not expressed in physical form. This is the realization of the equality of life and death, the physical and the non-physical, and the mortal and the immortal. It is the teaching as above, so below.

The human reality and the non-physical are not as different as we believe because they are both reflections of The-One-Self. However, even though ‘above’ is not better than ‘below’, to awaken to its existence is one of the most incredible experiences within creation.


The separation we perceive between the non-physical (the reality of our eternal-spirit) and the physical (the reality of our mortal-body) is an illusion. To awaken to our spirit is to awaken to our nature beyond the physical, but that is not a denunciation of the physical. Once you have awoken to your wider nature, you will realize the way in which your physicality is as one with your spirit. And in deathwhen you step from the expression of your bodyyou will experience the choice of your spiritthe one-consciousnessfor this physical life.

At a collective level we have a deep-seated need for our physical death to be the end of all pain and resistance. Many people are attached to the idea that the afterlife is a utopia—the entering of which will instantly resolve all our struggles and leave us wanting for nothing. This belief is a comfort blanket that has arisen out of a need to sooth our mind from the mental challenges it faces in finding meaning to align with (particularly in a reality created by polarized perception).

The illusion of reality is a translation of something we each come to directly experience at death—instead of indirectly experiencing it through the translation of a human life. Beneath the many diverse hopes we have for the afterlife is the shared idea that when we die and leave our physical form, everything will change. However, just as the rainbow is a translation of The-One-Self into color, so the human body is a translation of The-One-Self into separation. So even though what we call color and separation are not perceptible from within the unified-state of consciousness, they are still a translation of something that does exist within the non-physical.

This points to what continues beyond death within you—that which we call ‘our spirit’. Therefore, even though every outer thing does change at death—the experience of everything changeswe each also experience the level at which nothing changes. This is because all those outer things are diverse translations of the same non-physical thing—our spirit—that continues to exist regardless of whether or not we are embodied. The ideas that nothing changes and everything changes therefore both contain truth—because they are describing the reflection and the reflected.


The purpose of being human is not to ‘fix’ its divided nature (consciousness and physicality). The purpose of being human is to experience being human. However, reunifying this divided perception is an incredible journey of awakening that occurs through remembering the wider state of existence.

The human experience of physicality being felt to be confining is a product of self-limiting beliefs—not a quality of physicality itself. Physicality is not inherently limiting—it is a tool of expression just like any artistic, creative medium.

No matter how awakened, enlightened, or spiritual a ‘non-physical being of lightmay seem to be, when they are perceived through the lens of physicality they are perceived to have a physical form. It is neither inferior or superior to perceive physical form or to be perceived to be within it—it is simply a choice of experience.

Your consciousness is not here to overcome, conquer, or transcend physicality. Physicality is not a mistake to be undone.

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