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How Fear Distorts Perspective

Overcoming your fears is about realizing that what you have come to fear inside of yourselfyour fear-based thoughts—are not fully founded in reality. If you face the reality you fear, then you will come to understand the ways in which your fear-based beliefs were creating an imbalanced perspective. This process of seeing through the lie within your fears is what most people initially experience when they face their fears. However, facing your fears is not only about realizing the ways in which they are not true.

To step out of polarized perception is to become aware that all things—regardless of what we call their intrinsic qualities—can be viewed from both positive and negative perspectives. Fear is where we have become so consumed by the negative perspective that we no longer focus on the positive perspective. Facing a fear is not therefore about the positive perspective negating the negative perspective (which would be the belief that you were wrong to view it from the negative, but now are rightto be viewing it from the positive). It is about seeing that both perspectives contain the equal potential for awareness and blindness because both perspectives are limited when compared to the full spectrum joint-perspective (that includes both the positive and negative vantage points / reflections).

This full spectrum perspectivewhich is analogous to the infinite-perspective or your spirit—is not therefore about realizing that your fears about yourself are completely untrue. It is about realizing that these fears represent a partial state of truth. What you fear is within you is potentially within you, but it is not what you are unless you choose to exclusively focus upon it (and, even then, it is only what you are for the duration of that focus). All that you fear is a part of your potential and it is not wrong or a mistake to consciously explore that potential (or to have chosen to be unconsciously possessed by that fear).

If you want to be free then your freedom to be must include all things—otherwise it is not freedom. Beyond what you choose to fearand beyond what you choose to loveis the vastness and the beauty of the choice to be anything. This is what freedom-consciousness is and it is what we each essentially are in the heart of our being, no matter what form we inhabit.

Fear and Focus

focus is the choice about what, out of everything in existence, you wish to be most aware of. Focus is the intended response of an individuated self to a differentiated environment. Fear is an extension of the act of focus that further evolves the perception of differentiation within a reality.

fear inverts the positive feeling desire to focus on what most excites you and turns it into a negative feeling, fear-based desire to avoid whatever it is you identify as being most opposed to you. To separate something from you in this way requires you to suppress your knowing of connection by making that knowing unconsciousness. This then creates a space for something unknown upon which fear-based ideas can be projected. All such projections are reflections of a way in which you fear yourself.

For example, the fear of death is birthed through creating ignorance (unconsciousness) around death, thereby transforming it into a point of blindness (unknown) onto which a fear-based idea that death is a mistake is projected. The fact that we tend to fear death is evidence that we do not understand it. When seen clearly, death is understood to be no more than the self-chosen process that marks our desire to change form.

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