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You Are Not Your Pain

The quickest, simplest, and most effective way to make your reality feel better, is to view it from a positive feeling perspective—rather than a negative feeling one. Though this technique is simple to understand, it is not simple to implement because you must face the part of your belief-system that has been trained to be ‘a realist’—rather than a creator.

A shift to positively-orientated perception, when undertaken by a person who has consistently lived within a negative-orientation, is a life-changing experience because it represents a journey of redefining most of what you have experienced yourself to be.

logic tells us that changing the orientation of our perspective does not change our outer reality, only our perception of it. It tells us that to focus less on the negative viewpoint is a state of denial—rather than empowerment. This is indeed logical to someone who lives within the scientific-framework, but this is an understanding of reality that continues to deny how the expectation of the observer alters the objective measurement of reality.

Only you can prove this to yourself by challenging the validity of ‘the realist’ within you by being open to the magic that unfolds when you shift to a more positive focus (the termmagic here being the name for what we have yet to intellectually understand).

You are not your pain. Your pain is a part of your exploration of self. However, because what you fundamentally are is freeand not in pain—your pain can be resolved through your journey to be All-That-You-Are. This painincluding the journey of its resolution—is not some by-product of your spiritual exploration. It is your spiritual exploration.

Through this understanding, you will transform your relationship with pain. Therefore, instead of seeing it as a mistakeor sign that you are failing—see it as a wise choice you are making from the level of your spirit. It is amazing how much less pain you will feel by going through the process of accepting your pain—instead of constantly battling to be free of it (which is to say, separate from it).

Face Your Pain

“I choose to feel any pain I carry so I may release the experience of love that it denies me.”

To conditionally love is to contain unexpressed love because you are the love of your spirit, felt without condition or limitation. Through this perspective see how all pain is love unexpressed—the denial of love inside of you.

Unless you so choose, there is no pain you are destined to live with. However, this is not to imply that pain is wrong or a mistake. It is to say that pain is a choice within experience that, like all experiences, is only arrived at through maintaining a focus on it.

The understanding of pain is not about learning how to never feel it again, it is about understanding the reasons you choose to feel it. If you cannot accept that you have created your own painful experiences then you cannot know yourself as the creator of your experiences.

You can mentally deny you are in pain, but All-That-You-Are is continually expressed into your reality (because reality is a reflection of you as a whole). Any pain within you is fully expressed in every moment. Experience is infinite and eternal. All denial is finite. Therefore, you will eventually meet and face all the pain within you.

The avoidance of pain can only ever be temporary. Even if it is not faced within this particular human life, it will be met at death. It will then be you who chooses to create a new human life through which that wounded element can be explored. This is not a curse or the old idea of karma, it is simply to say that experiencing your life as painful shows that some part of the intention that created your life is not yet resolved.

The more you attempt to deny pain within you, the more you push it into alternate routes of manifestation where you can no longer deny it—such as an imbalance within your physical body. To transform your pain, you must feel it. To feel pain is to travel into its core where you will find a wound—a love denied (because is only through your limitation of the love you are that you can be hurt).

To know unconditional love is to have released / transformed your pain. To know pain is to not know an aspect of the love that you are. Unconditional love is universal—it is unrestricted love for all (which means love that is equally for all).

You are love because your creation was / is an act of love. Know in your heart that you are love to become conscious of when you are choosing to experience pain. Pain is your repression of the love that you are. If you will allow yourself to come to know your pain then you will come to know yourself as love.

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