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Transforming Your Opponents

“I choose to become aware of the obstacles and opponents within my life as choices for experience—rather than as unwanted trials.”

We have developed powerful mental mechanisms to process and deal with the many illusions of this reality—such as the illusion that there is an adversarial force that can stand against us. These mechanisms become identifiable patterns of consciousness and become recognized as aspects of our mortal self. Some of these aspects, such as the part of us that feels it has to either work hard or fight against an opponent to get what it wants, have become deeply ingrained. However, if you are now stepping into freedom-consciousness, these aspects must either transform with your reality or be released.

This transformation takes place by seeing the positive-shadow that is created by having an opponent—such as the evolution of the courageous hero fighting injustice, the wise teacher fighting ignorance, or the loving healer battling disease. These roles have served us well, however, as we come to release ‘the opponent’, these aspects will start to feel their own redundancy. This often creates an unconscious desire within us to give these courageous aspects something to do such that the positive feelings they generate can reinforce our feeling of self-worth. Having an opponent to fight against is not purely negative—it is also a tool for self-definition and a means of self-validation. Overcoming a challenge is a way to feel safe by demonstrating your ability to fend off an attack. It is a way to focus, witness, and recognize your strength at times when you are in doubt of it.

The world without an opponent is not all rosy. Initially your life may even feel quiet and empty because your path is no longer being dictated by your fear-based reaction to external forces. Even with the world of wonderment, opportunity, and freedom that opens up, it is important to recognize that you will, on some level, miss the feeling of fighting to overcome a limitation. Become aware of the aspect of you that craves a spicy drama, a battle to be won, or a foe to vanquish. This is to recognize how what you once hated has in fact always been serving you.

We have always been free because we have always been the one who has chosen our opponents. Our creation of the opponent is the reflection of our creation of the polarized perception upon which the human experience is founded. To see this is to love your opponent as you love yourself, for it is to see how you have created this world together.

Appreciating Your Opponents

The obstacles of this lifetime are not an unfortunate or unavoidable side effect of coming to this kind of space-time, individualized reality. In choosing to enter the human experience you are not trying to rectify some out of control experiment.

You are not here to save the world from any of its shadows or limitations—though you are free to have that experience within yourself. You are not here to resolve its negatively charged perceptions—though you are free to do that within yourself. You are not here out of any sense of commitment, duty, or mission—though you are free to have these mental ideas drive you. You are here because it excites you to experience all that being human is—which includes the many diverse ways in which having a challenging opponent or obstacle to overcome is invigorating.

We are the consciousness that created this experience (both as a whole and at a personal level). Every obstacle you have overcome is of your own design and you chose its exact form with great wisdom. Every opponent you have faced was chosen with great love and care. To recognize this love and wisdom is to see the way in which it is expanding your understanding of not only yourself, but of what consciousness is within an individualized state of polarized perception (the mortal experience). This is to experience the joy of your inevitable expansion which is to know that each and every event in your lifeno matter how difficult—was a moment you wanted to experience.

To see an obstacle or opponent as a chosen journey of expansion is to step from the state of victimhood into the state of conscious creatorship (because victims are still creators, they are just unconscious of it). When you see your difficulties free from the energy of victimhood, much of what was previously experienced as negative is transformed and the joy of seeing how you will handle the situation is revealed.

Hear the message within the choice for your greatest obstacles in order to transform them. Every trial in your life is a journey that you lovingly planned for yourself. See the gifts of your chosen journey and you will see the choice to stand within the empowerment of your creatorship. To know why you have created ‘all that has made it difficult for you to believe you are the creator of your reality is to know both your spirit, mortal self, spirit, and intention for this life.

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