One Consciousness


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”


consciousness is awareness of what is. ‘What is’ is everything in existence, including All-That-Is identified as past, future, perceptual, or imaginary. All consciousness, regardless of whether it is within a collective or individual experience of reality, experiences some form of self (which can be vastly different from our own).

The-One-Self refers to the self that arises from the totality of all consciousness in existence. All existence occurs within its perception. Human existence is the navigation of an individuated focus through the totality of its perception.

The-One-Self = All consciousness = All definitions = All-That-Is = everything in existence = the Tao = source = God*

* God is everything. God includes every concept of God. There is no opposite to God. God is not less than God when it chooses to experience itself as a human.

Example: To say, I am The-One-Self is to say that you know yourself to be that which is everything in existence. It is to know that every person can say, I am The-One-Self.” To know this is to step outside of the personalization and possessiveness of individuality.

One Consciousness Creates All Individuality

All separation is an illusion. What appears as the solidity of the outer world only exists within perception. Perception exists within consciousness. Consciousness is that which is aware of perception and experiences presence through it.

physical matter is created through a perceptual projection that creates the illusion of spatial separation. In just the same way that physical space separates one thing from another, so linear-time is the illusion of temporal separation. Time and space are perceptual projections that create the experience of the outward reality that your experience of self is contained within. They are the primary form of separation used by consciousness to create experiences of individuality (such as being human).

The outer world and your physical body are the perceptual projection of a state of consciousness that is choosing to dream of being a physical, individuated self that is contained within a world of consistent solidity. You witness this ability of your consciousness to create worlds every night when you dream. The waking dream of your life is however governed by rules of persistence and linear consistency that we have chosen to experience while in human form.

consciousness knows itself to not be separate from anything in terms of either time or space. To become an individual therefore requires making the choice to become unconscious of how everything is the unified projection of a single consciousness. This choice for unconsciousness creates an experience of a self that possesses its own a unique perspective and thereby its own unique, unfolding experience of self.

A moment of human perception is an experience of partial-consciousness because it is a slice of the total perception that exists within the unified-consciousness. It is one of an infinite number of ‘momentary’ perceptions that you are sequentially moving through in your creation of a mortal self that lives within linear-time. You are the one-consciousness in human form.

Reflective Beliefs

separation is a perceptual illusion experienced within consciousness.

waking life is a dream with self-imposed consistency.

physical matter & linear-time are forms of separation.

When not within the perception of separationwhich is an illusion—all consciousness experiences itself as one.

The one-consciousness uses the illusion of separation to experience itself as many individuals.

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