No Rules


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

No Rules

“I choose to experience all perceived rules as being personal choices in the moment—and not as eternal universal laws.”

The physical laws which appear to govern your existence do not define you—you define them. Scientists seek to study and reveal the physical laws that underlie the natural world. They seek to uncover how physical reality came to be. In this they usually believe that religion does not contain any truth that would be meaningful in this endeavor. They seek to demonstrate how the divine order’ within the universe is purely mathematical and logical in nature, as they do not believe consciousness could have played any role (due to their belief that consciousness did not exist when the physical universe came into being).

What they do not realize is that they are creating and shaping these physical laws as they discover them. Through the expectation of their belief, which is expressed through the choices with which they create their measuring devices, they predetermine the result of what it is they believe they are objectively measuring. This is despite this being demonstrated by science in the double-slit experiment where if you choose to measure light as a particle, it then acts as a particle and if you choose to measure it as a wave, it then acts as a wave.

reality is a unique projection created by each of us. There is no right or wrong to how you experience it. The methods of the scientist are as valid as that of the overtly spiritual. We each contain all reality and have the ability to intersect our personal realities to create a seamless mass reality. This means that All-That-You-Are is encoded into your reality and the scientist is therefore exploring not only what reality is, but also what they are, through the external manifestation of reality. The scientist is seeking to answer the same primal question as the spiritual explorer. We are all on the journey of know thyself’.

You are not here to discover who you are, as if it were written on some tablet in heaven with you here on a spiritual quest to reveal it. Just like the scientist, you are creating who you are. What you are is what you choose to be and, in exploring states of being, you further come to refine what it is you are choosing to be. Realize this and you will begin to grasp how exciting your freedom is. There are no permanent rules. You are making all the rules up as you go along. You are the creator of your mortal self—not the discoverer of what you already are. Face your fears of the enormity of this realization.

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