Never-Ending Story


“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

The Never-Ending Story (seed text)

The three phases of the human experience cover the circular journey of leaving and then returning to the state of unified-consciousness having travelled through deep individuality. Although you can view the three phases as three linear paths that connect together to make a circle, each phase is actually an eternally-cycling circle of consciousness in and of itself.

The human phase of containment is not a path that is defined by any set time, distance, action, or knowing—it is to enter an eternal world that continually arises anew through the effect of an ever-unfolding cycle (experienced as a back and forth). The human phase will never end, it will never resolve—its invitation to experience the human form exists eternally.

This is the same understanding that as you jump from one harp string—timeline—to another, it is not that the first-string transforms into the second (thereby ceasing to exist as it was). It is that your focus travels from the first string to the second. In just the same way, as you transition to the next human phase, your current phase will continue to exist as it is you—rather than it—that is transforming.

This realization is an incredible freedom because in your desire to experience the new awakening world that you know within your heart to exist, you do not need to make the old world become the new world. You can step from the old to the new at any time, through releasing the confinement of your perception.

This means that the rest of the world is not standing in the way of your personal awakening. You are free to awaken from this realm—an eternal circle of consciousness—and enter the next whenever you choose. This will occur through either through physical deathtemporarily stepping out the circleor transitioning to the next phase—stepping forward to the next realm.

To become conscious of the next phase—but not be entering it—is to firstly process your accumulated fears of not being worthy. With those fears transformed, you will realize that there must be more in the here and now that you want to experience. If you are resonating with this book, then your intention for this lifetime contains a collective-choice to transition with the planet.

The Next Realm?

A realm is an eternal state of consciousness that possesses a level of self-containment created through a never-ending cycle. Countries moving back and forth between liberal and conservative governments is an example of this cycle. When it is understood that the bulb continues to exist in the flower, then the dream of the entire world eventually becoming liberal is seen not to be a dream of a beautiful, mass transformation towards liberalism, but a dream of temporal exclusion through denial (expressed as “The conservatives are nothing to do with who we are now. Let us make them a thing of the past).

When the liberal or conservative desires to change the other to be more like themrather acting to co-exist—they act from the effect of the eternal non-resolving cycle (which is ultimately a seeking of genocide). No side can ever come to replace the other. The idea that it could is the blindness that creates the containment—the containment that creates the cycle.

awakening to the next realm of existence includes many experiences of outer resolution, but it is not a result of them. It comes through stepping out of the superiority and competition that creates the never-ending cycle. This is to actively desire for everyone to co-exist in co-operation, love, and equality through the celebration of all diversity and the desire for all to be as they feel to be.

This is a perceptual shift that cannot be forced. It can only arise out of seeing with eyes of love and equality—which is perception unclouded by fear. You have awakened into the post-human existencethe after-lifemany times. It is not a one-off experience that fixes something.


Each phase of human existence always eventually suggests movement to the next phase, but the timing of that movement is always a personal choice.

Your life at this time is a rarity in how it seeks connection with every life that has led you to stand, perceive, and be, as you are. What you are connects many lives. This is an intention for wider perception that many on the planet are currently choosing to focus.

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