Money is a Feeling


“Ancient Soul for the Modern Heart and Mind.”

Is Your Dream Limited or Infinite?

AKA money is a feeling-not a thing.

We each birth with a dream for our life — a dream that is expressed as an intention to feel and be. This is because our spirit exists within and dream of states of feeling—rather than states of definition.

We birth to feel and be — not to attain or accumulate.

What this means is that none of us birth into this world with an intention based on some state of definition, like earning a certain amount of money (“I will be a billionaire”), attaining a particular high position in society (“I will be president”), or achieving a certain level of fame (“I will have the most people following me on social media). These are all human dreams, which is not to imply they are lesser dreams, but is to recognize them as a different type of dream that is far harder to fulfill (because they are based upon ideas which are inherently limited, hierarchical, and competitive).

“I will be a billionaire.”

The dream of being a billionaire used to be the dream of being a millionaire. The reason it shifted is that enough people have become millionaires to devalue it as an achievement. One day the same will happen with dreaming of being a billionaire. As such, it is a goal that has to be constantly chased because — when seen clearly — it is a dream to be in a certain top percentage (such as the wealthiest 1%) and, as we know, the rich keep getting richer.

It is not that it is wrong to dream of having a certain amount of money, but the realization I want to convey is that your spirit does not dream in this way. It dreams of the feeling of being abundant which is — at its heart— simply the feeling of being free to do whatever you want to do. Having lots of money is certainly one way in which we imagine this kind of freedom but being rich is not the only means of feeling free and abundant.

“I will be president!”

To dream of being president is to dream of a single job that only a very few people, coming from a pool of billions, can hold. It is a competitive dream to be “the one that makes it”. Although a person in this position may want to help their country, it is absurd to believe being president is the only — or even the most effective — way to help your country. To specifically want to be president is to want to be the sole winner of one of the hardest races in the world.

It is notwrong to dream of being president and winning that competition, just as it is not wrong to dream of climbing Mount Everest. It is however a human dream that is based on specific definitions — not a dream of your spirit— and is therefore much more likely to end in an experience of failure.

Where we may dream of fulfilling a specific role, our spirit may instead dream of being a leader who works to bring equality and freedom to everyone. In this dream, every potential role is considered, not only those where power and position are competed for. Dreams that birth from our spirit are dreams that can always be experienced (because they are not based on competing for limited places).

“I will have the most people following me on social media.”

To dream of having the most social media followers is to dream of being the most famous or most popular person in the world. Again, although this is not wrong, it is not how our spirit conceives of reality. Our spirit may dream of being widely loved, being popular, and being surrounded by the feeling of support and validation. In this, don’t let the word “popular” throw you; it does not need to mean “the most” popular. At its heart it is the dream of being surrounded by love and, when seen in this light, the realization is that — like money or a position in society — it does not need to be quantified.

So, it is not a mistake to dream of being “the most” popular, but what is that really about? What is the difference between wanting to be popular and wanting to be “the most” popular? When this is considered, we quickly see that needing to be “the most” popular rather than just being popular and needing to be “the most” powerful leader rather than simply being a powerful leader, comes from a place of insecurity — namely a need for approval.

want versus need.

This position of insecurity can be explored through the feelings associated with the dream. The difference between want and need is a key to understanding whether a person is coming from a desire for a feeling (a want) or an attachment to a particular outcome (a need). So, you would ask: Is it that you simply want to be abundant, or do you need to be a billionaire? Do you want to be a leader, or do you need to be The President? Do you just want to be popular, or do you need to have the most followers in the world?

As spirit we want to explore experiences in human form — this is the intention that sets our birth in motion — but those experiences are all open descriptions of general states of feeling (rather than specific closed descriptions). The beauty of this is that all of your spirit’s dreams can come true. If you will learn to conceive of and focus your intentions for this life to be feeling-based dreams — rather than mental goals — then you are aligning with the potential for success by not setting yourself up to compete for limited resources.

everything you want is a feeling. Let your dreams be states of feeling you want to experience, and not states of definition you need to experience.

“I want a bigger house.”

Let’s look at another example. You may say, “I want a bigger house”. The first thing to do here is to make sure there is no need or attachment underpinning your desire. So, it is okay to say, “I want a bigger house”, but you are setting yourself up for potential failure if that becomes, “I need a bigger house in order to be happy”. To believe that is to be so attached to the bigger house that you are effectively telling reality you refuse to be happy until you get what you want. This is therefore a commitment to NOT being happy.

Next is the realization that what you want isn’t actually a bigger house, it is the feeling of living in a bigger house. Recognizing the difference between these two ideas (the thing and the feeling of that thing) is a powerful key to understanding how the experience of your dreams is far more attainable than you may have imagined. Moving to a bigger house will certainly give you the feeling of living in a bigger house, but it is not the only way it can be felt. For example, changing how you use the rooms in your home, ditching some unnecessarily large furniture, renting a place in a communal art studio, or utilizing a little used loft, yard or roof space could also give you the feeling of having more physical space.

Another good example of this is that I often find when I focus on abundance that I stumble across things I want to buy on sale. In my mind I may have been focusing on the idea of having more money, so I could be free to buy anything, but the realization is that getting the items I had already been imagining— at a price I could afford — is actually the feeling of abundance I was really asking for.
“I want more money.”

These ideas all lead to the realization that even our most generic human dream of “I want more money is still a dream of a feeling. When you dream of having lots of money, you are not really desiring the physical possession of money nor specific numbers on your bank statement. Sure, it may be thrilling when you see your first big bank statement, but — because all feelings are relative— rich people get little joy from thinking about their bank balances. To dream of money is to dream of freedom and that is a feeling.

You don’t want money, you want the feeling of money.

I imagine many of us may respond to the above statement by saying, “I would really like the actual money, thank you very much”. This is an understandable response, but I ask you to move past it by remembering that in transitioning to the idea of money as a feeling— as opposed to “actual money” — I am not saying you cannot manifest your abundance as cold-hard cash, I am suggesting that you remain open to wider possibilities.

This article is not about trying to get you to NOT dream of certain things, or NOT to dream in a certain way. The reason it is important to emphasize this is that I do not want to set up a dilemma, a state of antagonism, or duality within you. This isn’t aboutspiritual dreams of feeling are good and human dreams of definition are bad”. This isn’t about dividing anything up.

The meeting of freedom is the meeting of your own infinite nature. It is therefore about learning more and more of what is possible, rather than learning about what NOT to do or what is impossible. So, I am not asking you to stop doing anything. Instead, I am asking you to start focusing on what you want to feel instead of states of definition you wish to attain or possess because when you explore your feelings, you will automatically find yourself imagining the fulfillment of those feelings through states of definition.

When you dream of the feeling of money, you are naturally going to think of definitions that express being abundant. The secret is to not become attached to any particular definition, but to dream up so many wonderful ideas of how your abundance could be expressed that you can’t choose between them.

So, the idea isn’t to NOT dream of having beautiful things or attaining powerful positions, but to dream of so many wonderful things, and so many incredible roles you could play, that you aren’t attached to any of them in particular. This diversity of definitions then becomes a powerful description of a state of feeling that is felt to exist across them all.

See the dream of feeling that lies in the heart of your many dreams of definition.

It can be hard to express our dreams of feeling because there are only a few feeling words to use, which doesn’t give us a lot of focus upon. For example, I want to feel happy, abundant, joyful, safe, nurtured, supported, and loved — these may be clear descriptions but it’s hard to get excited about them. By using many definitions, we can articulate the feeling in our heart much better than by just polishing one fixed idea. Also, by dreaming up numerous possibilities, we free ourselves from believing that one particular thing must happen in order for us to be happy.

There are infinite routes to a dream of feeling.

“I still want more money!”

If what you want is more money in your life, then I encourage you to meet the feeling of abundance through the realization that you can feel abundant without money — see how this is the same as realizing that it is possible to make your home feel more spacious without buying a new home. This basically means that the best way to attract money into your life is to take the focus off of money as a thing, and instead focus on the feeling of abundance through means other than possessing a pile of money.

There is something you want to feel, and you are calling it money; it does not have to be money, but you are calling it money.

What is it that you really want?

What if you don’t call what you want money?

What do you most want to feel in this life?

True happiness isn’t a reaction - it is the feeling you hold for yourself.

Using the past to experience abundance in the present.

In the last article we looked at how our spirit’s dream for this life is the dream of a feeling rather than any specific definition. This led to the realization that if you are dreaming of having lots of money (which can feel like a thing), you are in fact dreaming of the feeling of abundance.

This can be expressed as:

Your dream is of a feeling — not a thing.

money is a feeling — not a thing.

Through this recognition we are able to let go of the specific, limited “thing” we want, and instead hold a more expansive and inclusive dream by recognizing our dream as any potential that brings the feeling we want. In this there is a feeling of becoming more conscious (more aware) of who we are, by becoming clearer about what it is we want.

SIDE-NOTE: It is significant to notice how we are becoming clearer through the recognition that we are looking for a feeling rather than a “thing”. This is generally not seen as becoming clearer because it is seen as less specific (in terms of definition). We would generally say that knowing exactly what model of sports car you want is clearer than simply knowing you want to feel the freedom of owning a car you love and feel passionate about driving. And yet, in terms of the spiritual core teaching of know thyself, to know you want the feeling of freedom, more than you want a specific car, is to be clearer.

spirituality isn’t about refining clearer and clearer ideas (although that can be fun). It is about being clearer and clearer as to your own state of feeling.

What a person wants will tell you more about them than what they have.

So, for all of us who may dream of “having more money”, the question we have arrived at is: What is the feeling you are really wanting? And the answer is an expression of feeling rather than just the idea of what money is. So, if you are someone who dreams of money, the question is:

What is the feeling you want in your life that you are calling money?

With this move from money as a mental idea to money as a feeling, what I want to do in this article is look at thisidea of money(which we are collectively mesmerized by) such that we can better understand, recognize, and not be mentally dominated by it. When this happens, we can lose our personal sense of identity in the pursuit of it.

In the next article we will be looking at the emotional wounds we carry around money. In order to best approach those memories, I want to start by exploring the positive experiences you have had around money, as these can feed your idea of what money is just as much as your negative experiences.


Let’s start with the good feeling. Take a deep breath, feel your heart and mind open, and allow yourself to remember.

When was a time when you felt particularly good about money? When was the last time you felt abundant or had a windfall? See if you can locate a time that is not just of a single amount of money arriving in your life, but a period where there was a flow of abundance. Remember when money just kept flowing in — almost no matter what you did — the money flowed.

TIP: Don’t worry if you have difficulty coming up with some big abundant experience. Because all experiences are relative, it is only important to come up with your best feeling experience. Even though other people may have grander stories of wealth, everyone’s “most abundant feelings are very similar. This is the realization that our feelings are relative rather than absolute. For example, the day you won a raffle as a child can be just as big a feeling of abundance, wonderment, and “all is well”, as winning the lottery as an adult.

As you bring back these memories, remember to open your heart and feel. Remembering all the details of what happened may help you evoke the feelings from that time — so use that to help you — but the specific details are not what is important here.

remember the feeling — not through the definitions of words — but by opening yourself to feel IT.

TIP: If you are doing this as well as is possible, then you are seeking to have what will feel like a cross-time experience. This is where not just memories come back, but the actual feeling you carried within your body at that time. Because emotions are immediate—instead of conceptual — to truly evoke a past feeling is to feel it in the present. This means it is no longer “in the past which is what gives the feeling of crossing time, where you experience your past self directly, instead of through the memory of it.

To help you in this, ask yourself:

  • What did it open up for you? What did it allow?

  • How were you different in the flow of abundance from how you are now? For example: Did you feel celebratory? Did you blow some money by having a celebration? Then compare. Do you feel celebratory now?

As you focus your most potent experiences of abundance and allow the feelings around them to be evoked, what I want you to most recognize is your ability to create these feelings in your life today.

Your mind may tell you that those feelings were the result of money arriving in your life— and that may well be true — but is it true you can only ever feel that way as a result of money arriving in your life? What do you really believe in your gut (as opposed to what do you think is therightanswer)?

You have the power to feel the good feelings you once felt when receiving money. You can do this even at times when you are not receiving money.

To stand in this realization is to meet any resistance still operating within you to the idea that money is a feeling rather than a thing. Do not blind yourself to what your feeling response is. The correctanswer to the question, “Is your mind saying it doesn’t most want the feeling — no matter how good it is — because the cash would be better?” is for you to be honest and transparent with yourself. This is because we cannot transform the resistance within us that we refuse to recognize.

The reason I highlight this is I believe that many people carry the subconscious idea that they would rather be rich and unhappy than poor and happy. Subconscious meaning: they are not fully conscious they believe this (so they do not go around saying it). If you think this may be true of you, then I encourage you to mentally explore it, as any idea that you would rather be unhappy than happy can only come from powerful, unprocessed wounds.

Every human innately wants to be happy — yet it must be recognized that we each have unique perspectives and experiences of what makes us happy. This is because whatever you want to feel in any particular moment is your current personal definition of what happiness is. What makes one person happy may make another person miserable, so it isn’t that we each want the same kind of happiness, but that we all want to feel good.

Once you have cleared out any resistant thoughts to feeling good not being enough, what I want you to recognize is that this very day — regardless of anything external happening in relation to money— you can choose to focus on evoking the feelings you had at the most abundant time of your life.

You may not have a magic wand that can manifest money and luxury items, but you can always focus on feeling good.

You choose the focus of your feeling. No one can stop you singing and dancing in your heart.

nothing can stop you getting money because money is not a thing. Physical things can be controlled, but money is not a physical thing — it is a feeling. Only you can stop yourself feeling. You are the force in this universe that determines your feeling. You can feel whatever you chose to feel.

Whatever you seek to feel, you have the ability to feel.

All feeling-based dreams can come true.

When you will feel your dream — instead of thinking it — you open yourself to experience the journey of its realization and manifestation. When you allow the feeling of your dream— because you are no longer placing your mental limits and controls on it — then you will start to manifest outward definitions that express that feeling.

This is what some people call the “Catch 22” of manifestation. If you want to be happy, you can’t wait for your bank balance to get big in order to allow yourself to feel good. You must feel good without money in order to manifest the money you believe will make you feel good. All that appears outwardly, not just as money but any physicalized abundance, is the expression into physical matter of the feeling of abundance.

This is expressed in the powerful spiritual analogy of sitting in front of a mirror and waiting for your reflection to smile at you through an idea of “I will smile when something good happens” (AKA “I will be happy when I have money). In this state you are effectively sat there waiting for your reflection to smile at you in order to give yourself permission to smile. The realization finally comes that you are waiting for yourself to smile— which is to realize that the only person you are ever waiting for is yourself.

This is to understand that what we can mentally call some devious “Catch 22” is in fact no more than the realization that the thing you are waiting for is a reflection of yourself.

If you want something to change in reality — like having some money appear — then you must change your feeling for reality.

You must smile at reality for reality to smile at you.

true happiness isn’t a reaction — it is the feeling you hold for yourself.

If you wish to have money in your life, then let go of the things, the pictures, the definitions, and go with the feeling instead. Nothing can stop you feeling. Feel into existence what you want.

Come to know yourself as a master of feeling.

In this article we have looked to our past for positive feeling in order to better aid us in feeling joy in the present. I look forward to continuing this discussion in the next article by looking at the emotional wounding we each hold around money and how, in a similar way, we can use our awareness of it to better aid us in feeling joy today.

The Abundant Transformation . Are You Ready To Feel More?

abundance, the Survival instinct, & the transformation of Your passionate focus

In the last article we used our memory of the most abundant time in our life to focus on what it felt like to be in the feeling of flow. Today we are going to remember the time when you most financially struggled in order to become conscious of any wounding you are carrying in connection with the emotive topic of money. This is important because it is our personal experience of lack which makes our experience of abundance unique. This is because we are inherently abundant so — when embodied— the opposing experience of lack gives the charge of polarized meaning to what we personally come to define as abundance.

Just as we sought to experience the feeling of flow, allowance, and blossoming (as opposed to our memories of definition), I now want you to feel the sense of constriction, and perhaps darkness, that you felt when you most financially struggled. It is important here to recognize that what I am asking you to do is not the usualremember the time in your lifething because I don’t want you to just remember you were unhappy; I want you to remember what that unhappiness felt like. And, as we previously discussed, that can only be done by allowing yourself to feel it. This is therefore about evoking uncomfortable feelings like suffocation, weight on your shoulders, desperation, hopelessness, constriction, depression, anxiety, and darkness.

Because this is about “not having”, it is about the absence of something you want. This is a little unusual because our minds are trained to remember what happened rather than what didn’t happen, what we wanted rather than what we didn’t want, and what we possessed rather than what we didn’t have. To help evoke the feelings of that time, I want you to — if you wish to play along — hold your empty hands together to form a cup in front of you and feel how you have nothing in them. Next remember what it was you most wanted at that difficult time in your life. Do this so you can focus on it as the emptiness in your hands.

What was it you needed? Perhaps money to pay the rent, bills, or for food. Remember the constriction of not having, of being without, of feeling like you had nothing. Remember how your thoughts constantly circled your feeling of lack, asking,how am I going to solve this? Where is the money going to come from? What can I do? who can I ask? will anyone help me?” 
  • Did you feel embarrassed or ashamed?
  • Did you feel you had failed?
  • What did you believe led you to the situation?
  • Were you carrying any regrets or blame?
Just look at and feel the emptiness of having nothing in your hands. Feel the absence, the lack, and the pressure created by that feeling of lack. The feeling of looking for something and not being able to find it. Remember the feeling of powerlessness by feeling it.

feel how you may have reacted to these articles back then — perhaps with anger.

“My hands are empty, and I am in need. Feeling emotions will not solve my problems. I need money — physical money. THAT is what I need. There is no way I will feel good until there is something physical in my hand. I know I have the power to feel — I don’t want that. I want the physical thing and then I’ll feel. Stop telling me I can just feel. I want the physical thing. In this world I need money to feel good.”

feel the emptiness of the space in your hands as the emptiness you felt as a person at that time of struggle and difficulty. Remember the feeling of the things you tried to resolve the situation, but which failed to change it.

What I want you to most feel and remember through this exercise is how all your feelings collectively created this focus on the emptiness and lack — on what you did not have. Our fear-based negative feelings act to make us focus on the problem. This causes us to have fewer positive experiences to help balance out the negative flow of emotions that comes through a focus on lack.

This tendency to focus on what is seen as “most wrongis something that comes from our survival-instinct. This evolved through the “primal” conditions we see in the animal kingdom which we also see today in the instinct to completely focus on whatever is putting you in danger (as the most effective strategy to survive). This isn’t however the best strategy for dealing with financial problems in the modern world.

While it is useful to give regular attention to the conditions of your life — especially when they are causing you to struggle — giving them 100% of your time is highly destructive on an emotional level.

We each have this powerful survival-instinct that comes from a very different time in our history and it should not be underestimated how it personally affects us today. Most people think of the survival-instinct in relation to the fight-or-flight response (which clearly demonstrates its presence within us). When living in the wild, never taking your eyes off a predator until it is out-of-sight and you are safe makes complete sense. This would have been a trait that caused individuals to survive and therefore became common within the human race through natural selection.

What I would like you to see is that everything in your body telling you to focus on a predator is the same feeling and pull of focus, like constantly thinking about a bill you can’t pay, an eviction notice, or your credit card statement. When looking at a demand for money, something inside of us screams that we must resolve this, or it is going to kill us. Early humans did not live in their heads the way we do now; for them to constantly focus on something dangerous outside of them is now, in the modern world, the equivalent of mentally — and thereby perceptively— obsessing about something that is making you feel unsafe (such as your inability to pay your mortgage).

So, going back to the feeling of staring at your empty hands, I want you to realize how that emptiness — that nothingness — was a predator you found yourself unable to take your focus off. Not being able to pay your bills may not seem as emotionally traumatic as being chased by a lion, but the thing about a lion chasing you is it is over quickly (one way or the other). The thing about our modern predators — your bills and taxes — is that they never stop coming at you (even when you have collapsed on the ground). As such, our modern predators are far more relentless than any lion.

This is why to become a master of your feelings is also to become a master of your focus.

See how this relates to the spiritual analogy of sitting in front of the mirror and saying you will smile when your reflection smiles at you. In this scenario to have your survival-instinct kick in is to obsessively focus on how your reflection is NOT smiling. In this state all your thoughts are about the lack of smile because it is the one thing you believe you need to change in order for you to feel happy.

Someone in this kind of obsessive focus will never smile because their negative focus causes them to spiral away from the very thing they are waiting for. If you are always thinking about the lack of smile, then there is nothing for you to smile about. In such an instance, the person— in order to feel better — needs to distract themselves from their negative obsession through the allowance of a positive focus. This causes them to take focus off of the negative thing long enough for a smile to creep in.

If you obsessively look at the evidence that most shows your lack of money, then you cannot have mental room for positive thoughts.

When you are focused on NOT having money, you cannot have positive thoughts about having money. This is why at times of feeling lack it is best to just focus on any positive feeling — no matter what it is about. This then provides some balance to the negative focus. With this balance as a foundation, you can then begin to use your positive associations to remember what having a positive relationship with money is like (which we did in the last article).

This is all the continued unfolding of the realization that money is a feeling that reflects how you feel about yourself.

At times of financial lack, remember that any positive feeling is a feeling of abundance. So, when focusing on a problem isn’t helping shift its negative feeling, give yourself a break — a mental vacation — from that problem. I am not talking about going into denial or brushing something under the carpet; I am talking about consciously choosing to give yourself a break from thinking about the problem for the rest of the day (or maybe a week) and instead choose to focus on something that will make you feel good.

As clear and obvious a strategy as this is, it is important to recognize how rarely we use it because of how powerfully our survival-instinct has come to dominate our thought processes.

Let that settle and digest for a moment. Take a deep breath and clear out the immediate feelings from the past that may still be present within you from the exercise.

If you were able to bring back your past emotions in the present, don’t be surprised if this exercise continues to affect you for a day or two. I encourage you to allow this state of reflection, as through it, you will experience insight into your present experience of lack versus abundance. Some of this will be about seeing that you have evolved how you perceive and react to things, but some of it will be about seeing patterns from your past that are still exerting an influence today.

In closing, I would like to leave you with the idea that if you are asking for money or abundance, then you are asking to feel more. This is not something that people necessarily realize because, having accessed our feelings from our past struggles, the idea of being rich can seem like a liberation from all of those strong, negative emotions. This reflects how we tend to think of negative feelings when we think of powerful feelings (this is like one negative review feeling as powerful as many positive reviews in terms of its ability to affect us).

Consider the idea that emotions aren’t positive or negative — they are all just feelings. While it is true that the feeling of being stuck or imprisoned is an extreme of feeling, so too is allowing yourself to exist fully within the flow of life. The human experience is built on duality. This means that how bad something can feel reflects how good it can feel (and vice versa).

The reason this is important to understand is that when focusing on the feelings within your dream of abundance, I don’t want you to only picture ease, tranquility, and luxury, because they are only a small part of the reality of abundance. To be abundant to is to feel empowered and an empowered person naturally expresses themselves (as opposed to containing or hiding themselves).

The abundant life is as much about excitement and action — which can come with a level of drama — as it is about peace and freedom from financial struggle.

Although we may sometimes feel cursed by the dominance of our emotions, our sense of feeling is the number one thing that attracts us — as spirit — to the human experience. This is why our spirit’s dream is one of feeling rather than definition. Regardless of your personal, human reasons for wanting to be wealthy, your spirit never wants to become abundant so that it can feel less emotional.

The closing exercise I would like to leave you with is to look at your dream of abundance and evolve it to be as powerfully emotional as your times of struggle; not in terms of positive versus negative emotion, but in terms of magnitude of feeling. In this moment, your mind may well be telling you that you want abundance, so you can have a rest from the struggle of life, but there is only so long you will want to rest. There is only so long you can sit on a beach. So, of course you can dream of having a time of rest, calm, and peace where you recover and heal, but I also want you to dream of all the emotional excitement that will follow that time of rest.

abundance is about flow and that means passion.

life is about flow and that means passion.

To dream of abundance is to have a passionate dream.

When you dream of abundance, dream of being as passionate about what you are doing in your life as you felt passionate about changing your experience of lack at your time of greatest struggle.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to realize the perspective from which…

Unless you are as passionate about the positive as you are about the negative, then your spirit will be more interested in the negative — because it loves to feel.

human question: Where is my money?

spirit’s answer: It is in your feeling.

spirit’s question: Are you ready to feel more?

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