“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

There are No Mistakes

Your path refers to the ongoing fulfillment of the feeling-based intention that created your mortal life. This is a path without a strict definition or destination, because there is no end to the ways in which you can fulfill your intention for this life.

Whether or not you currently identify as religious, the human belief in mistakes was founded in religion and its idea of original sin. This is the belief that because we experience pain and suffering in human-form, there must have been some mistake or crime that we committed for which we will be punished until we redeem ourselves. When the guidance of your feelings is followed—rather the mental judgment and division of good versus badyou will discover that all that arises through the following of your heart is valuable. And when that value is felt, no experience can be seen as a mistake.

The fear-based idea that it was a mistake to create a reality that is not based solely on joy has been a defining part of what it is to be human (one that religion embodied and then fostered through its teachings around sin, guilt, and shame).

The idea of correcting a mistake or sin is also the feeling behind the concept of ‘the greater good’. This is where logical, mental arguments are used to justify doing something that feels antagonistic to how we feel as a person (such as, “We must kill them, or they will kill us”). This is not about mental arguments being used to justify something that is ‘morally wrong; it is internal logic being used to justify actions that we do not feel good about (having concluded that we do not have a choice).

This is a clear example of the subjugation of feeling by thought and is the basis of what allows the human experience to be so polarized. This is because it is governed by our mental fears alongside the unifying love of all that innately emerges from the following of feeling (the heart).

Our mind is an incredible creation that makes the human experience possible in how it opens us to unexpected and diverse possibilities. Approach the exploration of this diversity through the understanding that the basis of life is joy. By using your feelings as your primary guidance—which is to embrace allowance and inclusivity—you can find peace in any moment.

Pain is Not a Mistake

freedom is a state of unconditional love. All that hurts is love distorted into a limited-expression. To end pain that you may associate as coming from being in human form is to realize that your human form is not innately painful—even though you are choosing to experience many forms of limitations.

However your pain is manifest, its form has a purpose / message. No particular experience of pain is a predetermined part of any particular human life. However, pain is an aspect of the human experience because of the way in which we use fear to create separation. Fear does not need to be painful but, because of how we designed this reality, it is generally experienced as painful until it is resolved.

This makes the experience of pain an unavoidable part of awakening and a part of having the full human experience—however, there is no particular manifestation of pain that must be experienced. This is to say that if you wish to enter the human experience and follow it through to an awakened state, you will inevitably choose many painful experiences across many lives—and yet, you are completely free in your choice of those lives and what forms those painful experiences will take. This is not to say that pain is inevitable, for no being needs to choose to be human. There are infinite other realities you can choose from.

within embodiment we can feel highly resistant to the idea that we purposefully choose the form of our own pain, and yet, we readily accept that it is not a mistake for a person to choose to focus on becoming excellent at a physical sport through which they will certainly experience physical pain and often risk permanent physical damage.

Through our spiritual journey we often are trying to ‘become something more’ or ‘someone better’. This is a manifestation of our desire to become someone who is not in pain because we tend to see our pain as a symbol of failure or dysfunction. In no longer trying to be someone else—someone who doesn’t know painseek to be who you are having faced and resolved the pain you are carrying. Your pain is not a mistake—it is the shit from which the lotus blooms.

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