Mastery of Focus


“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”


The reality we create is not based on what we mentally want. It manifests through what we focus upon. It does not matter whether you are thinking positively or negatively about something. If you are focused upon it, you are steering towards its manifestation.

The Power of Focus

The principal currency of creation is focus with whatever you focus upon being that which you give life to (regardless of whether that focus is coming from a place of fear or excitement, and regardless of whether that focus is on somethingreal in the outer world or something fantastical in your imagination). You will experience more of whatever you focus on, whether that be in terms of qualities, events, or things.

how this creation through focus then evolves is determined through your allowance of it versus your resistance to it. Both allowance and resistance are a form of focus and therefore feed manifestation. Resistance feeds the manifestation of experiences in which you will further feel your resistance. Allowance feeds the manifestation of harmonious experiences.

If you are resistant to certain qualities (through judging them to be negative), then the perception of those qualities in others will continue to grow within your experience. You cannot therefore create away’ the elements of your reality which you do not like by rejecting them. Whatever it is you resist will continue to exist as long as you feel resistance to it.

To deselect something from your reality, you must first acknowledge yourself as its creator (because this represents the level of acceptance necessary to diffuse the feeling of resistance). What then best leads it to fall into the background of your realitywhere you no longer focus upon it—is the allowance of yourself to be engulfed by your excitement for something else. This understanding is the basis for the powerful teaching, love peace rather than hate war”.

Through becoming vigilant of where your focus is, and whether it is there for a joy-based or fear-based reason, See that the ways in which your life may have been far more fear-based than you realized. It takes time to break ingrained fear-based patterns, but the more you do it the easier it gets and you will the emotional floor of your reality raising when you no longer allow yourself to overly focus on negative feelings. Simply feel what you perceive as negative, accept it is of your own creation, and release it to exist ‘as it will’.

The Mastery of Focus

reality is a fluid reflection of a self that you are evolving. It is not an external, fixed, objective challenge to be outwardly solved (although it is not wrong to approach it that way). To understand this fluidity is to understand there are infinite ways in which your reality can convey the experience of your spirit. This is because what you seek is a feeling and not a specific outward definition; it is not a feeling that can be conveyed in any single static expression.

Ever since ‘the one became ‘the many’, the consciousness that underlies our reality has been within an experience of movement, of blossoming, of change. Once you have found the sweet-spot that is known asbeing yourself’, reality is capable of eternally translating the beauty of this feeling to you through an ever-changing experience of self. We are each an eternal story of change.

As you come to experience yourself as the creator of your reality—than as being contained within it—take the opportunity to look anew at the elements of your life you do not enjoy experiencing. Discover how the things you would like to let go of have been interwoven with your thought patterns and outward routines. To deselect them you must open yourself to changeopen yourself to new patterns (both inward and outward).

You are the master of your own focus. You are the master of your own energy flow. To deselect something, imagine your new state of focus with such joy that it captivates you. In doing this let the way you used to view the world come to feel old to you—leave it in the past.

experience reality as something that arises from your consciousness and not something that you are contained within. Open yourself to experience a level of freedom beyond any you have previously known by perceiving the fluidity of that which has always been experienced to be solid and immutable. And through this, experience the equality of freedom and limitation, the immortal and the mortal, the eternal and the ephemeral, and your spirit and your physical body.

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