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What If All Fear Is An Illusion?

Are You Ready To master Your fears?

fear of each other is a force that not only divides us as people and countries — it divides us internally.

We are each convinced our fears are valid, otherwise we would not choose to live within their confines. But what if your fears are illusions? This article explores this intriguing premise.

The core Principle.

The core premise of what I teach is that consciousness is eternal and unified, and that the separation we experience as individuals is a perceptual illusion. Fear is the name of the repulsive force we created in order to experience separation / differentiation from each other.

fear is not, however, an external force or “thing” that exists in separation from us — it only exists within our perception when we are embodied. Not only does our spirit not experience fear, it is not capable of feeling fear; the deeper realization being — we are each our spirit’s choice to experience fear. This choice is not made from a desire to suffer, it is made from a desire to experience diversity and individuality in relation to a collective.

Therefore, your experience of fear — along with your experience of individuality and diversity — is an illusion which was entered into willingly from the state of consciousness we call “our spirit (which is not separate from what you are).

To experience fear as an illusion rather than a force that controls you, is to become conscious of how it is a choice.

embracing fear As A choice.

fear is the basis for all states that we seek to avoid, label as negative, or that lead us to believe that the non-physical / spirit is a better place to be.

release the illusion of fear and you will awaken from the illusion that there is any curse to being in this world.”

A cornerstone of fear is the belief that there are external forces which have the ability to oppose you. It is a belief in the existence of “my opponent that creates the reality of being opposed.

release the illusion that there is any force which opposes you.

There is no force that opposes you, for you are All-That-Is (eternal-consciousness), and only from within the illusion of separation can you create the illusion of opposing yourself.

No force has ever acted on you other than yourself — for your permission / choice is your expression of self. This means that all experience is by consent / your own creation.

“You create your own reality.” — Seth through Jane Roberts.

To awaken is to discover that your love of the human experience (which is consistently experienced from the level of your spirit, but inconsistently experienced when embodied) is the architect of your own suffering. This is to know you have awoken into a new realization of love and freedom by choosing a path of being separate from your complete realization of creation. This was not a mistake. You read all the small print and understood it.

Do not fear that you made a mistake, or did not know what you were getting into by entering the human form / state of consciousnesses.

There Is nothing To fear.

There is nothing to fear except the illusions we create in order to feel fear. Feel that fear in order to transform those illusions and reveal their gift. Their first gift is not what they are, it is how you transformed your fear-based perception of them into an inclusive love-based perception. With this gift received, you can then receive the gift of their vantage point on life.

know that all experiences of a fear can be transformed by facing that fear, journeying into it, and releasing it. The release occurs when you realize you did not need to fear whatever it is you felt you needed to fear. This is to realize that the power to not be in fear was always with you (just like the power to “go home” was always with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz).

realize that there is nothing to be feared and you will awaken into freedom.

This is to emerge into an experience of Unified-Diversity which is met as the rose without the thorn / reality without suffering / your personal bliss — however you conceive that to be. When you walk through the illusions of your fear, what awaits you on the other side is love, freedom, and joy — that which persists beyond the illusion of fear (or you can equally choose to create and explore new fears).

We often do not realize the ways in which we become attached to our experience of suffering because of how it can come to define us. Without realizing it, we can connect with each other through experiences of suffering rather than experiences of love. It may sound strange to someone deep in suffering, but when you reach the choice to release fear as a part of your self-definition, there can often be resistance.

This is because, inevitably, if you disconnect from your own experience of suffering you will — to some extent — be disconnecting from the “typical” human experience and therefore — to some extent — those within in.
This is an incredible paradox. Because to step further out of fear is to step out of the illusion of separation. And yet, if you remain in embodied form, then to not experience fear as a force of separation is to be separate from the general experience of most of the world.

Give yourself permission to leave suffering through the release of your fears — in doing so you will not be “leaving anyone behind”. The fear of being disconnected from those within suffering is one of the illusions of fear that holds people within its constraints.

You do not need to savethe world from suffering. The best you can do is save yourself from suffering to aid the world in its release of suffering. This is because when you cease to suffer, you will ground that reality further into the mass consciousness. It is then — once you are perceiving from a basis of love rather than fear— that you can be the most effective catalyst by fearlessly being yourself and modeling that state of consciousness.

Connecting With Your spirit.

When embodied, the spiritual path is one of remembering the state of consciousness we call our spirit — the state from which our embodied self emerges. This is to see that, just as the people of this world are not really other (because we are all embodiments of one eternal unified state of consciousness), so too your spirit is not other than what you are.

When you entered into embodiment, all that you forgot about your spirit’s state of consciousness is hidden by but one thing — your fear.

Concepts of the devil, evil, mistakes, and being wrongare all a perceptual trick created through the illusion of fear. Fear has the ability to create the illusion of darkness. That which creates the illusion is light.

You are that light.

We are all light. We are all creators of the illusion. We are all creators of that which we experience as darkness. But fear is not a mistake — it is a fundamental ingredient within the creation of all life experienced through individuality.

It is not wrong to fear, but know that to master your fear is to master your ability to become a conscious creator from within the illusion of individuality.

To understand what the veil of forgetfulness is — the forgetting process we pass through in entering this world in order to be embodied — is to see that it is this forgetting of the spirit’s wider, inclusive state of perception that allows the illusions of fear and separation. Therefore, to release your fear is to to remember your spirit.

This does not mean releasing your fear leads to you remembering your spirit. To release your fear IS to remember your spirit. They are one and the same.

In facing all you fear, you will discover that fulfillment and bliss emerges when your create from a basis of love rather than fear.

The fear Of Letting Go Of Fearing And Just being.

At a deeply conditioned level, we fear letting go of fear because we believe our fear protects us from danger, “evil”, and harm. The frightening qualities of whatever we focus our fear upon are not inherent to what we fear — they are created by our fear of it. This is a paradoxical loop that can only be broken through your courage to not fear.

To let go of fear is to understand that you do not need your fear to protect you. The experience of “I will not fear is the experience of putting down the shields and protections you took on through your fear.

To be without fear is to be within a reality where things do not go wrong. What was once perceived as negative is now felt to be an unexpected twist in the road that will reveal its purpose in time. To be without fear is to be in a playful, spontaneous adventure that you feel safe to fully engage. To be without fear does not mean to be without that edge that drives you. The face of what motivates you will change into one that does not drive through the seeking to escape or avoid the negative.

When you release fear, your leading edge becomes one of passion and excitement instead of fear and pain avoidance.

life beyond fear.

beyond facing your fears, a feeling similar to fear continues to exist, but it is does not contain pain. It is more like:

within this lifetime, you can experience the adventure of living without fear while retaining some memory of what fear, pain, and suffering are. To house both within a single lifetime creates a peak experience of contrast that is birthing a new realization of consciousness from within the human experience. This is why this experience of embodiment is so beloved — despite how intense it can be due to this incredible level of contrast.

We are each a part of the experience of the healing / transformation of the separation that created the illusion through which eternal-consciousness has been exploring itself through the mirror of humanity.

Anything that repels or repulses you is a form of illusion in which you are perceiving a disguised aspect of yourself (because everything is an expression of the one eternal-consciousness). All within your experience which you find distasteful reflects an illusion of separation you are currently within the experience of exploring and transforming.

See the ways in which you have separated yourself from whatever you find distasteful (usually through a belief you are superior to it). This feeling of separation reflects a layer of unconsciousness within you expressed through judgment and a belief in hierarchy.

unconsciousness is experienced as a fear, judgment, or repulsion.

Overcoming fear Is Not A Test You Must Pass.

know that you are not required to awaken from the illusion of fear. Many of those birthing into this world have chosen not to awaken to the illusion of fear for many, many lifetimes. Each life is a completely free and conscious choice we have entered into from a state of pure freedom and bliss.

fear has been the creator of the division / separation / individuality / physicality we have wanted to explore.

Do not fear fear. Do not judge fear. Know that fear is a tool of illusion used in the expansion of consciousness only when it is desired. There is no force that inflicts fear, except the will of a consciousness to experience fear within itself. But can something really be “inflicted” if it can only be willingly chosen? To understand this is to have released the fear that “something went wrong when fear and suffering were created.

fear has simply, yet profoundly, been one of the tools of creation that many are choosing to process and release because we are ready to move to new experiences having explored fear for so long. This is why there is so much fear being released and expressed at the moment. It is not the world going deeper into fear — it is the world processing its fear.

For example, the #MeToo movement is an expression of those who have been abused (predominantly women) releasing their fear of speaking the truth of their experience. It should be seen in this that not only are women releasing their internalized fears, but they are also activating the release of fear within the abusive men who have been in denial (subconscious fear) of how their actions have affected others.

You have chosen to live this life both where and when you are now as you awaken to your spirit with great reason; the reason being the life you are leading. continue to live and engage your life to further understand your choice to be you.

release fear OF your life FROM your life and lovingly create your own adventure of ever-evolving truth / meaning.

The Mastery of Fear

“I choose to not allow what I fear to lead me to not make the choices in life that most excite me.”

Fear is not an external force—it is a feeling of resistance that arises from within us which incorporates a myriad of emotions. Although fear is often triggered by external events, the events themselves are not the cause of the fear—they are external reflections of what you are resistant to (which tells you something about yourself). When seen in this light, the feeling of fear can be met as a powerful signpost to the aspects of realitywhich are mirrors of aspects of yourselftowards which you have resistance.

Because fear is created by unconsciousness, all fear is—at some level—a fear of the unknown. Therefore, instead of approaching it with fear, meet the unknown as a reflection of the aspects of yourself that you have not yet felt ready to meet. The mastery of fear arises from the acceptance that there are no experiences of fear except that which we create for ourselves.

To explore your deepest fears is to explore the most unconscious aspects of yourself. Trust in the chosen face of your fear to approach its resolution from an empowered standpoint. You will know when you have finished exploring it because when you stand in the breadth of your knowing, you will no longer fear it.

To live in fear is to be dominated by that fear in such a way that you find yourself unable to not include it in your focus. To be fearless is not to never feel fearas that is a part of being human)—it is to not be controlled by your fears. This means no longer making fear-based choices by avoiding what you fear or trying to control it. To be fearless is to choose what most excites you without regard for what you fear. Do this through the understanding that the feeling of fear only ever distorts the feeling of guidance that our emotions offer.

Fear not your fear—it is your freedom disguised as mental doubt. This is to see the way in which your fear is your freedomif you are willing to step through the change in perception it represents. Instead of seeing fear as a bad thing’, someone who has mastered fear knows that the sheer strength of a profound fear is an asset of feeling that reflects the potential for you to open to a new reality by stepping through it.

meet your fear to more fully meet yourself. Know thyself to know there is nothing to fear. When you do not fear fear, you will cease to create with it. Walk through your fears to discover why you created them. This will reveal them as carefully crafted gateways of self-empowerment for you to potentially explore in this life.

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