“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

Masks and Facets

“I choose to embrace and explore all facets of my being.”

realize that what you outwardly portray yourself as believing may not be what you really believe: what you consciously say you want, may not be what you really want: how you act may tell a different story than what you say. What this highlights is the disparity between what you are, what you experience yourself to be, and what you try to project outwardly.

These differing experiences within self are not a fault of the human form, they are a part of what it was designed to be. Awareness of these levels is not about dissolving them—as if they were an unwanted problem—it is about making them conscious choices—rather than levels of self-denial / self-fear.

We each play many different roles with a different face for each role. Do not be afraid to look at the disparity across all these faces. By seeing and naming this disparity, you will come to better understand the intention behind your focus for this lifetime (through a stronger feeling of that with which you do and do not resonate). By identifying your different masks you will better see what you have chosen to become within embodiment. Only by being willing to see your masks clearly can you see the unified state of being that lies beneath them.

We are each multi-dimensional beings with many facets. Wearing masks is not wrong. The human form itself is a mask worn by The-One-Self / spirit. Learn to embrace your faceted nature. Realize the difference between wearing a mask out of fear of who you are without it, and wearing a mask to enhance and focus a particular aspect of your being.

Do not fall into believing that ‘to be enlightened is to become one consistent, ultimate state of being. Such a belief is a constraint to your exploration of self. Let yourself experience life in many ways—not in just one way. Your faceted nature is a part of the freedom of your being. Feel free to play different characters in the experience of your life. To realize that we are faceted is to realize that we each have the ability to be anything we wish to be, in any way we wish to be it.

know The-One-Self as a diamond with an infinite number of facets. No one facet is The-One-Self, and yet each facet is an equal projection of the unified whole. A facet is an aspect of a diamond that, although it does possess its own validity, cannot be separated from the whole. Know yourself as an evolving facet of The-One-Self.

Many Masks

one of the most powerful qualities of the spirit is its knowing of connection to all. In this state there is a sharing of knowing that is—in relation to what we are in human form—a state of complete transparency. Therefore, because we think of our spirit as a self which does not wear any masks, we tend to conclude this means that the state of transparency is superior to the state of wearing masks. What this perspective fails to realize is that spirit does wear masks. Every being in creation who is wearing a mask, is spirit wearing a mask. You are not ‘not your spirit when in human form—you are your spirit wearing a human mask.

A negative view of masks is heightened through the realization that as we are now awakening to how our human form is a mask, a part of awakening does include a clear trend of increasing transparency (as a natural result of moving to reflect our spirit more). There is an correlation here to loving peace—rather than hating war. Awakening is about loving transparency—it not about rejecting or judging masks (whether that be in ourselves or in others).

We did not create the human form purely for the purpose of shedding it / awakening from it. To be human is to want to experience at least some level of a mask (otherwise you would not have left the wider-state of consciousness). Awakening is therefore about becoming conscious of the masks you wear such that you may use them in a way that is joyful—rather than fear-based. To do this you must recognize the positive qualities of how masks can help us focus and explore particular aspects of our being (an overt example being an actor’s ability to explore human nature by allowing themselves to wear the mask of a character and improvise scenes).

As you awaken to All-That-You-Are it can be uncomfortable to become aware of just how many ways you hide your feelings behind fronts or masks. When you allow yourself to openly share feelings that you have previously masked, you will also find yourself sharing other joyful qualities that you did not previously ‘let out to play’. To drop your mask is not only to face your fears—it is to better meet the joy within you that previously did not feel safe to come out and play (because you had so many masks operating).

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