Loving Fear


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Loving Fear

We easily allow experience that is in alignment with our story because we feel safe in territory that we know. Through the safety of our knowing we feel in control. However, by already knowing the territory, our experience of it brings little change, because it is a quality of experience that we have already assimilated into what we know ourselves to be. We easily allow familiar experience as it does not threaten to change us. However, one effect of only living in the known and comfortable is to come to live in a story that is our container, rather than an expression of the effortless exploration of our freedom to be / create.

outside of the known of your story, is the unknownexperience that you have not yet allowed into your beingness. What holds these experiences outside of you is your resistance to them. The fabric of resistance creates the boundary walls of our stories. To be in the flow of the unfolding is to freely allow the beingness of whatever is unfolding. To allow the unknown is to allow your spirit to unfold into your conscious awareness.

Your story is the known. Outside of your story is the unknown. The membrane of
your resistance separates these. To let down your resistance is to take down the barrier between you and the unknown. It is to enter the threshold of revelation, where the unknown becomes known—a threshold where inspiration, expansion, and change birth into being.

This is the state of revelatory consciousness through which many of the most profound ideas and art have birthed into our world. The greatest accomplishments of humanity birth from creators freely allowing the unfolding of their beingness in such a way that brings more of our infinite-nature into embodiment. In more routine circumstances, this state of revelation helps to clarify everyday decisions, and inspires you to see ways in which you can unfold your being. It is a state of simplicity, where choices are easily made with clarity from the heart.

This kind of revelatory consciousness sounds like a place we would all like to regularly experience, and yet, it is a state of consciousness that people rarely attain. To enter this state is to stand within the wall you have created between your story and the unknown change that you fear as it is to stand within your resistance to that change. This is the proverbial “jumping off the cliff” feeling where you do not know where you are going to land and you do not know who you will become. At its root, all resistance is fear of change and, at its root, all fear of change is fear of the unknown. Even the primal fear of death is the fear of not knowing what the experience of death will be, not knowing what lies beyond. To come to truly know anything is to come to not fear it. Nothing that is known is feared.

The scope of each of our stories is different. Some people have a wide range of experiences they can engage in, where they remain secure in what they are; others have a narrow range. What both have in common is that the boundaries of the story are defined by resistance. Resistance is the moment when the freedom of your being recoils from an experience out of a fear of what it contains. This is the experience of touching on a limit in your story. In this moment you have the choice to maintain your story and go with your resistance, or you can open your heart and go through the resistance to let the experience in. In doing this, an aspect of the unknown becomes known, what was once resisted becomes allowed, and the freedom of your being unfolds.

Generally we believe that if we are resisting something then it is a useful self-protection. This idea is one of the greatest locks on the cage of a singular story. To believe that all your fears are useful self-protections is to agree with the existence of the bars of your cage. To see this is to realize that you are not only the prisoner of any cage you experience, you are also the jailer. The bars of any and all cages are bars of fear, and you are the determinant of your fear.

To say that you choose your fear is simply to restate that you are the creator of your reality. You are God and, in the acknowledgment of your creatorship, such walls are not needed. This is to trust in yourself not to choose what you do not wish to experience (even if initially it does not appear that way outwardly). You are the architect of your story, and you create the walls that cage you through what you choose to resist.

A wall, barrier, or obstacle in life is simply something that resists you walking through it. In creating your story you build walls where you fear whatever is beyond that point. To build an energetic wall of resistance within you is not wrong or a mistake; it is simply a statement of fear. This is to understand that fear is not wrong; it is that which allows our separation, diversity, and individuality. Beyond your fear, beyond the walls within you, is your unity with life.

To face your fear is to allow yourself to fully feel your fear. This feels like standing directly within the wall of your resistance such that it can disintegrate by you seeing what it is clearly (which is to see that it is a choice to feel fear and judgment). Bringing down the walls of your fear is to redefine the territory of your being and allow it to become an ever-changing, ever-expanding landscape. It is to realize that the walls with which you have defined yourself are not what you are (which is to cease identifying with them).

Though we tend to let our fears define us—by letting them govern our behavior—they are not what we are. You are not your fear. Your fear is a tool you have used to express your chosen definition. You are that which chooses your story / self-definition. You can choose to determine your fears to be valid judgments of what is wrong within reality or you can choose to transform their limited viewpoint (which is to face, feel, and release them).

fear is not a bad thing. It is neither right not wrong; it is a choice to focus your being. This is such a profound and yet subtle point—within its understanding lays a great freedom. Fear is not an external force out in the universe that is trying to hurt you. To be experiencing fear is not a mistake, and it does not need to lead to suffering. Fear is an energetic state that you use in the creation of your beingness. Whereas love is attraction, fear is an attempt to create repulsion / separation. Fear is that which allows a barrier to be created in the free flowing freedom of being that is our eternal-consciousness. It is a tool of definition.

within duality, fear is the opposite of love. As such, fear is as significant in the formation of the experience of this reality as love. This is referring to dualistic love which can be focused, as opposed to universal, unconditional love which is an honoring and acceptance of all life equally. To understand the balance / harmony / unity / equality of life is to realize that you cannot have attraction without the existence of repulsion. Just as fear has been a force with which we have limited our being, so too have we used love as a force to free our being.

To see fear in this light is to see it as a purposeful tool, rather than a ball and chain or a terrible mistake or sin. You have not done anything wrong in limiting your being through fear or choosing to experience mortality. You have done it from a desire to have the unique experience that living within a story gives you. All the walls in your being have served you well and are to be honored. To take down a wall from this understanding is to do it with ease, because you are standing in the recognition of yourself as the creator of that wall. You cannot take down a wall that you see as being a mistake.

To come to face your fears from this empowered standpoint is to do it without suffering, because you are in recognition of your creatorship. To face your fears is not to overcome any devil or force of evil. You are not overcoming anything. You are simply choosing to stop defining yourself with fear (which includes its many forms such as judgment, righteousness, and superiority). To transform your fears is not to forcibly knock down walls—as if they are something separate from you to be cut away—it is to cease to create them by choosing to no longer live within the limits they represent.

To realize you are the creator of your own restrictions is a profound, life-changing key in the realization that you are free. To release your fear is to come to live in an ever-changing landscape that is defined by the love of your heart, rather than the fear of your mind. Learn to love your fears and they will unfold into your freedom.

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