Love Your Body


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Love Your Body

“I choose to experience my body as a chosen expression of my spirit—even if I am experiencing illness.”

Do not see your body as a limitation, for it is not—it is a gift. Your body is only, in any moment, what you believe it to be. If you believe your body is degrading, then so it is. If you believe your body is healthy, then so it is. If you are ill, then realize that illness is not a mistake or fault—it has purpose / message. Feel the purpose and allow the illness to transform your consciousness.

know everything in your reality is a teacher. Hear its message, integrate what it has to tell you, and it will transform.

You cannot disregard your body and expect it to live in a balanced way through the polarization of your mind. Feel your body to be a part of your consciousness. But equally understand that, as with everything in existence, it can also be said to have its own consciousness (a reflection of your own gift of individuality / independence). It is a part of you that has to be loved and integrated—like every other part—if you wish to be All-That-You-Are.

love your body and it will serve you well. Mistreat your body and it will let you know (because you will be mistreating yourself). As with all things, it is a question of finding the personal balance that is right for you—the balance between treating your body well in the physical and loving your body with your spirit. Realize how these are the same thing because they are reflections of each other.

Treat your body like an old car that constantly needs a kick-start, and that is what it will be. Treat your body as an amazing creation of consciousness and that is what it will be. The choice is yours because the choice to start loving anything in your life is always with you. The power to love is yours. Your body is yours to love and nobody else’s.

know that once free of your body—when you leave the experience of physicality at death—you will remember your physical form as a unique and treasured experience. It is therefore glorious to appreciate your body now in this lifetime—rather than waiting until it dies before you realize how amazing it was.

Come to know your body. Love touching your body to love your body. Accept it as a part of your unlimited consciousness. Love it as a powerful, reflective extension of your spirit. Your physical form is meaningful—not an obstacle to be transcended. It is chosen. You chose it with purpose. Discover the purpose of your body by loving it as you desirein your most intimate place of selfto be loved.

The Relationship with your Body

Your physicality is one of the most potent faces of the human experience. Because your body is the most directly identifiable reflection of you (as demonstrated in how we say, “This is MY body”), your relationship with your body is one of the most potent relationships you will ever have.

It is a relationship just as significant as your deepest interpersonal relationship. To see your body as something with its own consciousness with which you are having a relationship is to grant it the love and respect you give to the people you most love in your life. For many, this is to elevate their treatment of their body (because so many people do not love and respect their bodies as they have become disconnected from their love and respect for themselves).

physical illness within the human experience is the result of our exploration of separation through the use of fear-based resistance. As such, illness cannot be said to be a mistake or a wrongness because our choice to create humanity was not a mistake (unless viewed from within its own fear of itself).

This understanding is essential in transforming the energy of an illness because as long as it is viewed as anything other than a valuable and meaningful reflection, the message of the illness cannot be fully heard.

Furthermore, at this time of awakening, many people purposefully take on physical issues in order to transform wider issues of self-love and care. The path of transforming an illness requires a level of stepping out of polarity as you are seeking to love yourself, which will end the illness. And yet, this cannot be achieved by viewing the illness as a mistake that needs to be corrected. You cannot therefore resist (through hate or rage) an illness away. Instead, you must transform your experience of self through love and that is to see yourself free of polarity.

Not all illnesses are meant to be cured. In these instances, the path is one of transforming your relationship with the illness until you come to see why you would have chosen it. In this, the answer is always connected to seeing how the illness—or disability—has come to transform your consciousness in learning to accept it. Just as death is not wrong, a mistake, or to be feared, so the same is also true of illness. Whether you can cure it or not, the path is to love it because it is your choice of experience.

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