Limits and Limitlessness


“Ancient Soul for the Modern Heart and Mind.”

The experience of human freedom is a quality that arises within the experience of making choices. It arises as a contrast to the self-imposed limitations that we have chosen to define our personal and collective human experience through. Being self-imposed, these limitations are in fact empowered choices that are made from a state that is free of such limitations.

Limitation and Limitlessness

“I choose to know myself as a perfect expression of limitlessness.”

remember that the purpose of this reality is to create and be. If you feel there must be a positive direction, then call it ‘coming to freedom through the allowance and following of your feelings which, phrased with the inclusion of the negative, means ‘coming to not choose from fear-based limited beliefs’. This is because choosing the path of freedom from fear is to enter the state of consciousness which is in allowance of All-That-You-Are.

In this, it is important to understand that the mind is not an enemy that your heart is standing in opposition to. Just because choosing from your feelingsrather than your mindwill lead you to experience yourself in freedom, it does not then follow that experiencing ourselves in limitation is wrongorbad’.

At this time of awakening, when we want to see through the illusion of separationrather than go further into it—following our hearts over our minds is in alignment with our intention. This worldand who we experience ourselves to be in it—has only been possible because we had minds with which to create and evolve such incredible contrast and diversity. In the early stages of the human experience we wanted to focus on the concepts of separation that arose within our minds. Even though the mind is no longer the compass to follow, it does not mean our thoughts are not of great value and intrigue.

You became human to realize and express All-That-You-Are. The reward is the realization of the joy which you have encoded in your human form (which is unlocked through the heart). This evolving joy-based journey is experienced in a unique and powerful way when realized from within a reality defined by limitation.

A part of being humana form limited in its perception by design—is coming to appreciate how its limitations create a powerful vantage point from which the self can better comprehend the nature of both joy and freedom. Even in limitation you are a perfect expression of freedom. This is the paradox of how limitation can evolve the experience of freedom.

With this realization, a person is no longer contained by the polarity of freedom versus limitation. This is awakening, and it is to step into a new dimension of being that is—from our current perspective—best described as freedom within limitationalso known as the state of Unified-Diversity.

The Limit of Belief

We each live within the limits of our beliefs. Therefore, to release limiting ideas of how something is possible is to open your mind to possibilities—which is to say realities—that are beyond the limits of your mental comprehension.

The primary limits of reality are not physical and temporal in the way that we think. Space-time reflects us—it is not our jailer. The limits we experience through physical-matter and linear-time reflect the beliefs that form our mortality.

All realities are created through the belief in what they are. We purposefully chose for the human experience to have limits because we wanted to define and differentiate it as an experience. As we have come to evolve our understanding of ourselves, we have reflected this through the manifestation of technologies that are altering the supposed limits of space-time.

For example, we can now talk face-to-face through video with someone on the other side of the planet. This technological space-time evolution reflects our spiritual evolution. It is not separate from it, nor heading in a different direction.

In knowing reality to be a mirror, understand how it reflects love and care for your own well-being such that, whenever you feel forgotten or forsaken ‘by the universe’, you understand that you are meeting the ways in which you have forgotten, or forsaken, your own well-being. Through taking better care of yourself, you are more open to experience love and support from your outer reality.

In accepting that we all created reality to be a mirror (such that we could explore ourselves in externalized form), you have to let go of notions that there is anything external from which you can receive love if you will not first give love to yourself.

This is the same as realizing that no one cansave you’ because there is nothing you need saving from except yourself (because of your own negative, fear-based beliefs about yourself). This is something reality constantly demonstrates to us in each moment such that we can choose our beliefs from our heart-based passions—rather than from the fears that haunt our minds.

Only YOU can start the loving yourself and only then will you allow your reality to love you.

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