Let the shit Hit the Fan


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Let the Shit Hit the Fan

After living with struggle for so long it can be hard to believe that it is not necessary. In fact, the depth to which we believe in the necessity for struggle can cause us to actively resist the state of ease—as if there is something wrong with it (usually through a belief it is ineffective). To allow effortlessness into your life you must face and release your beliefs in the need for struggle which separate you from it. These beliefs are like walls that have held you back from the realization of ease.

The freedom, love, and support of your infinite-nature are always reaching out to you through the motion of the unfolding. To enter this ease is to allow change and that is to let the change you have been resisting into your story. This is the realization that your beliefs about the necessity of struggle have created a resistance within you to your own experience of joy. That denied state of joy is always reaching out to be recognized; it is however disguised as a way in which you could change that you have judged and are therefore resisting. So the best way to create joy is to stop resisting whatever change is unfolding.

As you allow the unfolding into your lifethrough the allowance of yourself to changemany wonderful things will happen through the freedom that your state of allowance represents. However, to begin with, this is unlikely to be your perspective. This is because all the walls of definitionexperienced as self-identification—with which you have defined your story are the creation of resistance to some aspect / quality of life. In short, these walls represent your belief in effort rather than allowance.

allowance is to allow the natural unfolding of life. This is the release of resistance and is therefore much more like lifting your foot from the brake pedal of a car, than it is to press on the accelerator. Walls of resistance are created by braking. This means that to lift your foot from the brakeeven if you aren’t trying to accelerate—is to take down these walls. This is why wonderful things will happen. In taking ceasing to feed these walls of resistance you are birthing great freedom into your reality. However, as mentioned, the initial face of this freedom will most likely be felt as the experience of the shit hitting the fan!

The motion of the unfolding is a motion of change. For as long as you have believed in effort, you have been resisting the unfolding of change. The effort of resistance is most commonly expressed as trying to keep something the same when it is in a natural state of transformation. Within a motion of change, to stay the same takes effort. To change through the unfolding is effortless. To push against the unfolding is to struggle.

This can be seen as being in a boat on a river. If you wish to stay in the same place then you must paddle upstream against the current. If you wish to not change location you must expend effort. To float downstream is to stop paddling. This is to allow change through the release of effort. The unpleasant feeling of struggle is therefore perfect because its feeling of discomfort is the perfect message to convey to let it go. Feeling tired is a way in which your body tells you to rest. Discomfort is not a punishment; it feels uncomfortable to help encourage you to release the resistance that it represents.

The walls with which you have defined and contained yourself apply a rigid framework against the fluidity of your being. When you come to release effort from your life these walls will begin to disintegrate (not through your effort, but through the release of the effort that you were expending to create them). As these walls come down, the change that has been trying to unfold will start to come into your life and that which you have been resisting will come to be.

It takes an endless expenditure of effort to sustain an unchanging story. To try and block the unfolding is to try and dam a river that never ceases to flow; eventually change always emerges. Resistance through attachmentwhere we cling to keep reality a certain waycreates the greatest walls. The pressure that can build up behind these walls can be incredibly strong; this is in proportion to the strength of the resistance.

These barricaded areas can be seen to be our shit (meaning our deepest issues, our most painful wounds, our shame, our guilt, and our fears). Everyone has shit. Everyone shits. Shit inevitably happens. shit is that which we seek to deny about ourselves; it is what we are ashamed of. Our shit is the areas of our being we most avoid, believing that the pain there is somehow permanent or intrinsic to us. Our shit is pain that we have internalized (self-identified with).

shame and guilt arise when we internalize a painful event by regretting it. To lament or regret an event is to reject it. Shit is internalized self-rejection which is experienced as self-loathing. It is to believe that a pain we are carrying is unalterable. It is to be resigned to live in pain. We carry our pain locked away in the closets of our being, and we often end up expending huge amounts of energy through our avoidance of acknowledging it. Maintaining our shit takes a lot of work. To awaken is to release this effort and face your shit.

When you embark upon the journey of releasing effort you will naturally begin with the less intense areas of resistance such that you can gradually release the change of the unfolding into your life. As you start to feel safe, the strength of the resistances that you are ready to release will increase. Eventually, if you remain in a state of fearless allowance, your deepest shit will surface. That which you have been trying to prevent happening in your life may or may not happen but, either way, you will free yourself from the fear of it happening. Those things you have been working so hard to avoid will emerge into your reality for resolution. To allow this level of change is to face your fear and allow the experience of the shit hitting the fan.

one example of this would be people leaving your life. These would be people who you have been trying to hold onto when your relationship with them has run its course. Huge amounts of effort can go into denying a relationship is over, or in trying to prevent another person leaving. This is a form of control that arises from the fear of losing them. One of the qualities of change is both the birth and death of relationships in your life. You cannot only birth relationships. As with all things, that which has run its course must be let go of in order to birth what is new, fresh, and exciting. The fear of not knowing what lies beyond the passing of a relationship keeps us locked in patterns which no longer serve us.

To realize your unity is to realize that nothing really dies. From the level of your spirit there is no finality. Though a relationship may end, we can dance that dance again as many times as we wish. Enjoy the dance, but allow the faces to change. Do not attach your identity to other people. You do not need to be attached to them to share in their beauty. Share through love, rather than attachment.

attachment to a relationship can occur at many levels. It can be present in trying to keep a business afloat that is ready to be closed or it can be in keeping someone alive in their sickness when they are ready to die. It is common for terminally ill people to stay alive for their loved ones when really they want to let go. In doing this they allow the needs and dependencies of others to dictate their life (instead of following their heart). You are never helping anyone when you do not follow your heart as it is to feed the attachmentand therefore dependence—of others through your own co-dependence. Co-dependence is to seek to stay in a static co-created pattern out of a fear of what will happen if that pattern is released.

To let the shit hit the fan is to face your fear. To some extent the experience will be the manifestation of your fear. Do not however fall into believing that this means it needs to be painful. You will have the choice to be able to perceive it as pain and there will be a sense of loss. However, fundamentally, it will be the loss of the walls that have contained you and, if you can allow yourself to meet the experience in this light, then the experience will be one of liberation.

liberation is the experience of your spirit further birthing All That It Is into your conscious incarnate being. Within it you will find what you have been looking for. You will discover that all the effort that you put into your walls was in fact holding from you everything that you have ever wanted. Beyond what you have been trying to prevent happening you will discover what you have wanted to happen. That which you seek is contained within that which you fear. Or, put another way, in your deepest shit you will find your greatest treasure.

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