Let Your creation Be


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Let Your Creation Be

You are the unfolding of creation. Within every seed is the energy and motion of its own unfolding. A seed does not need to work to become a flower; it simply allows itself to be, and it becomes a flower. Though you have the ability to engage in the wonders of active creation, you are like the seed in that you already contain a complete and wonderful journey of unfolding.

There is nothing that you need to create or change to experience your intention for this life. When you birthed into this reality you created everything you will ever need. The sun and water that a seed uses are provided to it freely, impartially, and without restriction. Similarly, you are surrounded by a limitless potential of energy that is available to you through your unfolding. You are the creator of your own unfolding. You are free to create to your heart’s content, but there is nothing more you need to create in order to find fulfillment.

one aspect of entering the illusion of separation from our spirit is how we lost touch with our feeling of completeness—the realization we already possess everything we will ever need. We have lost our sense of being whole and instead have come to see both the world and ourselves as separate, finite, and limited. The illusion of lack birthed from this idea of finiteness, and we entered the belief that we needed to work hard and struggle in order to survive. The story of being cast out from the Garden of Eden represents our forgetting that we are surrounded by all the sustenance we will ever need. This was the entering of the illusion of lack. Though we became blind to our abundance, we have never left the nurturance of the universe. Abundance surrounds us—open your heart to see and feel it.

From the illusion of finiteness came the belief in finality. In entering the illusion that we could die so we birthed the drive to live—the survival-instinct. The loss of the unity between our self and our reality became solidified by seeing reality as separate and indifferent, instead of being a fluid nurturing reflection of our own love. Our fear of death became reflected in external reality becoming an obstacle. It was through making reality an opponent to our creative nature that we entered the relentless cycle of struggling to survive.

The struggle for survival is now reflected in the belief that we must constantly work in order to stay afloat (whether that be financially, emotional, mentally, or physically). We fear that unless we are putting in a continual stream of effort then other people will move ahead of us, and what we have built will fall apart. It is as if we see ourselves as continually treading water, believing if we stop kicking our legs then we will drown.

This is to be blind to the natural uplifting motion of the unfolding. To feel the unfolding is to know if you just stop kicking your legs for long enough then you will realize that you have the ability to effortlessly float. To feel your spirit is to feel the undercurrent of support and loveas opposed to chaos and deterioration—which underpins your life. To feel the motion of the unfolding is to feel the love of God—the love of spirit for your incarnate being.

Our effortthe very thing that we believe keeps us afloat—is in fact the very thing that pulls us down. Through the power of our belief in our need to struggle we have become blind to the innate ease of life and magical potentials that exist within it. The belief that we must kick our legs to stay afloat creates the very feeling of being pulled down we are kicking against. This is an example of how limiting beliefs can quickly become a cage, because if you stop kicking you will—if it is your firm belief—initially sink. Therefore, even though the innate nature of reality is for you to float, a belief in the reality of sinking will override this.

The belief that your natural state is to sink is a form of resistance to the idea that life can be effortless. All fears are forms of resistance to the realization of your infinite-nature. We worked hard to create our individuality. We created powerful “self-containing” beliefs to maintain our sense of self in the face of the unfolding. This was not a mistake.

The belief that you will sink without effort is / was an amazing tool of creation. Through it we formed a unique type of reality where we have realized and explored amazing levels of individuality. It is only now, if you desire to return to the experience of your unity, if you desire to know the feeling of your spirit through your heart, that this kind of limiting belief is felt as being a cage. But, even the realization of how we have limited ourselves is not a bad thing because you can now have the amazing experience of transforming or “breaking out of” the cage of that belief. To have believed all your life that you needed to struggle, and to now discover that life can be easy, is an exhilarating experience. Enjoy it. Enjoy it to realize it.

The idea that you do not need to struggle in order to create is a fundamental shift of consciousness. It is to change a cornerstone of your story. To switch from effortful creation to effortless creation is to reevaluate your very way of being. So now, if you feel ready and your heart resonates, here is an exercise to face your fear, challenge your resistance, and thereby disperse any beliefs you may be carrying that feed into the idea that life is difficult. This exercise is as profound as it is simple; it is to stop seeking to change your reality. Let go of effort by choosing to stop seeking to actively create.

This exercise is not something that is going to take effort; it is going to take the release of effort (and that in itself is to be effortless). This is an exercise in letting go—letting go of control. To release struggle is to face the fear that your belief in the need for struggle has been founded on. It is to open yourself to change one of your most foundational beliefs about what reality is, and about what and where the self that you experience are.

As with all life, this will be an unfolding process. Over time you will gradually come to see areas where you can make the choice to stop struggling against reality, and instead accept it as it is. Realize that in accepting something, this does not prevent it changing through its own unfolding. You do not need to will things to change in order for them to change. All things are naturally in a state of change. As you allow yourself to unfold, you will go deeper into the subtle ways in which you have been pushing against life through seeking to change it. By choosing to allow life, instead of disputing it, the fears from which you were previously acting to change reality will be revealed.

Through allowance you will come to see the distinction between effort and courage (because to cease to struggle is to confront the fear that you will sink). To allow yourself to go under the water is to allow yourself to face unknown change; it is to face the unknown inside of your being. This is the allowance of the emergence of your spirit / infinite-self into your conscious awareness.

Have the courage to be you. Let go of struggle and its associated feeling of sinking; it has served its purpose. Allow your love and appreciation for what you are to elevate your feeling of self. Allow that which will make you float. Allow that which supports you. The courage to go under the water is the motion to float. Face your belief that you will sink in order to experience floating.

The message here is that living­—which is the eternal act of creation—can be effortless. One of the best ways to shift from the energy of the struggle for survival to the realization of ease is to stop creating. In doing this you will be allowing yourself to experience the love and support of the unfolding. This is the realization that “the universe / reality / God wishes to lift you up, rather than pull you down. It is within this nurturing energy that survival fears can be let go of and then, when you feel ready, you can return to proactively creating if you wish.

return to this exercise of not seeking to change your reality regularly as a reminder that life is not a test you must struggle to pass. One amazing thing you will discover is that the experience of your seed blossoming in the love of the unfolding is so effortless that you will not be in any rush to return to proactive creation. You will have to stretch your imagination to imagine a reality that is more succulent than the events of your innate unfolding. Joy is not something you have to work for. If you so choose, joy is what you are.

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