Know That You Know


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Know that you Know

“I choose to view reality through clarity—rather than personal agenda.”

To know anything you must know it as being of yourself, for to know anything is to know it is of The-One-Self. To wake up to the nature of reality is to come to know that you know whatever it is that you want to know. Access your power to know by allowing the feeling of knowing that you know.

Although we cannot house all knowing in our embodied form, we do each have access to omnipotence. This means that you can know anything that you will allow yourself to know. And yet—without contradicting that infinite freedomyou will find that if the intention behind what you want to know is an attempt to violate another person, then you cannot know because ‘to know’, you must stand in your own power. This shows the importance of intention coming from the heart that knows all as one—rather than the mind which can seek to polarize and divide your experience.

creation is a heart-centered—not mentalfocus of intention. To access your infinite knowing you cannot be a fight with the world. Your human self is a lens that your spiritThe-One-Self—is looking at a reflection of itself through. Your individuality is a self-defining lens—in our case a human self-defining lens. As you come to know more of yourself, you equally come to know more of the outer-world and your spirit.

In terms of perception, to view something through a tinted lens is the same as projecting the color of that tint onto it. To not know yourself is to not know the world, for you are not able to differentiate yourself from it. That which you do not know as yourself, you transpose onto your perception of reality. You view reality through that which you are denying in yourself. This is the basis of perceptual projection and is something we all do to some extent within human form (no matter how clear you think you are).

The portal to infinite choice is being who you are, and that is to allow the potential for anything to change. To know reality you must know yourself, and you cannot do this if you view yourself through an agenda of what you want to see. To access the power to become any ‘thing’, you must first come to not be afraid to know the ‘thing’ you currently are.

This is the realization that to change any aspect of yourself, you must first know it. And to fully know something is to allow yourself to be it. You must therefore first be what you are in order to become something else.

Through self-awareness and the acceptance of what you currently perceive as limited about yourself, you perceptually transform that limitation back into freedom through the knowing that it was created in freedom. Your life is your perception of life.

“Through self-awareness, you can awaken to the infinite-nature of existence.”

At first, the teaching that ‘you cannot know something that will violate the free-will of another’ seems to imply a limit to our infinite ability to experience. This perception of limitation arises when you are within the belief that your freedom of will is separate from the free-will of others. This state of perception allows for the possibility that you could want something that someone else does not. While this is true from the embodied self’s level of consciousness—which is within an illusion of limitationit is not true at the level of consciousness of your spirit.

My spirit cannot want something different from your spirit because they are both The-One-Self. This is to realize that the experience of unity—which is intrinsic to spirit—applies to the experience of will. Therefore, the collective spirit of humanity carries a singular intention toknow itself’ through the expression of all that The-One-Self is. This unified intention both underlies and informs your personal intention for this life.

Although your mortal self may personally experience a difference of will from someone else, this can only occur through a personally created experience of separation—rather than a fundamental difference of will. This means you can experience the illusion of contradicting the free-will of someone else, but only through the delusion of separation (which is another way of saying ‘through your wounded aspects’).

In an experience of contradiction or violation both parties have the same intention to experience their most wounded-aspects (because they are each spiritual seekers wishing to know themselves). This is an expression of the collective desire to transform the aspects of the mortal self that are contained within an extreme experience of inequality / injustice / polarization / separation.

To understand ourselves as equal creators is to no longer be able to perceive yourself as a victim. Within spiritual-awakening it is not possible to know yourself as the creator of your realitywhich is to know yourself as your spirit—if I believe there is an external force that has power over you. A part of accepting this is coming to see how past trauma have made you the person you are today (because if you love yourself you as you are then you can’t want to change the past that helped form you).

To the eyes of spirit / The-One-Self / God, ALL ARE equal. Victims are not better people than abusers. Victims and abusers are within equally deep experiences of separation from their inner power (just in opposing ways). There is no concept of blame in this—as that is a divisive, polarizing action—just an incredibly deep recognition that we are all equal creators. Blame only ever perpetuates the victim-abuser cycle. Abusers and victims both need love to end their negative, fear-based cycle of interaction.

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