“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

What is Karma?

Although it is true that to be comprehending what awakening is you will have lived many lives and will therefore be carrying the encoded baggage of many lifetimes, do not be then be disempowered by the traditional concept of karma.

karma is a fear-based, religious idea that creates the belief that you cannot escape your past. While it is true that you greatly draw on the experiences of other lives in the creation of your current life (in a way that would seem to honor the idea of karma), there is no force in existence—except yourself—that compels you to resolve events.

Each life is chosen from a state of total freedom, therefore, if you find yourself in repeated experiences across lifetimesor within a lifeknow that you are the one choosing to replay events through your own desire for resolution and self-awareness (and not from any obligations created in your past through some ‘karmic-law’).

As you open yourself to feel a peace within the moment, be aware of an opposing drive to achieve, to complete, to bring to order, to clean, to accomplish, to finish, to resolve, to organize, to refine, and to perfect. Recognize these feelings as all being valuable in your creative endeavors but, in this moment of self-awareness, equally recognize the ways in which they do not allow you to be at peace in the moment.

Thank and appreciate these feelings, as they bring great joy when you are engaging your passion. From this state of appreciation, witness the fearful aspect of yourself that seeks to constantly engage these feelings to become more (even when you would rather be at rest).

Through this observation, see that what most keeps you in the feeling of being in an unending chase is not a passion for more experience, but the fear-based compulsion behind it. This a fearful drive that causes it to manifest as an unrelenting masterthe aspect of control—rather than as a valuable motivator.

Your passion is one of your most valuable assets and the source of your clearest potential contribution. But see how, when you engage it through fear, it ceases to be as joyful. With this knowing, choose to be the master of when you engage your passion and when you allow my self to rest, free from any pressure to act.

Understanding Karma

In being an infinitely free creator of your own reality, you have all the power you could ever need to create anything. To understand that there is only The-One-Self is to realize that if a part of you wants to punish another person then an aspect of you wants to be punished. Even though those two experiences may be across to seemingly separate individuals, your spirit is fully aware that it is the self within both experiences.

karma is not a reward and punishment system for behavior. It is the realization that you play both sides of any drama you create (because The-One-Self plays all roles). There is no experiencepositive or negative—that you can perceive has been inflicted upon you, that you have not inflicted on another.

Whatever you do to others, you will experience as being done to you. There is no idea of retribution in this. It is simply that what we perceive as two separate experiences are in fact two sides of a single experience. This can only be perceived as a limitation by a self that is within a judgmental / divisive experience of its own self-creation.

It can understandably feel appropriate to feel anger at abusers and sympathy for victims. However, no matter how good your intention, this is to engage in and reinforce the abuser-victim polarity. In releasing the feeling of blame in how you react to the world, begin to step out of the fear-based cycle of judgment. This will further focus you upon seeing how you are the sovereign creator of your personal reality (and so are everyone else).

It can be a challenge to interact with loved ones who express themselves as victims because—once you have had this realizationit no longer feels loving to sympathize with their anger or blame (as it entrenches them and you both further within that polarity). To resolve this is to seek to no longer act as a victim but without falling into judging the state of victimhood. To speak against anything is to be a part of it because it is to enforce the perceptual validity of the separation. Therefore choose to radiate your joy and empowerment—rather than speak against the cruelty of abuse or against the victimhood as being self-defeating.

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