Judgment is a Cage


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

Judgment is a Cage

To face a fear is to see that a belief you are carrying is limiting you and is therefore on some level causing you pain. To face and release this fear is to recognize the core belief that was taken on in its formation. The fear and the belief are one. It is as true to say that the fear flows from the belief, as it is to say that the belief is the ideological representation of the fear. To release one is to release the other. The belief, the fear, and all their manifestations such as pain, alienation, separation, and limitation, are all different faces of the cage of a wound. By working to release any one face, so all the others are stimulated and released. The definitions of our stories can become extremely intricate. However the wounds which that complexity masks tend to be rudimentary hurts such as abandonment and shame.

wounds flow from pain. Pain flows from fear. Fear flows from the illusion of separation. Separation is created by resistance. Resistance flows from belief. Only with a belief in separation can you experience something external hurting you. This separation is a product of duality—the polarities of belief with which we divide being. The division of duality separates you from the realization of your wholeness. That which we seek is only ever a reflection of an aspect of our being that we have become separated from. This internal division is a wound. To heal a wound is to see clearly the belief in separation that the wound is founded on; this belief is discovered to be a judgment. A judgmental belief states that one end of a polarity is superior to the other end. Judgmental beliefs cause you to separate from an aspect of your being, because all that you judge is only ever a reflection of an aspect of yourself. All judgments, all hate, is of the self.

To have judgmental beliefs is to give away your power of choice to those judgments. Instead of choosing from your heart, your choices instead come from your judgments. These then dictate how you should act, who you should favor, and what it is you should strive to be. The basis of judgmental beliefs is the belief in the fundamental separation that we call right and wrong, also seen as good and evil. This separation creates righteousness—the moral justification to act with cruelty. Our greatest atrocities have come from the belief in acting for the “greater good”. The belief in right and wrong, more than any other belief, creates the belief in absolutes—such as a belief that a particular action is always wrong. To believe in absolutes is a denial that everything changes. Change is the greatest constant. One of the beautiful aspects of the unfolding is that, in its constant flow of change, all absolute beliefs are eventually released. This frees us from getting stuck indefinitely in any singular belief. It continually moves us towards the realization that we are the creators of our belief.

A judgment is essentially a declaration of separation. It is a rejection of a part of yourself. To judge is to be caught in the illusion of separation, and the perception of that separation as being superior. It is to lose sight of the equality of all being. Judgment is a statement of being in pain. Anyone who expresses prejudice is saying that they are in pain and fear—they are wounded. What they are prejudiced against is a symbol of a part of themselves that they are rejecting. The argument a person gives as to why they are prejudiced reveals in its description the polarities which they are in conflict with.

For example, someone who is homophobic, who believes that being gay is unnatural, is having an issue with an aspect of their own being that they judge as unnatural. This person filters their world view through a polarity of natural-unnatural, with a belief that what they choose to label as unnatural is in some way inferior or defective. Similarly, a homophobic man that focuses his prejudice on effeminacy would most commonly be in rejection of his own feminine energy. This would be someone that judges the feminine to be inferior to the masculine. In both these examples the action is the same; it is to divide the worth of beingness through polarity, by assigning superiority to one end of the scale and inferiority to the other. This is the action of segregation, not only of the external world, but also of the persons own internal beingness. All beingness that is seen as being at the ‘negativeend of the scale is suppressed, an aspect of being is denied validity, and that denial is manifested as limitation. When we judge others, the only person that we limit is ourselves.

To release a judgment is to see the equality of both ends of a polarity. This does not mean that the ends are identical. It is that they are of equal worthequal validity. They are not better or worse than each other, just different. To release judgment, see the pros and cons of both ends. It is to see that in balance there is equality. To be in allowance is to see that:

in some situations the feminine energy will be most effective, and in other situations it will be the masculine.

limitation can produce some wonderful experiences of being. Limitation and is not inferior to freedom.

sometimes the extremes at either end of a polarity are not necessarily the most joyful experience—more is not necessarily better. The middle way often leads to the greatest freedom.

nothing in life is inherently bad. It is our choice of perception that creates this judgment.

if we have wounds, then more money will not resolve them. Our wounds will always be expressed.

superiority is just a way in which we cage ourselves out of fear of intimacy. Inferiority is a cage in just the same way.

you are better than no one, and no one is better than you. You are second to none.

To release judgment is to let go of hierarchy and morality. It is to let go of law and control. Breathe the freedom of equality and truly taste the world for what it is, rather than through your judgment of how you believe it should be. See the world through the eyes of equality and you will see it at its most beautifulas it is.

judgment is a way in which we organize our view of the world, a way of prioritizing what we do and do not want to interact with—where we do and do not feel safe. It is both effective and efficient in preserving a singular, rigid story. Judgment has served us well in our exploration of separation. It has allowed us to create defined groups in which we have explored certain areas of being with great focus. It has allowed us to focus inside of ourselves, through the feeling of safety engendered by identifying with others who share our prejudices. Judgment has been a vessel for exploring alienation, rejection, hatred, bigotry, and elitism. By understanding these we better understand unity, allowance, love, acceptance, and equality. Judgment has done exactly what we asked it to do. It is important to see its validity in the world in order to release it. You cannot release being judgmental while you remain in judgment of it.

The experience of judgment is the meat of resistance. It is the substance that fills the space of separation that resistance creates. Your judgment of reality stands between you and the world. Instead of perceiving directly ‘what is’, you see reality only after you have applied your judgment to it—distorting it with the separatism of your fear. To be free of judgment is to see the equality of being. It is to see reality with clarity, and that is to see yourself with clarity.

Once free of prejudice, you enter a world of choice and preference. Bring your heart to reality so that you can feel life instead of have your mind separate you from it. Cease to judge your own being such that you can freely and fearlessly be whatever you feel to be.

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