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Fear of the world’s reaction to you being yourself is the fear of being judged and condemned. This is therefore, at some level, reflective of a fear of meeting your own judgment and condemnation. Know that as long as you continue to judge yourself—regardless of how loving you are towards othersyou will then also experience a reflection of that judgment out in the world.

Coming to not judge yourself is a journey through your fears and it begins with ceasing to judge yourself for you own self-judgment. Scolding yourself for having negative thoughts will only ever reinforce—and not release—you from that feeling of negativity. Accept that you have done nothing wrong to feel this way about yourself. Accept that your response to your life has been perfectly understandable and has not been lacking.

Cease to judge your own judgments to be released from their fear and associated beliefs in inequality and separation. When you know who and what you are, the judgments of others will have no power to cause you to perceive yourself negatively. If you doubt yourself, then see that the judgments of others are the gift of seeing the embodiment of that doubt, such that you can see, name, and release it.

Through understanding reality to be a mirror, begin the journey of accepting that your anger and frustration at the unconsciousness of this world is your own anger for what you perceive of as your own flaws (because even if you can’t see the world as a reflection of your present self, it is a reflection of the past selves you have been to become what you are now).

This is a difficult process as it is to become conscious of a level of denial through which your have sought to feel separate from the unconsciousness of this world. And, although you may have become conscious of many deep spiritual truths—which remain unconscious to the vast majority of people—there are still many ways in which we all still act unconsciously.

Through recognizing your own personal flavors of unconsciousness so you will gradually transform your negative reaction to the world’s unconsciousness. Don’t do this to try and be ‘a more spiritual person—do it to free yourself from the negative effects you endure through see the world’s unconsciousness through a lens of anger and frustration.


“I choose to experience myself as my only source of judgment.”

To know we are God is to know we are all one-consciousness. To know yourself as God is to know All As God. This is to know there is no potential outside of your that is not also contained within you. You are the miracle of your own beingness. You contain the infinite potential of expression of all that can be imagined.

If you wish to become an embodiment of the dream in your heart, you must step into your power by perceiving yourself as the ultimate creator of your life. Realize that you alone are the architect of your reality and, as such, you are the highest-level judge of what you do. Do not defer your power to choose to any other being (whether physical or non-physical, ancient or newly born). Listen to all that you feel to and then you decide for yourself.

know the only clear judge of any decision is the heart. However, even when you do not follow your heart and fall into suffering, do not then allow that pain to burden you when you re-enter the stream of feeling within you. Have the courage to learn from the experience, but then let it go and be without regret. To live with regret is to be in a limited view of your unlimited self.

There is nothing ‘above’ that judges you. Letting go of self-judgment within your decision making process can only come from your determination to be without judgment. No other force or person can make you take your own power because all power is already within you. There is no higher authority to which you can give this power, unless you choose to create the illusion of it in your mind (for the purpose of limiting / focusing yourself).

This giving away of personal power has been manifested strongly in the idea of the external, patriarchal, judgmental God of religion. This externalization is the externalization of power through self-judgment. Many people judge themselves and, in doing so, externalize their own infinite nature by perceiving it as something separate that exists above them and looks down upon them in judgment.

What you may fear as the judgment of God is reality’s reflection of your judgment of yourself. Stop judging yourself and you will integrate into your human self the wonder you would perceive as being divine. If you love God now, rest assured you will continue to love God. This is the clearer discovery—not the loss—of what religions calls God.

Transforming Judgment

“I choose to know my judgments as being of myself and not of others.”

You choose what you believe. This can be done with or without conscious awareness. To do it unconsciously is to act from your existing beliefs through which you avoidseparate yourself from—anything that causes you pain. This leads to wounds becoming entrenched as beliefs in limitation. However, if you form your beliefs with conscious awarenessaccording to your heart and not mental logic—then you will be drawing from the infinite state of wisdom within you. Only you have the power to act from the consciousness of your heart and not from the unconsciousness inherent in your fear, hurt, and wounds.

With the realization of your power over your beliefs comes the understanding of the redundancy of judgment. To judge another through the projection of a painful feeling is to repeatedly experience the pain the judgment represents across the entire experience of life.

We each live within the feeling of our own judgment. To judge another is to seek to externalize your pain through the illusion it is being carried by someone else. This is not something to reprimand yourself for, it is the way of the reality in which we have chosen to exist. However, beyond judgment is love.

judge, and you will live in a reality of beings that you feel separate from. Love, and you will live in a reality of beings you feel close to. To come to that love is to come to cease to judge yourself. To cease to judge yourself is to see yourself, the world, and their connection, in clarity.

You cannot control whether or not you feel judgment. It is what you then choose to do with that judgment that is the creative choice that steers your life. Use it to more clearly know yourself and you will move into an ever-expanding freedom. Deny your part in it and you will fall further into the maze of living within a reality bounded by externalized pain.

When you judge other people you come to be surrounded by those very people (until you acknowledge the pain they represent lies within you). This is not ‘the universe’ punishing you—it is your reality loving you. It is your spirit creating the potential for you to end your suffering by showing you the pain you are carrying. Your judgments are messages of your unresolved pain. Instead of feeling guilty for any feelings of judgment you may have, use them to free yourself.

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