“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

Jeopardy / Danger

realize the perspective from which life is an ever-evolving story that is constantly creating itself. This could be imagined as the idea that you are in a movie that you are simultaneously directing and watching. What you fundamentally are—consciousnessis as safe within humanity as you are safe from being physically harmed when watching a movie.

There is no jeopardy at the level of your spirit because it understands itself to be the free creator of its own experience. To your spirit, all that you experience as jeopardy is seen to be the result of an illusion (a delusion created by unconsciousness).

In order to not see it negatively, it is important to recognize that as much as you like to feel safe, you also enjoy feeling jeopardy. The enjoyment you derive from experiencing jeopardy is one of the reasons you sometimes choose to go deep into the illusion of being separate from the one-consciousness. Explore the qualities of danger through which you experience joy, such that you may better choose what you want—and do not wantan experience to go into the feeling of jeopardy.

know that you are now, if you desire, exiting the experience of perceiving jeopardy as purely a negative thing. With these words, you are welcomed into reality where you no longer find yourself contained within fear-based experiences of jeopardy. You are consciousness and you are not only safe, you are immortal. Realize the immortality of your consciousness as a potential gateway to the knowing of safety. Realize that nothing external can touch the conscious awareness that you are.

To exit jeopardy is to recognize how your prior fear-based experiences of danger were in fact intensely focused experiences of the fear within your attachments. To be awake is to come to know and take ownership of your attachments. By extension, this is equally to take responsibility for the jeopardy and drama associated with them (which is experienced as the shadow side of the positively-charged focused-intensity of connection created by the attachment).

The Joy of Jeopardy

The human experience is a multi-dimensional illusion which allows your spirit to create the illusion of jeopardy within the experience of a human self. Jeopardy is not a mistake. It is only through a purposeful, intense focus that the experience of jeopardy is created.

jeopardy is not some ‘thorn of this reality’ that needs to be removed. However, through awakening you can alter your relationship with jeopardy such that it is always an empowered choice to consciously experience a feeling of danger, as opposed to being a destabilizing experience that reflects the unconsciousness of your own wider nature.

By becoming conscious of attachments within you that may have previously led you to fear-based experiences of danger, jeopardy instead becomes a strongly focused feeling of excitement that you can get caught up in the illusion of, such that there is an extra edge of intensity and thrill added to the experience. In this, jeopardy can start to carry the positive association of being an extension to the experience of excitement. Jeopardy is therefore not eradicated through the awakening of the spirit’s wider perspective. Instead, the relationship with the illusion of danger is altered such that it is an invigorating—rather than fear-invokingexperience. Therefore, what is let go of is the experience of jeopardy as an extension of fear.

Roller-coaster rides are an example of jeopardy being used to extend the feeling of excitement. These kinds of rides are thrilling because the feeling of jeopardy is powerfully associated with the feeling of fear (this association is therefore triggered). This is how, even though the brain logically knows that roller-coasters are relatively safe, there is still an intensely real sense of danger felt during the ride.

With an awakened consciousness, you have the power to disarm any fear-based illusion of danger, while still maintaining the choice to consciously allow yourself to ‘get caught up in’ exciting joy-based illusions of danger which are experienced as temporary (which is to say, ‘of the momentinstead of ‘of the self).

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