Invitation to Freedom


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

Invitation to Freedom

This is a transcription of a spoken introduction to my work from 2013 that includes a range introductory concepts.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Story Waters. I am a spiritual author, channeler and mystic; by which I simply mean I connect into the wider reality, the spiritual reality, and I bring information, messages, energy through. I’ve been channeling since my early twenties and I’ve been doing it for nine years now publicly.

We’ll be going into more depth about what channeling is in the next bridge, but just recently, from the other side’, this grand message came through where they said, “The bridge is complete”. In the context of channeling, when I say ‘they’, I mean the energies (predominantly non-physical) that I connect with and am a part of. They said, “The bridge is complete. All the key concepts are there for anyone who is willing to come and meet these teachings. It is all there to show you how to see through the illusion, to see through to the wider reality, to become conscious creators. So instead of being asleep in this game of Earth, you can wake up and be a conscious creator.”

The message continued, “So now we will begin again. We will access this huge body of channeled material and teach from it. We will use all this material, everything that’s come up, but now really organize it into this crystal clear, step by step: how to do it, how to awaken, how to connect with your spirit, how to connect with the wider reality.”

Even though in one sense this could be seen as beginning again, it really isn’t. What I was shown was a spiral, so it is like we have gone full circle, but now we are going to go around and walk through the teachings, but from this elevated, amplified perspective.

What has built over the nine years has been amazing. Some of the last things we have been doing are about traversing different realities. When you open up to the wider, multi-dimensional, fifth-dimensional reality, you realize that there is not just one Earth, not just one reality. There are infinite versions of Earth, infinite variations of reality, and essentially we are spiritual beings, in physical form, traversing them.

So some of the more advanced stuff at the end of the bridge is concepts and energetic exercises like connecting across time, connecting to other probable realities and connecting to your spiritual family (both physical and non-physical).

So where the teachings lead to is really quite amazing. But what feels so powerful now is to go back to the earlier material, which is more about releasing your wounds, moving into freedom, contacting with your spirit, opening that up, but to come in now armed also with the high level information taught at the end—to bring it all together. The expression they gave was ‘instead of walking the bridge, it is now about being the bridge’. So we are going to walk the bridge so that you can become the bridge. You can be The bridge of consciousness.

And when I say ‘be the bridge’, what I am talking about is connecting from physical to non-physical, from human to divine. Because this great awakening that is occurring is not about ascending and leaving the planet, it is about integrating spirit here. It is about creating heaven on Earth. It is about freedom-consciousness. Being all that you can be here in physical form, which occurs when you begin to see through the illusion and you see that this is all a game—a game that you are choosing.

Myself as a ‘spiritual Teacher’

I am a little bit different from other spiritual teachers; I am a part of the ‘new wave’ of spiritual teachers. I think that what most differentiates me is my directness. There is a lot of love in my teaching, but also when appropriate there is a boot up the ass—lighting a fire under you. Because when it comes to releasing blocks, overcoming fears, stepping-up-to-the-plate, sometimes the most powerful way to do that is to give someone a loving shove, or sometimes to point directly at wounds they may be carrying and name them.

So I can be rather direct, which those who follow my work tend to love. So exploring consciousness with me is a bit more fast-track, but if you can meet those ‘oomph’ energies it is a fantastic ride. I swear quite a lot in channels, but always appropriately, not in an angry way. Sometimes when you are expressing a potent energy, I know it may not always be politically correct, but the best word to describe it might be the f-word. I often talk about invoking the ‘fuck-it clause’ for example, to help people break through the barriers that have been limiting them.

The other side that I think also slightly distinguishes me and this new wave of spiritual teachers, is just sharing my humanity. For me, we are all here in this together; we all have challenges; no one is here in this Zen state, why? Because if you achieve that Zen state you are going to bring in other energies to transform.

We are all transforming energies on this planet. We are all masters at doing that. We are not here as some ‘lesson’. So even if you reach what people call ‘enlightenment’ you would then bring in new challenges. We all love challenges—no exceptions. You wouldn’t have chosen Earth if you didn’t love challenges. So no one is in this true Zen state because, if they attained it, what they would then do is bring on some more energies, some more issues to deal with, to process, to transform.

So when I share my path, I also share my human struggles. I believe that this is important because old-school spiritual teaching often seeks to convey that the teacher’s life is 100% happy, harmonious and joyful. This is not realistic and certainly isn’t the reality that I live in, and to seek to pretend otherwise I personally don’t believe serves the teaching. It is like magazines where you have these ideal humans, all tanned, thin and muscled. It’s not real. It’s not the real world. And I find the same in spiritual teaching.

So a big part of what I do to highlight that the message is about the integration of the human and the divine, is show my humanity. I’ll tell you when I do something and it doesn’t work, or if I’m having a painful situation in my life. I share all this stuff with my audience and I really believe that it enhances the message, gives it a context, and shows that we are all here together transforming these energies. We are all at this cutting edge, and being at the cutting edge means that you face challenges, and that might involve occasionally hitting your head on something. So when that happens with me I let my audience know about it. Basically, if you like your spiritual teachers on a pedestal then understand I will be constantly kicking it away.

The heart of my message

We are going to get more into ‘What is channeling?’ and what I channel, SunSon, later. In this text I mostly want to convey the heart of my teaching—some of the core elements of its message, so that you can best decide if you want to continue on walking and being The bridge of consciousness with me.

The thing that I feel I can most help people with, is connecting to their spirit, and then, from that level, realizing what this reality is. And when you realize what it is, you will come to see that it is a game. And what do you do in a game? What do you do in a playground? You play. Awakening to the game is about moving to this energy of play.

And the thing that I see out in the world that isn’t play, including in my own past, is this desire to be somewhere else—a desire to be somewhere better. Most people in this world are caught in rejecting their present reality, leaving them in a belief that they must struggle for this idealized goal in their head.

Phrased in a nicer way—people have a dream that they want to create. And there is nothing wrong in having a dream, you are meant to have a dream, but the realization is that you can never create a good feeling thing out of a bad feeling thing. So what do you do?

life is continually unfolding, source-consciousness, All-That-Is, is an ever-evolving perfection. That may seem like a paradox. How is it perfection if it is evolving? The answer is in the energy of play. When children play they are just continually unfolding fun. They do not have a plan, or sit there assessing the current moment in relation to the previous moment.

Children aren’t constantly reaching to be somewhere else. The problem is that when you say “I would rather be somewhere else”, you are really making a statement of dissatisfaction about your current reality and the law-of-attraction will mirror that back to you by saying, “And so it is. You are right to be dis-satisfied.”

So how do you enter this state of flow where you have a dream that you want to create, but you aren’t pushing at it and you aren’t in that energy of resistance or frustration or dissatisfaction? Well, it comes from realizing how you are the creator of your reality and that is the heart of what I teach. It is connecting you with your spirit, opening your heart, opening communication, and it is showing you, it is taking you to direct experiences of how you create your reality.

What you are going to come to discover is a way in which you can imagine that all realities all already exist. Therefore your dream, you living your dream, exists somewhere out there in a parallel reality. So instead of having to create it from nothing with effort, it is about bringing yourself to that reality. Learning to create reality is the process of coming to traverse realities to bring yourself to the reality of your dream. This is where the freedom comes. This is where freedom consciousness comes. And you realize that you are the creator of your reality through taking complete self-responsibility—which is why it is challenging. When you have done this, when you know you can traverse realities, when you have had direct experiences of it, and this is what we will be going into, when you come to know that you are a conscious creator and you can traverse realities, there is then no worry about moving, there is no worry about going somewhere, because you know you are free. You know you are free to go anywhere.

So even though you are going somewhere and you are heading towards your dream, you are not doing it from any dissatisfaction with your present reality. And in fact, what you will come to realize is that it is finding the joy in the-Now, finding what is often called appreciation, coming to realize that you are choosing all this, even painful circumstances with great divine wisdom, when you come to see this, then there is nothing to fight against. Without that struggle, this reaching for this future, this trying to get away from the past, it vanishes and you are stood clearly in the moment and you can be what you want to be, and that is being your self, being All-That-You-Are.

This is when you wake up and you begin to traverse reality. You will begin to create reality. You will play—you will play in these energies. And as I say, you will keep bringing challenges to yourself, energies to transform, and this is what I want to convey to everyone. I want you to become conscious creators. I want you to become empowered. I want you to connect with your spirit consciously, to connect with your guides, to experience the wider reality. But instead of trying to escape to it, to use that wider perspective, that freedom consciousness, to free and enhance your life here on Earth. You left there (the non-physical) to come here (the physical), to have this experience. And when you step into conscious creatorship you are going to discover the joy of being, the joy of being here.

The meaning-of-life in 700 Words
So what I thought would be great to start with, because I am going to share a few things, is something I created back in 2007. It is called ‘The meaning-of-life in 700 Words’ and it seemed the perfect thing to really launch bridge 1, because it so sums up the heart of my message, so enjoy:

You are amazing. You are the creation of yourself. You are that which creates. You are the choice to experience existencebeingness. The only limit to what you can be is your self-belief and your imagination. To be born into this reality is to enter a wonderful, shared illusion that grants you complete free-will in the creation of your own personal reality; this is your creatorship. Within the illusion we believe that we are looking at a separate, objective world where we experience self and other; beneath this apparent separation we are unified; we are one.

reality is a mirror of your being. You are creation exploring itself in a space-time mirror. Through what you choose to believe, you create your reality. You change your reality by changing your beliefs about both it and yourself. The eyes with which you look actually shape what you see (this is now shown in quantum physics). Perception is not passive; it is an act of creation. Your choice of perception forms not only how you experience yourself, but your entire reality. Awakening to your creatorship leads your experience of reality to become more fluid and direct. This is to enter conscious creatorship where what you desire is quickly manifest.

The key to conscious creatorship is the allowance of change; the birthing of the unknown into the known. The basis of allowance is acceptance. To change your reality you must first accept it. As long as you reject what you do not like about your reality you are in denial of your creatorship, leaving you feeling stuck. To accept that you are choosing your reality, release attachment to any preconception of how life should be and instead love what is. This comes through the taking of complete responsibility for every element of your reality. This is to love your choice. It is to love yourself. You are the choice of yourself.

release your fear. Fear is fear of the unknown, fear of being limitless. Fear creates limitation. There is a natural, beautiful unfolding to life that can only arise when you let go of the control that arises through fear. To face your fear is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and put down the shields you have used to protect yourself. All shields are a representation of a belief in danger and therefore lead you to the very danger you want them to protect you from. While you are barricaded behind shields (fear) you will never truly feel safe. All that blocks you in life is the manifestation of your fear. The discovery of freedom is the realization that the only force pushing against you is you. You hold the key to any cage you may be in. To cease to judge and control your own being is to release struggle and enter joyful, effortless creation.

You are awakening to your creatorship and the nature of the illusion. This is a natural process and requires no more than fearlessly being yourself. This means opening and following your heart. This is your freedom: believe whatever your heart feels to believe. This is to live in the-Now. It is to awaken to the equality of all beingness and release judgment of both yourself and the world. Ever changing truth is the reflection of the ever unfolding birth of beingness that is life. In this state there is no such thing as ‘The truth’. There is no need of an answer for there is no problem. Just be. There are no limits to what you can be; you are infinite. The joy of this life arises through completely allowing your own being.

within your heart is a dream. The meaning of life is to live that dream. You can only live that dream if you believe you can. Believe in your dream. You are free to be whatever it is you wish to be. You are an embodiment of all creation. The answer to every question you can conceive is within you, for you are both the creator and perceiver of all you experience. Allow your beingness to blossom without limitation or control and you will experience the limitless love and freedom that you are. Namaste.


I hope you enjoyed 700-Words. You will have heard at the end that I used the word ‘Namaste’. There are many ways to translate this, but my favorite is ‘The divinity in me, salutes the divinity in you.’ It is that recognition of the God spark, the one consciousness which we all are. It is the acknowledgment that we are human and divine, that they are not different.

And so much of that message can be summarized as—you create your reality. And I don’t just mean that in terms of within the system of Earth, within the limits of physicality, or within the limits of linear-time. It is saying that we each have our own unique personal reality and what we call the Earth or the Earth game is the collective of all personal realities on it. It is saying that it is not an external, objective world that we share, it is a subjective world.

We’ve created this amazing illusion with our five senses so we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch, to express beingness, to express energy. This is the nature of all realities. It is not saying that they are ‘less than’ to call them an illusion. All realities are an illusion, so you could say illusions are as real as anything. This is what realities are.

freedom-consciousness is the realization that you are infinitely free in what you are creating. Though it is true that in coming to Earth you have taken on a belief-system (a shared belief-system that may contain limits), you chose it, you freely created it.

There are so many levels to this. And I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but freedom consciousness births so much: the freedom of creating your own reality, realizing that you are not limited, realizing that you are choosing to be here, realizing you are not a victim.

Total self-responsibility and victim energy

And at the heart of all that, what it then confronts you with, is then complete, total self-responsibility for what you create in your own life. In the realization that you are completely free in the creation of your reality, there is no room for blame, no room to be a victim, no room to be a martyr. This is why freedom consciousness is so confronting. This is what I will be confronting you with—that you, and only you, are responsible for your own reality.

To some people that level of self-responsibility is a horrifying thing because suddenly they are responsible, but if you are willing to meet that responsibility you will discover your innate freedom. So at first it can feel like there is this price to pay, the price of self-responsibility, but it is a wonderful price because it is freedom. It will give you freedom.

The price of freedom is giving up victim energy. The price of limitlessness is giving up limitation. Are you ready to put down your limited beliefs? This is the cutting edge. This is why it is the cutting edge—this complete, total self-responsibility.

So we are going to go a long way with this. I am going to give you a lot of tools and a lot of perspectives to help you embrace this realization. But I want to tell you now where it is we are going. It can feel an odd concept that we could fear freedom but, to use relationships as a good example, if you are in a bad relationship, if you are in an abusive relationship, if you are just bored, if your relationship has become stagnant, then the energy of freedom (when experienced in relation to where you are energetically) will confront you with ending that relationship.

The realization of complete freedom is discovered when you take away all the excuses, all the conditions of reality that you have used to convince yourself of the compromises you are making (e.g. finances or fear of being alone). When seen in this light it is clear that ending the relationship is a doorway to freedom.

This is such a good example of why people fear freedom because it shows that what is feared is the change that the freedom will bring. We all think that we want freedom, but in reality humanity tends to want consistency and predictability. Yes, people want excitement and thrills, but in a very limited context, and not in a context of really fundamentally changing who they are.

To open to freedom is to open to change, huge change, not just change of how you perceive this world, but change of your very beingness. And this is why to be a pioneer of consciousness in this way is not all love and light and happy clappy. It is facing your wounds, facing your limitations, facing and integrating, transforming your shadowside. It is getting in there with difficult energies on this planet that we have brought here to transform.

This planet is not just some classroom, it is the cutting edge of transformation of energies and only masters come here. This is something we are going to be talking about. You are a master to be here. Freedom is the future. It is the new energy. And inherent in that is the death of the old, is death, is destruction. A part of creation is destruction. The old must go for the new to come in. The past must die for the future to birth.

This is what is happening on this planet at this time, so many people look out and see this destruction and this chaos, and they think that everything is falling apart. This is because the world is waking up, the world is facing its shadow, the world is facing its secrets. It is bringing into consciousness that which it did not want to see—its denial, its victim energy. And this is what we are going to be doing at an individual level. And that is going to feed into the transformation of the whole planet, through this holographic nature, through how we are all connected, how we are all one.

freedom is never ending change. Freedom is fearlessness. Freedom is passion. It is cutting edge stuff. I am full of fire as much as water. I integrate both sides of that polarity—the masculine and the feminine, creation to destruction. This is a world of duality and what I want to teach you, what freedom consciousness will teach you is that within duality there is no best place on the scale, no one thing is better than another.

freedom is to embrace the entire scale. It is to be all of it from light to dark. Don’t be afraid of that word dark, it just means shadow side. There is no force of darkness in the universe. darkness is just where the light isn’t. It is where we have pushed things into unconsciousness / denial. We create the dark with our fear. There is no external source of darkness. That is why you are safe to integrate it all. There is nothing that you are not. You are all that is—you are source consciousness.

In the next couple of Bridges we are going to be looking at a channel and also moving through one of my books ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’ I thought that in this first bridge I would read you the preface to ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’ calledI-Am-Free’. And it is what we have just been talking about. So again, you aren’t meant to get all this now, I am just trying to give you an overview so you can know where you are going, so you can make this choice of whether or not you want to take this journey with me. So this is ‘I am free’ from the book ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’

I am free

freedom is not superior to limitation;
with this realization I am able to choose freedom.

happiness is not superior to suffering;
with this realization I am able to let go of suffering.

abundance is not superior to poverty;
with this realization my abundance flows.

nothing is superior to anything;
with this knowing I step out from
hierarchy, competition, and struggle.

In this state I do not judge life;
therefore I do not feel separate from it.

I am so glad of the diversity in the world;
in its reflection I see my freedom to be.

We are not here to be one;
we are here to be many.

Through seeing that beyond this illusion we are all one,
we free ourselves to be the many.

I am not tied to any singular path to be a certain way.

I am diverse.

I am ever-changing.

I am an explorer of All as truth.

I hope you could feel where that was coming from. It is one of my favorite things that I have ever written and it so strongly points to freedom consciousness because it points to stepping outside of duality. I realize that the statement that happiness is not superior to suffering can be a shocking statement, but what it is pointing you towards is that this duality is an illusion. We enter this world (this duality) from outside of duality, or at least from a much shallower form of duality, and we come into all these polarities of whatever it is—spiritual / unspiritual, fat / thin, intelligent / stupid, beautiful / ugly.

These are a lot of the ones that we tend to get hung up on. And it is the whole system through which we judge and compete. It is the basis of struggle. And there is a line of thinking that there are certain places on these scales that are better, and this then creates this ideal, this ideal person, this ideal description of a person. And then there is this goal to become it, and you judge yourself against it, and you will always be lacking, you will always be lacking against the ideal person, so beautiful, so physically fit, so educated, so intelligent, so artistic, so creative. That is where Hitler was going, this perfect idea of a human being, and that didn’t work out so well.

So it is about putting all that down. To put judgment down you have to put down this duality, this polarity, this saying one thing is better than another—that is just judgment. And then you just live in reaction to life, you just react to life, judging it, judging it against these scales, instead of living in the now, in the joy, in the present, in the flow. It is not flowing to be judging things. So this is what I am saying in this piece and why I wanted to include it in this introductory text.

I am not peddling an ideal here. I am exploring all as truth and the basis of that is the realization of the equality of being. All beingness, all forms of beingness, are equal. Why? Because they are all the one consciousness, source consciousness. We are all that same God spark. I will leave that there for now and I hope, as we go through the Bridges,that the depth you feel in that will just continue to increase as you come to realize the enormity of stepping outside of duality and feel the freedom and the joy of that potential.

I also look forward to continuing to go through the book ‘You Are God. Get Over It!’ in the upcoming Bridges. In the next couple of Bridges we are going to start looking at channeling more, but it didn’t really feel right to do bridge 1 without any more overt channeling. 700-Words and I-Am-Free were both channeled writing, because that is how I started off, by writing. But then I came to speak my channel. So I wanted to leave a bit of that energy as well.

As I was explaining, duality, judgment, that which separates us from life, that separates us from things, is what has created such an amazing depth of individuality on Earth. The Earth game—you will hear me call it a game because you play in a game, and that is one of the realizations of freedom-consciousness. In the Earth game the depth of individuality is pretty much one of the deepest in the entire universe / omni-verse / multi-verse, whatever you want to call it. The depth of the feeling is incredible. The experience of individuality is complete. And what that also means is that we cut ourselves off from our spirit. We forget. We go through this veil of forgetting. And then, with this judgment of duality, we sayI am not you. This is why we are different. I am not that, I am this.”

So in all these different ways in which we come to define ourselves, so much of that is about separating. But channeling is a way to bridge across that. channeling is a way to communicate to other beingness. And here is the thing, this other thing that is a part of freedom-consciousnessand it is not that to embrace freedom-consciousness you must learn to channel, although I strongly advocate it—but the realization is that we are all connected, not just connected on Earth, you are connected to all forms of beingness in all realities. And basically, within the illusion of yourself, the only limitation on that is your belief and what you can imagine.

So any beingness that you can imagine, that you can meet through imagination, that you can conceive; any beingness that you can bring yourself to meet (and that means overcoming your fear of it, it means dropping these beliefs that you are different, that you are separate); anything you can imagine, anything you can bring yourself to meet, you can experience, you can channel, you can bring into beingness in this reality.

And this is through the realization of ‘I-Am’, which is in a way the defining statement of creation, of source consciousness itself. The ‘I-Am’, often expressed asI-am-that-I-am’. But what it is saying is that you are a vessel of beingness and you can meet anything through this realization of ‘I-Am’ and bring it into your vessel and experience yourself as it. And this is what channeling is and this is what I do. Now there are many different forms of channel, and again this is a part of the new wave. I don’t tend to so much channel external entities in a way that I am separate from them. I meet them in this ‘I-Am’. Another way to express that is to say that I enter collective with them. We form a collective and speak from there. That tends to be how I like to do it.

So what I am saying here is that I connect to beingness, energies is another way to think of it, and I vibrate them into being through speech. But the speech is just the surface level. There is all this energy with it. And the more you come to open your heart, the more you are going to feel the energy in my words because we are going to be opening your hearts more and more and for those of you, and this tends to be men, that are stuck in your heads, we are going to take you on a journey down to your heart and this is when you will start directly experiencing energy.

And what I am saying to you is that you will start to realize that the informational level is just that, one level, the surface level, and beneath that is this multi-dimensionality, these energies. And the thing about that is that this allows them to be so much wider, so much more bridging, so connective.

So I am connecting across realities, and I am connecting to energies and I am expressing them into this reality through my voice. And these bridging energies connect things, they open perception up, they remind you of your spirit. And this is what so many people experience with my work. When they get into their hearts, when they open up their energy, when they feel, when they are not afraid to feel, when they open their hearts, not afraid to be hurt, not in fear. When you open your being you will start travelling in these channels.

It is common for a member of my audience at the end of the channel to say, “That was amazing. I have no clue what you talked about, but that was amazing”. This is because they have gone off on a journey and this is what happens. People have this more direct experience with the non-physical, with their own spirit, with their own guides, while listening to channels. So channels work on many different levels and people listen to them again and again and have different experiences.

Another common reaction or bit of feedback is, “I feel like that was just for me.” I’ve even had people say, “I feel like I should apologize to everyone else in the room because that was just for me”. And then multiple people can say that. This is what I mean when I say multi-dimensionality. It has many levels and therefore people take very different things from it. This is again this idea of a bridge. It is not just words, it is so much more. So again, I don’t want us to get ahead of ourselves. There is so much here that we will be going into in more depth, but I really did feel that I wanted to end with a bit of a spoken channel, so again don’t worry if you don’t understand the content. I am inviting you here to feel this.

What I wanted to play you now is something that I recorded recently. It was in a Lightworker interview that I did with Sandie Sedgbeer. So it really was just a few minute demonstration of channeling and that is why I think it is such a good example. I have also included the last couple of minutes of the interview that then rounded off straight after the channel, because again it will convey to you some more of what I am about, and also show that different side that comes out with an audience. So here’s a little mini channel I did in my interview with Sandie.

Lightworker Interview channel

Sandie: If you’re ready let’s have an experience.

story: What I thought I’d slightly do, because I’ve been teaching a channeling course recently, and people really enjoyed this, is as I go in I will try and talk a bit about what I am experiencing. Just as the lead in because it helps people bridge to it and connect. So if you just want to breathe with me for a second.

So I want you all to understand that I am going to lead in because I do not experience it as an on-off thing. Initially I did but now it is like a staircase I walk up and you can walk up this staircase too. So first of all you just want to go into this stream of consciousness, and when you are in this stream of consciousness, as at the moment I’m not channeling from the ‘other side’, I am just entering the flow—the flow of life, the flow that goes through us all. I am not thinking about what I am talking about, I am not thinking about the next sentence, it’s just flowing through and it’s just in that energy of the words and you enter into this state, you can do this speaking, you can do this writing, don’t worry about what you are writing, know that when you are doing this it will feel like you are making it up because the imagination is the bridge. So that is why it feels like you are making it up.

Now as I start to get in this space, and I now start to expand, I feel like a kind of energy bubble and it is expanding and expanding. And initially when I began to channel it was kind of like I was on the edge of the energy bubble, but as it has now evolved, I experience myself as the whole energy bubble. And now that it is expanding and going further and further out. I am now beginning to arrive at this experience, this experience of collective-consciousness.

We are all collectives, we are all open systems, open flowing systems of individuality. Feel this, feel what you are connected to, feel your guides, feel your other lives, these are all on one level experiences of individuality, but feel how they can merge together.

Now the thing that people often don’t get about collective-consciousness is that it is an experience of self. This is such a key to grasp, people expect this ‘other’. Do you know that there is nothing that StorySon has ever channeled that he did not experience as ‘I am’. And this goes all the way to what we call the bridging consciousness, that is the collective-consciousness of Earth. You passed through that state of being, each and every one of you, as you entered the Earth System. And when you leave the Earth System you will pass back out through it. The collective-consciousness of all humanity. You are connected to every being that is.

So understand that and understand that by opening yourself, by integrating ever wider experiences of being, you will be bringing in more and more points of perception, more and more perspectives. And dear ones, do you know, do you know what freedom is? freedom is the multi-perspective. The more perspectives you simultaneously hold the freer you will feel. You will see the freedom in everything.

And where is this all occurring? Where is this great, great awakening occurring? It is occurring in you. You are where this is at. Not this planet, not ‘out there’ but inside, inside you. That forum, that platform, that belief-system, that perception, it is in you. You are where it is at. You are the creators of worlds. You are source-consciousness. You are magic. You are awesome. Feel that. Know that. Be that. And you will be fulfilling everything that you ever came to this planet to do. We thank you for this moment, eternally, of connection. Namaste.

Sandie: If there was one thing that you wanted to leave behind as a message for humanity, what would it be?

story: The expression that just went through my head is ‘You chose to be here, stop whining’.

Sandie: You always cut right to the quick.

story: love this life, or don’t be here.

Sandie: Or don’t be here, yes.

story: No one, nothing, no force in the universe is forcing you to be here. And when you get that, that is when you start playing. That’s when you really start getting what is possible. And it has to come from within. No one can do it for you. No one can. At some point you have to step up to the plate and say, ‘I am’.

Sandie: Do you think we have the ability to achieve that?

story: I know we do. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve tasted it. I don’t stay there permanently. I am still on my own journey. But it is there and when you get it, when you see through that bit of the illusion, that control, that worrying about what other people think. fearlessnessfeel the fear and transform it. That is what is pushing back the boundaries in this world.

Sandie: I think that’s a great message to give to people. Story Waters thank you so much for joining us today.

story: Thank you so much.

So I hope you enjoyed that little taster channel. I know if you’ve not heard channeling before the whole concept of it can feel quite ‘out there’, quite ‘woo-woo’, but all it is saying is that we have spirit, and we can communicate with the spirit world, and that the spirit world can form into many different types of reality and we can communicate with them. So for me the idea of channeling is really no more ‘out there’ than the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I really don’t see the difference. But I know that people do experience that differently; they can find channeling quite challenging. But that is because it is this direct channel / path / bridge to spirit. And this is why the more we go through this journey, the more you are going to be able to open up and meet these channels and have more direct experiences with the spirit world, with the non-physical, itself. And that is what it’s about, these direct experiences.

I’ll be giving you concepts and frameworks to help you to understand it, to help you to conceptualize it, but what I am really doing that for, is to give you a vessel through which you are willing to meet it, through which you can understand it, through which you can touch it, through which you can bring it into your being and have these multi-dimensional experiences for yourself. For you to have these experiences of freedom-consciousness, these experiences of your spirit, of All-That-You-Are, because you are so much more than this physical body.

And yes, we did come to this world where there is this veil of forgetting, we have been doing it for many lives, but this, this is the time of awakening. This is the life. This is the life that has been set up to remember. To do the forgetting, to go through that usual process of coming in, but then from within the system, from within your human self, from within embodiment, to remember, to remember the wider universe. That is the great awakening, that is why it is so exciting.

humanity is entering a new age, and yes, there are some birth pains; even some screaming going on as this birth is taking place, but this beautiful thing is coming, this beautiful baby is coming, this beautiful new human, awakened, knowing, feeling, aware of our connection. Because when you feel that connection, when you feel our unity, there is no room for war, for judgment, for competition, for hate, for all the things that cause suffering in this world. When you look in the eyes of another and you know,I am you. We are one’, that all falls away and that is why this golden era is dawning.

And it is going to take time, this isn’t a switch flicking. We didn’t want that. If you wanted to just be in the new reality, as time is an illusion you could have just birthed in what we would consider the future. Understand that. You could have just birthed in the awakened world. You didn’t want that. You wanted to be here for the transition because it is a relative universe. Things are experienced in relation to each other and to go from the forgetting to the remembering, from being cut off from spirit, from source, to directly experiencing and knowing you are it. That path, that journey, it’s that journey, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

That is what we are doing. That is what we are here for, and as I say, if you have enjoyed this, if you are going to continue with the Bridges, I am honored. I am honored to be a part of your toolbox of awakening. You won’t be awakening because of me. If you are ready to awaken, you will awaken. You will manifest it through some way. So that is why I am honored if you come on this journey with me, if you have resonated enough to say, “This is the flavor I would like. This resonates. This inspires me. This lights a fire under me.”

Now we are going to be ending with one of the God Seed activations. These are incantations. They are statements ofI am’, ‘I choose’. They are powerful spells. Words are spells. Saying words, connecting with words, meeting words, are spells. And if you will meet these invocations, these activations, they can be strong powerful catalysts for change. Some of you new to this may be doubting that. I just say to you, “just wait and see.” Wait and see what begins to shift.

Be aware when you do these, when things happen it will be in reaction to them. And those of you that are still in the objective world view of reality, saying “Well that’s not possible. That’s coincidence, to have listened to something and then go out into the world and have something different happen because of the energy I just met.” Well this is what you are going to realize, and this is when you are going to start to see it.

We are going to start off fairly gently with these, but they are still very powerful. So if you have any hesitation around it, you can just listen without really meeting the energy. Become the observer. Be more in your mind than your heart. it, listen to it. And then once it is finished you can then choose whether or not you want to come back and meet it in a deeper way. Some of these are designed to bring up fear. To shake loose stuck energies. And know when you feel that, when you feel a bit of fear, that means it is working.

This is again getting away from this idea that everything is just meant to make you feel good. Freedom is going to make you feel good, and what you will come to realize is that a fear coming up to be transformed is a wonderful thing. It is going forwards, not backwards.

But what I really want to convey to you here is that you are in control of this by how much you meet the energy. So you can just step back as observer, or you can fully meet it or be anywhere in between. There is going to be one of these God Seed Activations with every one of the Bridges and they will somehow relate to what we have talked about in the bridge. To put it into practice, to put it into your body, to bring it into being in a deeper way.

So they are spells of creation. They are activations of your divinity, your God self. They are seeds that you can blossom into freedom. Some of them will be quite short, some may be quite a bit longer. I go into a channeled state, which is this altered state of consciousness that we will be talking about more in the next bridge. And what comes through, comes through. It may be a few minutes, it may be fifteen minutes.

And it really feels that, at this time of beginning, that this first God Seed Activation should be an activation, an incantation to be open to discover more of who we are beyond the physical. And there is MORE of who we are, so it does not matter where you are on the path. If you are right at the beginning, that more might be you just beginning to sense and open up to your spirit. If you are someone who is far along that path, that knows your spirit, that knows your guides, then what is more to you? Where is that going to bring you? And that will be the same with all these Bridges, no matter where you are on your path, they will open you up, they will give you energies, to bridge, energetic experiences. They are the energy of freedom and that is the energy of transformation and change.

So that is why they will work for you wherever you are on your path. So thank you for being with me on this first bridge. For those of you that have resonated, that have enjoyed it, I look forward to connecting with you for the second bridge where we will go into Your-Dream-Starts-Here. But for now we are going to end with the bridgeGod Seed Activation. Namaste.

God Seed Activation

I am. I am. I am human. I am divine.

And as I stand at this threshold, as I stand at this beginning, this beginning again, this new journey, I am ready. I am ready. I am ready for change. I am ready for the change that meeting my spirit, touching my spirit, integrating my spirit, will bring. I know it will bring change. I know it will bring freedom. And I know with the energy of that freedom, I will be moving through powerful energies and experiences of transformation inside of myself.

I am ready to go inside. I am ready to look inside. I am ready to bring balance between the inner and the outer. I am willing to open this bridge of consciousness inside of myself. To bring it into consciousness. I am ready to let go of denial. I am ready to let go of limitation. I am ready for change.

I know that this will be a journey with ups and downs. Highs of elation, revelation, freedom consciousness, experiences beyond my current belief. And I know I will be taken to my shadow, to my judgments, to my wounds, to my pain, to my fear.

I am willing and ready for it all. I want to awaken. I want to experience all that I am. I am ready to experience a deeper level of my own divinity, my source self, the source from which we all come.

I am ready to look out into this world without blame, without judgment, to feel my connection to it. I am ready to not fear my connection with the world. I am ready to not fear my connection with my spirit.

I am ready for intimacy with my spirit. I am ready for intimacy with this world. I call forth my spiritual family to aid me with the wisdom of their perspectives, with the caress of their love, as I embark on this journey. I look forward to deepening my relationship with them. becoming more conscious of it. It has always been and now I wish to know that in a deeper way, meet it in a deeper way. Meet this connection inside myself. Open my intuition. Open my heart. Open my guidance further.

I am ready for more. I am ready to go beyond where I am. I am ready to keep stepping forward with this energy of pioneer. In this cutting edge, incredible world. I am ready to embrace life. I am ready to be seen. I am ready to speak. I am ready to be expressive of my being. I am ready to stand up for myself because I am not afraid of change anymore.

I embrace change. I embrace change. I embrace change.

I will fear it no longer, for I know to bring the dream in my heart into beingness, to become the phoenix, to become the butterfly, I will transform. I am ready to transform. I am not afraid of the death of the old. I am ready to let go of that which is ready to be let go of. That which I no longer require. I am ready to let go of the old. I am willing to let go of the old, before I meet the new. I am ready to enter the unknown. I am ready to birth something new.

I am willing to enter the unknown. I approach the unknown that this threshold, this bridge offers me. I step across the threshold, into unknown territory.

I will meet this experience.

I will walk this bridge. This bridge of consciousness, this bridge of flow, this bridge of light, this bridge of change, this bridge of me. I am ready to be the bridge, to birth the bridge inside of myself and come to know all that I am. All that I already am.

I will bring it into consciousness.

I will bring it through the veil of forgetting into this world.

I will radiate freedom.

I will radiate love.

I will model these energies.

I will shine.

I am ready to shine.

I am ready to shine in this world.

Yes! Bring it on.

Bring it on.


I am excited.


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