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individuality is a state of partial-consciousness created through the experience of perceptual separation. Through individuality, the one-consciousness experiences itself as many independent, individuated experiences of self that can interact. Through this interaction further experiences of individuation naturally evolve.

The Individuation of Being

The experience of struggle is the manifestation of resistance. Resistance is an expression of fear; it is the desire to avoid that which is feared. The external manifestation of your internal resistance creates the experience of the world being resistant to your will. The limits of your beliefs about the nature of reality and the freedom of your being become manifested as restrictive limits in your outer reality. The walls with which you have limited and defined your story are experienced externally as obstacles, complications, practical difficulties, and even physical barriers.

struggle and resistance are two sides of the same fear-based coin. Struggle cannot exist without resistance, and resistance will always eventually manifest as an experience of struggle. To struggle is to relate to the world as an opponent and, over time, creates ingrained, fear-based beliefs about the nature of reality. These beliefs are self-reinforcing and, unless the fear behind them is faced, create a more and more limited view of what is possible and an increasingly negative view of life.

Without something to push against you cannot struggle. Just as your story limits your internal being, it also creates the boundaries of your external reality. This experience of reality being resistant to your will is the manifestation of the belief that reality is in some way separate from you, instead of being an intimate reflection of what you are. The degree to which you resist the idea that your reality not separate from you but is an intimate reflection of you is the degree to which you will then experience reality resisting you, rather than supporting you. That very resistance is a wall that you have built between your perception of reality and the experience of yourself. It is an energetic wedge that separates you from the experience of your unity with the world / All-That-Is / God / the one self / eternal-consciousness / your spirit.

If reality instantly responded to everything you desired it would be easy to see it as a reflection of your state of consciousness as it would be like watching your reflection move in a mirror. Resistance creates the experience of discontinuity between your inner-experience and your outer-experience (the reflection) that leads to reality feeling like an obstacle. This discontinuity creates the illusion that reality is separate from you and, as such, it is a potent quality of the experience of individuality. It allows us to both define our story internally, as well as individuate our feeling of self from the world.

We do not have one pattern of resistance that forms our inner boundaries and another pattern of resistance that defines our outer limits; we have one pattern of resistance and it forms all boundaries that we experience. Your inner walls are mirrored in your experience of external reality. In this light, resistance can be seen to be creative in nature. Resistance is not a wrongness; it is a powerful tool through which we have created our particular flavor of individuality.

The world is the mass expression of all the vessels of consciousness that incarnate / individuate here. It is a consensual reality which acts as a shared medium through which we interact with each other. It is the meeting point where individual realities intersect. The world is not solid and objective; it is a co-created intersection of all who participate in it. As we change our personal realities, the world changes in its reflection of us.

From the level of realizing that we are all one it can be said that the one eternal-consciousness that we are each an expression of creates the entire world. However, from the level of perception of your incarnate self it is only your personal reality you entirely create. Nevertheless, through your personal reality you have the power to interact with and change the worldeverything is connected. You shape your personal reality through both creating anew and through choosing which of the diverse expressions in the world you wish to experience. You then shape that experience through your choice of how you perceive it. Your choice of perception is in itself infinite in scope. There is no such thing as an objective perception. Everything is different depending on how you choose to look at it. No two people’s perceptions are ever the same. Even though you are a part of the mass reality, your personal reality remains your own creation.

The world can be seen as the mass expression of all beings within it. We are each God—each the world. You have access to all the creation that flows from the world. The world is unfolding just as you are. Your personal unfolding feeds the unfolding of the world. Often people attached to the idea of being spiritual see the physical world as ungodly; this is an expression of separation. They look away from the world to look inside for Godand indeed God is within—but it equally lies out in the world. Internal and external are one; their perceived separation is a part of the illusion of individuality. You cannot unify with love within, if you deny the love outside of you. In the experience of unity, nothing is separate.

The world is a level of individuation between your individuated-self and the unity of eternal-consciousness. To choose to individuate as the human being you are, you pass through and make the choice to be on this particular version of this particular planet; you pass through the choice of individuation that this world is an expression of. This is to agree to share certain parameters such as space-time (our form of physicality and linear-time). You then form your individuality through your unique pattern of resistance to the world and allowance of it—the choice of your personal story. Through your choice of resistance and allowance you choose which aspects of the world you identify with and which you externalize as being separate from you.

Internally your resistance is experienced as the walls that define your story / individuality. Your resistance is your belief in your limits. More precisely, it is the choice of which aspects of all being you will allow into the experience of your personal being. To see resistance clearly is to see that it is not negative. It is simply a mechanism through which your choice of being is expressed. There is—quite literally—a world of experience out there, and through your walls of resistance you determine how it flows through your being. You chart the course of your life through how you determine which experiences you allow to flow into your being and which you resist. Externally your resistance is the barrier you hold between yourself and the world in order to experience your identity as separate from it. Your belief that you are separate even forms the physical parameters of your being.

many people have had the spontaneous experience of being unified with their environment. Though it may only last for a moment, it is a startling insight into the many levels of perception that straddle the scale from feeling completely separate from the world to feeling completely unified with it. What shifts your perception on this scale is nothing more than your allowance of the realization that you are one with all life. The more you resist this unity, the thicker the barrier you create, and the more separate you experience yourself as being. There is no wrong or right to this. It is simply a choice of viewing angles with each giving a unique experience in the exploration of being human. Sometimes it is exciting to stand back, and at other times it is most enjoyable to be directly involved.

The universe is the physical manifestation of All-That-Is. Our planet is the manifestation of all the individuated expressions of will that have ever, and will ever, exist here. You are choosing to experience a limited portion of that experience as yourself in this lifetime. That limited portion of experience is not what you are; it is the choice of how you wish to experience yourself in the present moment. This is to say that you experience yourself as your story, but you are not your story; you are that which chooses your story with infinite freedom. You are both your internal experience of yourself and your experience of the external world. These are one, but through your resistance to the realization of unitywhich is simply the choice to experience individuationyou experience a separation between your inner-self and your external reality.

In returning to the realization of your eternal and infinite spiritual nature you are coming back towards the realization of the unity of everything. This is experienced as the breaking down of the separation between yourself and the world. This is to cease experiencing reality as being resistant to you and instead experience it as being the vessel of your unfolding. The world is where your chosen life is happening. Enjoy the world.

Reflective Beliefs

Every individual is a unique experience of perception.

Your individuality is shaped through your choice of which parts of ‘All-That-Is are kept conscious, and which are made unconscious.

individuality is a unified-self choosing to expand its awareness of what it is by diversifying its perception of itself.

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