Illusion of Separation


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

The Illusion of Separation

Through personal experiences of unity from within embodimentthe feeling of being at one with everything—the feeling of unity can often seem to be more desirable than the feelings of separation and isolation that can be felt within physical form. However, understand that the consciousness you are is already present within the unitybecause the unified state of consciousness encompasses all time and space—even if you, as an individual, are currently choosing to perceive yourself as disconnected from it.

The human feeling of separation is a part of the illusion of this world. There is nothing from which you are truly separate. To understand our experience of separation as only perceptual in nature, is therefore to equally realize there is nothing which we return to’ because we never left. You cannot return to where you already are. That which you seek is not to return from where you came, or to ascend to a superior plane of existence. Awakening is becoming conscious that you are already where you seek to be.

The state of being awakewhich ideas of ascension or enlightenment point to—is therefore best described as a remembering of all that we are—rather than the discovery of all that we are. However, this does not mean there is not an experience of discovery within the wider experience of remembering—for to remember from within a state of forgetting is an experience of relativity which those who never forgot their connection to everything do not have. ‘To awaken to unity-consciousness from within the forgetting of individuality is to experience something new in remembering something old.

What is being pointed to is how individuality and unity-consciousness are created through an interplay of consciousness and unconsciousness—which is experienced as known and not-known. What we are when embodied is not therefore a state of pure individuality—it is one state of consciousness that includes both the experiences of individuality and unity-consciousness. And, if you become aware of the illusory nature of separation, you will experience yourself as existing in relation to them both.

Reflective Beliefs

There are non-physical experiences of self in the wider reality exploring ideological separation (separation through different beliefs). In human form we have extended ideological separation through physical and temporal separation. This takes us from, ‘What differentiates us is our beliefs to potentially saying, ‘You are a fundamentally different creature to me. Not only are we not connected, but you are my competition for the limited resources we find ourselves sharing.’

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