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The Illusion Is Real

It is necessary to first allow the possibility that linear-time and physical matter are illusional projections in order to then understand the way in which you are generating them (as opposed to being trapped or contained within them).

In taking this step it can be reassuring to know that seeing space-time as a perceptual illusion does not make the outer world any less real. This is because there is no physical matter or linear-time in any reality that is not an illusion. So there is not “real solidity versus our illusional solidity, or “real time versus our illusional time. All creation is an illusion.

“The world is an illusion cannot be a negative statement unless you are in judgment of the very idea of space-time realities or outward experience within consciousness. Most spiritual belief-systems carry this judgment in the idea of a “fall from grace” that led us to need to experience this life (either as punishment or to regain our grace), or the belief that taking physical form is a mistake made by prideful beings (a mistake that causes you to suffer until you see the error of your ways and return to the purity of non-physical form).

These kinds of ideas feed off and reinforce socialized self-loathing, guilt, and shame. Although being a negative view of the self it is attractive to people because of how it gives a feeling of purpose and direction to life—even if that is to escape, transcend, or fix it.

To understand physical reality as an illusion does not free you from the physical laws you have chosen to exist within. It does however allow you to view physical reality as a meaningful ally that you are creating, rather than as an obstacle to be overcome. This powerful shift of perspective is to leave the collective victim mentality.

seeing reality as an illusion is not to separate from it—quite the opposite. To feel yourself as generating your reality is to experience yourself as deeply and intimately connected to the physical world in a way that brings an incredible feeling of vitality to life.

In the knowing of your creational nature, your entire experience of reality becomes far more fluid as you come to move in a synchronistic harmony with it. This is experienced as life becoming ever more effortless and magical in how it yields experience to you.


Though a desert mirage or a magician performing levitation are illusions, this is the polarized meaning of the word where it is understood in the context of real versus illusion. In terms of space-time as an illusion, there is no polarity within the meaning (because there is nothing that is not an illusion). It is therefore not meaningful to say solidity is “not real because it is as real as anything else within creation (including your sense of individuality).

An illusion is a perceptual projection of separation where a differentiated part of yourself is experienced as a distinct, external other. Reality is a quality of perception. All perception forms a sense of a reality. All perception possesses the quality of being real because the word real is not about being true or false; it is about the sense of reality as a quality. You cannot not experience perception as a reality; it will always be felt as a reality. Even if a reality is labeled as illusionary of imaginary—it is still the reality of that perception.

The collective victim mentality is the underlying fear-based framework of meaning through which humanity experiences itself as enslaved / contained / limited by its external circumstances.


To see that reality is an illusion is to realize that reality is not external to you, but exists within your perception. This allows for a more intimate and empowered experience of life as it is to realize that you are the creator of your own experience.

All individuated perception is an illusion, so what we think of as being imaginary is as real and valid as any experience of perception. There is not more real or less real perception. It is all just a choice to create a certain experience.

In coming to understand solidity as an illusion, objects continue to remain solid. However, your ability to create solid objects is greatly enhanced as you better understand your creative relationship with your reality.

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