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I Am Free


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

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I Am Free

The release of Hierarchical Thinking.

freedom is not superior to limitation;
with this realization I am able to choose freedom.

happiness is not superior to suffering;
with this realization I am able to let go of suffering.

abundance is not superior to poverty;
with this realization my abundance flows.

nothing is superior to anything;
with this knowing I step out from
hierarchy, competition, and struggle.

In this state I do not judge life;
therefore I do not feel separate from it.

I am so glad of the diversity in the world;
in its reflection, I see my freedom to be.

We are not here to be one;
we are here to be many.

Through seeing that beyond this illusion we are all one,
we free ourselves to be the many.

I am not tied to any singular path to be a certain way.

I am diverse.

I am ever-changing.

I am an explorer of All as truth.

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