I Am Enough


“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”

The Abundant Belief—I Am Enough

The powerful realization that unlocks your potential.

“Be who you are. You are enough. Be who you are and you will find what you seek.” The power of these words does not lie in hearing themthat offers momentary relief—it lies in believing them.

What does it mean to be yourself? In many ways to be yourself is the ultimate question answered. It is to feel who you are and that is to begin answering the most profound instruction of allknow thyself.

As we learn to find the peace within us that allows us to be kinder and more compassionate, our beliefs about what it is to be a spiritual person can become confusing, conflicted, and dogmatic. To be spiritual means only one thing… to be spiritual is to be clear as to your own nature. To know your nature is to know who you are, and that, from the perspective of know thyself, is to know everything you could ever need to know.

To someone who knows who they are, the path is clear. When the path is clear, there is no resistance or dilemma. Without resistance you exist within the flow that underlies all life. To be as one with that flow is to know and be who you are.

To be who you are is to allow your natural instincts and impulses to guide your life. Animals naturally do this but we have developed minds that interrupt this process. Our minds have many benefits (like their ability to interpret the world in helpful ways), however, they also accumulate fearful beliefs. These negatively affect our choice to follow our natural impulses. When you choose not to follow your instincts you are not being yourself.

To not be yourself is to constantly try (and fail) to dam the river of your instinctsinstincts that represent the flow that arises when you allow yourself to be as you are. When you are yourself, then there is a flow to life. The way to experience the effortless, fulfilling, validating experience of life (what we all seek) is not through the hardship and effort of trying to be something we are not—our freedom lies in being what we ALREADY are.

To fulfill the deepest spiritual mastery of know thyself is not to climb to the heights of understanding or to overcome the worst fear imaginable. All you have to do is stop fighting being who you naturally are (which is who you are when your wounded-beliefs aren’t sabotaging you). Do not seek to become other than what you are through the belief you are lacking. You cannot become something else by rejecting what you currently are (as that is to be in resistance instead of flow).

We are each spirit (eternal-consciousness) within human form. The deepest intention behind the details of your life is your intention to love what you have chosen to be. In this I am not saying to never seek to become (that is the spiritual teaching of renouncing desire and living within a state of non-action). Although this can lead to “not suffering it does not fulfill our intention for this life because it is not living and not being who we are. The path of non-action denies (resists) the human self in favor of focusing on consciousness.

That said, the stillness of non-action is an incredible teacher. To become still is to have cleared mental conditioning. What is revealed beneath these negative perspectives is the flow of life. When you enter stillness you experience flow. This is the path of least resistance. To enter the flow of your instincts is to be effortlessly carried into your intention for this life.

We are each a part of the eternal flow of consciousness. To enjoy the ride of your life is to be on a continual journey of effortless change and expansion. To go with the flow, do not seek to become something elsebe excited about your own growth and evolution. To go with the flow is to be a seed wondering what flower it will bloom into. To go with the flow is to become a powerful catalyst for change. It is to jump into unknown and unrestricted expansion through the allowance of the flow that is you.

To be who you are is to be the flow.

This realization conflicts with so much of our fear-based mental programming in saying just one simple thing—what you are is enough. observe how it feels to say these words to yourself:

I am ready to let go of the chase of becoming something else. I am ready to just be myself as I am. There is no failure. There is no lack. There is nothing going wrong. I release all expectations I put upon myself. I am worthy. I am sovereign. I am enough. I am excited to be what I already am. I see my beauty. I am ready to experience my life through the knowingI am enough.”

You are a flow of consciousness that will always change and evolve. You will always become more. You are constantly becoming more because experience is pouring through you in every moment. And yet… what you are—right now—is enough.

What you are in this moment is perfect, and in the next momentwhen you are more—that will be perfect. This can be challenging to accept because we have been conditioned to believe more must mean better and arriving at the destination is more significant than the journey to get there. This makes the next step the most exciting because it is to break out of negative conditioning. So take a breath and let’s take a leap forward in thinking and go right to the key.

For anyone with financial struggles (or any other form of repeatedly experiencing lack) the biggest issue is how do you feel that what you are is enough if you are scared you don’t have enough money to survive? The outward reflection of our lack appears to tell us we do NOT have enough. This is the Catch 22 of abundance: how do you feel wealthy when reality is telling you that you are poor?

The leap in perception comes from realizing that your outward lack is not because you are not enough; it is a reflection of your belief that you are not enough (which is a lack of belief in yourself). We are always becoming more because reality is constantly showing us to ourselves. But lack is not telling us who we essentially are, instead it is showing us what our wounded mind believes we are.

An experience of lack reflects your belief that you are lacking. The outward experience of lack is not telling you that you are lacking as a person. It is not saying you lack value. It is saying how you feel about yourself looks like lack.

If you want reality to smile at you, then you must be the one that smiles first (because reality is a mirror).

Regardless of your financial circumstances, know you are enough. Feel how your financial experience is perfect because it is highlighting how you feel about yourself and your life. It is the reflection of your feelings and beliefs. Learn from what you are seeing and it will change in response to your change of belief.

feel with complete belief that you are enough and life will reflect that feeling. This is to feel you are enough right now (not that you will be enough in the future when you have more money). You cannot appreciate the present moment and feel enough if you are seeking to escape the present to reach a more abundant fantasy of the future.

choose to be present now and love what you have to enter the flow of feeling that you have enough.

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