How reality supports You


“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

How Reality Supports You

“I choose to see that my reality always supports me in the way it exquisitely reflects me to myself.”

reality is your teacher and will aid you whenever you will allow it. The obstacles to living your dream are all of your own creation. There is no force that seeks to hinder or limit you, other than yourself (through your own choice of unconsciousness). Reality is only ever saying to you, how much will you let me give to you?” accept this idea and everything will change.

The power of reality to aid you is only limited by your beliefs about what is and, just as importantly, what is not possible. In each moment, reality is a powerful mirror of your beliefs. To understand this is to realize the only thing you have ever been fighting for is to love yourself.

When you are caught up in the chase of becomingin the chase of trying to make your reality acceptable to yourselfthen you have been fighting to accept the state of your being. Beyond acceptability is joy. If your reality seems bleak and limited, it is only because it is showing you that some of your beliefs are bleak and limited. It does this with no agenda, other than to show you to yourself, such that you may become conscious that you are carrying those beliefs and may transform them if you wish.

know the perspective from which you are your reality (because your reality is a reflection of you). If you transform yourself, you will change your reality. If you transform your reality, you will change yourself.

Do not accept any belief that says reality is a prison that you are forced to endure. Reality is a canvas and you are the painter. In being a complete reflection, reality is a being—a loving being that is continually showing you to yourself. It is a being because you are a being. The mirror is you loving yourself by reflecting to you who you are.

many people have forgotten this and, instead of changing the reflected beliefs they do not like, they resign themselves to an outer definition they find no joy in and, in doing do, unwittingly choose their own suffering (because they are unable to see a believable alternative).

reality is a mechanism which supports you by proving whatever you want to believe to be true. If you feel your worth and believe in your dream, then reality will reflect it to you. If you feel unworthy of your dream, then reality has no choice but to confirm that unworthiness, and deny you the reflection of your dream.

reality is not your master—it is best understood as an ally that unfailingly serves you.

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