How light created Dark


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This is a short text that came when I was preparing for the weekend event I talked about in heaven-is-herearticle. I barely remember writing it as, when I prepare for an event, I spend two or three days writing down streams of ideas in order to start focusing the content that is likely to be explored. When I write something like this, it tends to be one big block of text with no punctuation. I haven’t worked it much beyond adding in the punctuation so you will find it has some rather unusual sentence structures due to the stream of consciousness nature in which I received it.

How “The Light” Created “The Dark”

Once upon a time there was a light, and it gave birth to more lights such that there was a family of lights. And so there was light and there was only light — light experiencing light.

Some of the lights began to wonder what they were that they were light. And, in wondering what they were, they wondered what else may be. And, in wondering what else may be, they imagined meeting thisother being that they decided should most clearly be called “Not-Light”.

Now these thoughts of other that sought to imagine Not-Light were different in that instead of dancing freely— like thoughts usually tend to do—these thoughts had a heaviness and that heaviness became solidity.

As if this solidity wasn’t surprising enough, what was even more distinct were the shadows that the light cast when it met the solidity of these thoughts. And so it was that these thoughts of other (that sought to imagine, “What does Not-Light look like?”) came to create shadows that were seen to be the answer to the question. And the light stood apart from that answer and said, “Not-light looks like shadows and shadows look like the dark.”

And so it was that, even though all that the light met were the shadows of its own thoughts, it became convinced that it had met “The darkand that darkness was terrible indeed and must be fought by the light.

And the more the light fought against the dark, the more it became convinced of the need for it to fight. And so the light became lost in its own imagining of what darkness may exist. And in being lost, it came to play out those roles against itself such that it could explore what that reality might be like.

And so it was, for countless generations, until the point that the mortal life cycle could no longer hide that the eternal swing back and forth — between the light and its own shadow — was never going to resolve. And that the only rational explanation — when all the data is analysed and the endless cyclical nature can no longer be denied — is that we (that think of ourselves as the light) have always been playing a game against ourselves. A game of polarity where no one side can ever destroy the other as that would be to destroy ourselves.

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